Eternal Seekers

Lenka Dusilová - guitar, vocal
Beata Hlavenková - piano
Clarinet Factory: Jindřich Pavliš, Luděk Boura, Vojtěch Nýdl, Petr Valášek

Lenka Dusilová on a journey to uncharted territories - what counts here is rhythmic pulsation, coupled with the multilayered, opulent sonic world of ambient music. The fresh and inspiring climate of this new sonic landscape is enhanced by the creative share of pianist Beata Hlavenková and the Clarinet Factory experimental quartet.

Several-times Anděl annual music awards winner, the genre-pigeonhole defying singer Lenka Dusilová has never been one prone to stagnation and repetition. In 2007 she made a U.S. tour (involving among others a performance opposite the country music icon Emmylou Harris). On the Czech scene, still prior to inconspicuous budding partnership with musicians from the (post)jazz Vertigo Quintet, she guest appeared in traditional songs on new recordings made by the band Čechomor, and more recently has still drawn on an earlier collaboration with the Continuo theatre ensemble... Her new repertoire brings a surprising yet thoroughly natural synthesis of all these inspirations. Lenka sings texts and wordless tunes, and the whole project receives an apposite and selfless final touch from a lineup of excellent instrumentalists, the Clarinet Factory (previously the Czech Clarinet Quartet), and pianist, composer and arranger Beata Hlavenková. The team´s fruitful work together has given rise to songs offering the chance of forays onto a freer, musically bolder and more abstract terrain, and of safe returns to familiar ground. In the outfit´s live musical performance, an important place is assigned to cleverly employed electronics. Towering above it all, though - thanks chiefly to the charismatic input of Lenka Dusilová - is the human element. Lenka Dusilová proves once again she is an artist endowed with boldness, suggestive power, and accessibility.
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Lenka Dusilová, several times over the winner of the Czech annual Anděl awards, is by no means accustomed to stagnation or repetition of things done before. She has evolved into an outstanding phenomenon of the Czech music scene: from her launching pad as a rock and pop star, she has been progressing to a highly individual expression uninhibitedly absorbing impulses coming from the widest variety of styles as well as extra-musical experiences. Her lastest project entitled Eternal Seekers, on which she collaborates closely with Clarinet Factory and with Beata Hlavenková, represents yet another relevant stage of her pursuit.

Her most mature recording so far is the genre-defying album, Mezi světy (2006), featuring Czech and American musicians (including the drummer Scott Amendola, who has played with Madeleine Peyroux and Bill Frisell). In 2007, Lenka made a U.S. tour (during which she also played alongside the icon of modern country music, Emmylou Harris), and back on the Czech scene, she became engaged in an unpublicized process of teaming up with the members of the postjazz outfit, Vertigo Quintet. Shortly before that, she guest-appeared in traditional songs on new tracks recorded by the band Čechomor, and still felt echoes of her previous unconstrained work with the theatre group Continuo, which had tested out her qualities as a singer-songwriter and a spontaneous performer.

With her contemporary project Eternal Seekers she is delivering a surprising yet throughly natural synthesis of all these earlier inspirations. This time out, Dusilová turned for texts primarily to Bogdan Trojak, a poet, and winner of the Jiří Orten Prize and the Magnesia Litera annual literary award. Apart from that, the programme also draws – surprisingly for some – on other, fairly disparate sources of inspiration: namely, the poetry of František Halas, plus a song, never recorded, with which then fifteen-year-old Lenka Dusilová embarked on her career with the Prague rock outfit Sluníčko. With Eternal Seekers Lenka Dusilová is bringing a fresh proof of her work’s innermost qualities: boldness, suggestive force, and accessibility.

Lenka Dusilova

Lenka Dusilova

Beata Hlavenkova / Photo by Vaclav Jirasek

Josef Valasek

Ludek Boura

David Landstof

Release cd "Out of Home" in Archa Theatre


Vojta, Ludek & Pepino

Jindrich Pavlis

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