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Endah N Rhesa Nowhere To Go (2011)

            Endah N Rhesa – Nowhere To Go 
Location: Cinere-Ciputat-Jakarta, Indonesia
Record Label: Reiproject & demajors
Members: Endah - singer, guitarist, lyricist / Rhesa - bassist, producer, designer
Endah N Rhesa is a musical project comprising acoustic guitar, bass and vocal. The musical nuance that Endah N Rhesa tries to bring out is folk, jazz, blues, and ballads. Endah Widiastuti (vocal, guitar) and Rhesa Aditya (bass) met each other in a rock band in early 2003. Shortly after the two left the band in 2004, Endah went solo, just like the way it used to be before joining the rock band.Endah N Rhesa was inspired to start playing in minimalist acoustic format, surprisingly, because of some local bands, namely: Cozy Street Corner, Bonita and Anda. In terms of singing, Endah is influenced by Alanis Morissete and Norah Jones. Besides, there are also the four “Johns” that influence her in playing guitar: John Mayer, John Butler, John Scofield and John Frusciante. Endah also credits Pat Metheny and multi-talented instrumentalist Warman Nasution of TOR for inspiring her. Rhesa, on the other hand, is a unique personality who is mainly influenced by acoustic guitarists like Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, James Taylor and other folk and ballad musicians. The persons that Rhesa put into credit for making him play bass are Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Flea and ex-child singer Bondan Prakoso. They both, however, share the same influence in music, to wit: Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, which affects them mostly on creating rich groovy and harmonic nuances in the music of Endah N Rhesa.
Website: http://www.endahnrhesa.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=49256899635#!/endahnrhesa
Sometimes sincere music comes along that just sucks you right in. We found this retro looking couple Endah N Rhesa performing in Jakarta at Serasi (peacebuilding project) mini concert. Endah wearing big round glasses playing acoustic guitar with an enchanting, cute, clear voice. Her partner Rhesa  with a ear to ear smile and jimmy Hendrix hair on bass. A unique sound of folk, jazz, blues, rock ‘n roll, sixties and the now. So hippi and happy. Their lyrics are positive messages, loving and dreamily poetic. In perfect English singing, this couple should be breaking thru outside Indo for sure. They already been praised as Rolling Stone rookies of the year in 2008. But they seem to be perfectly happy right where they are. No storming career plans to be the next Jack Johnson’s conquering the world. So we would say: come to Bali! Hummmmm along with their songs on http://www.myspace.com/endahnrhesa.
For yall that likem too, get the cute couples album “Nowhere to Go”. Just write your name, address, postal code and “we like nowhere to go” and send it to or sms to +6285715122674. Only 25.000 IDR. Really worth it. We like!
When I wake up everyday
I smell coffee near my window
I realize it’s summer day
Then I start leaving my pillow
I don’t wanna miss a greatest thing I’ll have today
suddenly I thank God im still alive in this beautiful day

whole world seems so wonderful to me
even though im blind and cannot see the sunrise
even though im blind, I only catch the windblows in my hand
I am happy
Taken from: http://www.we-like.org/2010/06/endah-n-rhesa-are-happy/
More on: http://www.javarockingland.com/2010/artistdetail.php?action=detail&nid=695

Author: Muhari Nur Hidayat

Endah N Rhesa (Foto: Tomi Tresnady/okezone)
August 29, 2010 (14:38)

File:KRL Jabotabek 7117 Gambir.jpg

KRL Jabotabek Express train headed by car #7117 at Gambir Station, Jakarta
日本語: KRLジャボタベックの急行列車。先頭は7117号車。ジャカルタ、ガンビル駅にて。

Myristica fragrans.
Author: Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen
The nutmeg plant is native to Indonesia's Banda Islands. Once one of the world's most valuable commodities, it drew the first European colonial powers to Indonesia.


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