Fatima Yamaha
What’s a Girl to Do? (EP)

Fatima Yamaha — What’s a Girl to Do? EP (13 Jul 2015)

        Fatima Yamaha — What’s a Girl to Do? (EP) 
♣   The mastermind behind Dutch cult act De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig makes his Dekmantel debut. Fatima Yamaha aka Bas Bron has been hammering out quality releases under numerous aliases (Seymour Bits, Comtron and Neger Des Heils to name a few), and we are more than pleased that we could reissue the timeless piece of electronic bliss "What's a Girl To Do" together with Magnetron in July 2015.Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Style: Electro, Techno
Album release: 13 Jul 2015
Record Label: Dekmantel DKMNTL027
Duration:     24:59
1. What’s a Girl to Do      7:28
2. Plum Jelly      4:45
3. Half Moon Rising      5:21
4. Between Worlds      7:25
A1 What's A Girl To Do
A2 Plum Jelly
B1 Half Moon Rising
B2 Between Worlds
Words Angus Finlayson / Score: 4.2/5
♣   Few could have predicted that "What's A Girl To Do," an electro instrumental released to little fanfare in 2004, would end up on the album of a Kanye West collaborator, voiced by rising R&B star Jhene Aiko. But this is just the latest twist in the tale of one of dance music's most pronounced sleeper hits. "Resistance," as the track is retitled on Hudson Mohawke's Lantern LP, points to the original's traction in Glasgow — locals like HudMo and Jackmaster have been central to its cult success. But you'll find pockets of adoration for it everywhere. The track's melancholic lead line and slow–burning mood make it suitable for an endless number of contexts. Even after years of rotation, its Lost In Translation sample ("I just don't know what I'm s'posed to be… I'm stuck… Does it get easier?") remains as understated and poignant as the track itself.
♣   From Dutch label Dekmantel, this reissue is a timely reminder of the track's brilliance. With it are three more cherry–picked from the Yamaha discography, none of them quite as good. The best, "Plum Jelly," is beatless and cute; you can imagine it soundtracking a woodland scene in some classic Japanese RPG. "East Moon Rising" is pillowy Detroit–style techno, while the darker "Between Worlds" is the most pop–friendly moment thanks to a glossy female vocal. The producer behind Fatima Yamaha, Bas Bron, has had minor chart success in his native Netherlands, so an overt pop maneuver is hardly out of character. Still, "What's A Girl To Do" — simple and endlessly seductive — remains his finest achievement. http://www.residentadvisor.net/
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Fatima Yamaha
What’s a Girl to Do? (EP)



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