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Fever Fever

Fever Fever — Aftermath (September 16, 2014)

United States                       Fever Fever — Aftermath 
Location: Grove City, Columbus, OH
Album release: September 16, 2014
Record Label: Slospeak Records
Duration:     37:53
01 Aftermath     3:21
02 Blue     4:20
03 Hypnotized     2:39
04 Sea Meets Earth     3:40
05 Windward     1:57
06 Fingertips     3:31
07 Hope Is a Childs Toy     3:43
08 Beautiful Dream     2:51
09 Madness     3:37
10 Line in the Sand     3:14
11 Inceptiones Novae     1:16
12 Collapse     3:44
By Scott Fryberger of Jesusfreakhideout.com; Score: ****
♠   With independence from a record label currently being a very popular thing in the music industry, it's getting more and more surprising when a label signs a new band. Especially when that band seems to be doing rather well as an independent act. Take Fever Fever for instance. While not a household name, Fever Fever has been going rather strongly for the past six years, but they've recently signed up with Slospeak Records for their 2014 album, Aftermath.
♠   Fever Fever is a band that really seems to know what they're doing, as evidenced by the twelve songs they've selected for Aftermath. While there are a few moments that are less intriguing than others (such as the length of the instrumental interlude "Windward"), there are an abundance of highlights to note. The title track is a good place to start, and that just so happens to be where the foursome chose to start. As with other Slospeak newcomers Golden Youth (the vocalist of which, Stephanie Lauren, makes a slight appearance in "Aftermath"), Fever Fever doesn't shy away from using a variety of instruments and sounds. The opener itself uses strings and what sounds like an electric accordion as the main instruments with loud (but not overbearing) drums taking it home. Guitars and bass are plentiful, and they're used well, providing interesting and lovely melodies, but the experimentation makes it all the better and is much appreciated, speaking as a fan of indie pop. Throughout the course of Aftermath, we're treated to whistles, more accordion and string sections, synthesizers, hand claps, keyboards, harps, pianos, xylophones, and banjos; and in several cases, these take the place of the guitars as the main instrument. Now, of course, a plethora of instruments doesn't always make for a successful album release. ♠   It's easy to over–do it. But this isn't the case with Aftermath.
♠   I have a hard time saying that any particular portion of the album is stronger than the other portions (however one would break those down), but for myself, the most memorable and catchy songs are just about all in the first half of the album. "Aftermath" is a catchy opener that got me interested in what I was hearing, with a well–written hook ("But in the aftermath of Your reckless love, I felt more alive than I ever was, before my ruins fell I felt damned to hell, and now my spirit flows on loving sails"), and "Blue" kept that interest alive, but "Hypnotized" is where I really realized that I was liking what I was hearing. A lot. Though these are all very strong tracks, my first real love on the journey is "Sea Meets Earth." A gently–strummed guitar and near–tribal drums lead you in to what turns out to be a love song with the story starting where the love started. My absolute favorite song of the bunch, however (and it was pretty difficult to narrow this down), follows the needlessly–long "Windward," and is titled "Fingertips." Another love song, it follows in the vein of bands like Mike Mains and the Branches and Walk the Moon (with some hint of Mumford & Sons), and features a sound that would be equally as welcome on a modern alternative as it would a pop station. I absolutely love the chorus: "I want you more and more than I knew, I cannot take my eyes off of you, if you're a storm I'll dance in the rain, you took me in and swept me away, I'm tossed and turned and thrown by the wind, this is an orchestration of beautiful moments that I don't want to end, I'll hold on by my fingertips." It's a song that demands replays, and again, is my personal favorite of the twelve tracks.
♠   Fever Fever have truly delivered a fine product for their first label release. Aftermath contains many treasures, and it's an album you may go back to quite often thanks to its superbly–written instrumentation and catchy pop hooks. They will have such a wide appeal, too, possibly reaching fans of bands like Jars of Clay, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, MuteMath, Mike Mains and the Branches, Snow Patrol, and more; I can easily recommend this to just about anyone. And the good news is that they have so much potential that they can only get better from here. :: http://www.jesusfreakhideout.com/
♠   Recently signed to Slospeak Records after forming in 2005, Fever Fever‘s initial goal of making a record finally came true. They recorded their full–length label debut with Chad Howat of Paper Route, Mark Townsend (Relient K, House of Heroes) and Kyle Monroe (Golden Youth).
♠   This innovative combination of talent pushed the band to think outside the box and continually try new things. The finished product includes tracks that showcase the band’s innovative twist on timeless indie rock and roll. It’s organic and creative, featuring unconventional instruments such as a harmonium and vibraphone. Fever Fever writes music that everyone, no matter who they are, can connect to. They strive to bring listeners to a timeless place. They create art that fits the popular and indie scene and, hopefully, will fit five years from now. The band’s live performance captures this with dynamic lights, a vintage and homey atmosphere and compelling stage presence. It’s these same aspects that have propelled them forward in the licensing industry. Each song is written to encapsulate an emotion or relatable scene and audibly describe it to listeners.
♠   The experience is cinematic. It’s big, passionate and at times even hints at aspects of ethnic and world music. Overall, Fever Fever is making strides in the music scene. And their upcoming label debut, Aftermath, will continue to break ground and leave a lasting impression.
♠   Regarding the new album, the band states, “Creating Aftermath has been the most fun, taken the most work, and has been the biggest struggle that we’ve had as a band. Making something that you’re proud of and working with your best friends is such a challenge because we hold each other to the highest standards. We are so proud of this record and so proud of everybody who has worked on it with us.”
♠   Fever Fever’s earlier music can be found on hit television such as The Real L Word, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Teen Wolf; in addition to Nike UK, Nascar and Discovery Channel programming, just to name a few. With their previous success coupled with their recent label debut, big things are on the horizon for Fever Fever.
Website: http://feverfeverband.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/feverfever
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feverfeverband
Agent: Tyler Rehm — TR Agency —
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FeverFever

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