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Fhloston Paradigm
The Phoenix

Fhloston Paradigm — The Phoenix (June 9th, 2014)

USA Flag       Fhloston Paradigm — The Phoenix 
♠  Výpady do surrealistických spacescapes: myslíš, že budeš muset vložit nějaké úsilí k plnému vychutnání této hudby aktivitou svého mozku? Jsou tam rytmické zásuvky pro sdílení jeho fascinací prostorem a sci-fi. Hudba s jeho DNA ve vintage budoucnosti. Je tam hit na tvůrčí a dobrodružný způsob, jak létat nad zbytečnostmi analogovými a digitálně-binárními a přitom zastupovat obě strany. Je to všechno o R&B a zároveň jako bys ho nikdy neslyšel. Vše, co potřebuješ udělat, je naslouchat a nechat svou mysl bloudit po galaxii daleko, daleko.
♠  One of the first fruits of Fhloston Paradigm rose out of the very popular 'King Britt presents Fhloston Paradigm' Hyperdub 12" in 2011, the name itself a fitting misspelling of the destination from the film Fifth Element, called 'Fhloston Paradise.' This initial EP won over many new fans with its inspired vision of how music with its DNA in a vintage future — formed by a childhood growing up with the peak of Science Fiction, from Close Encounters, to Blade Runner and Doctor Who — can sound. It hit upon a creative and adventurous way to fly above the needless analog and digital binary and represent both sides.
Formed: 1968 in Philadelphia, PA
Location: Philadelphia, Pensylvannia, U.S.
Album release: June 9th, 2014
Record Label: Hyperdub Records
01. Portal 1     2:15
02. Race To The Moon     6:42
03. Letters Of The Past feat. Pia Ercole     5:58 
04. Chasing Rainbows     2:31 
05. Perception     4:59 
06. Never Defeated feat. Rachel Claudio     3:58 
07. Tension Remains feat. Pia Ercole     4:49 
08. It's All About feat. Pia Ercole     4:18 
09. More feat. Marlo Reynolds     3:04 
10. The Phoenix     9:00 
11. Portal 3     1:31 
12. Never Forget     5:22 
13. Portal 4     0:37 
14. Light On Edge feat. Natasha Kmeto     4:55 
2014 Hyperdub

Words / Aaron Coultate
≈   King Britt will adopt his Fhloston Paradigm alias on an album for Hyperdub called The Phoenix.
≈   Britt debuted on Hyperdub in 2011 with the King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm EP. He's following up the release with an album, due out June 9th. Inspired by sci-fi cinema — the name Fhloston Paradigm is a play on Fhloston Paradise, taken from the 1997 film The Fifth Element — The Phoenix is the product of a creative purple patch for King Britt, who is already working on another Fhloston Paradigm album.
≈   "I am totally immersed in sound design and sci-fi at the moment," Britt told RA. "I have been pushing my analog gear hard lately, and when Kode9 discussed an album, I jumped at the opportunity." In addition to Fifth Element, the record was also influenced by other movies like The Man Who Fell To Earth and Blade Runner. "I would actually score scenes and then remix them to fit the album," he says. The Phoenix features several collaborations, with Pia Ercole, Rachel Claudio, Marlo Reynolds and Natasha Kmeto all lending vocals.
≈   Later this year the producer will curate a daylong session at New York's MoMA PS1 based on Afrofuturism, black sci-fi and music. ("I hope to bring this to the Tate one day," Britt says.) As well as chipping away at the next Fhloston Paradigm album, he's also working on a new label called The Buddy System Project.
Fhloston Paradigm (a.k.a. King Britt) pulls debut LP The Phoenix from the Diva’s juicy blue abdomen, out on Hyperdub this June.
By MIKE REID on Apr 10 2014
≈   As good of a label as Hyperdub is, and as boundary-pushing as its evolving throng of signed artists seems to reliably be, is there anyone among us who doesn’t secretly pine for a more direct appeal to the skies? No, I’m not suggesting a spontaneous exploration of aviation as a theme, nor a mockable turn to gospel in a necessary acknowledgment that the heavens are up there, but instead something beyond the scope of our naked eyes (but not entirely beyond the scope of our telescopes). Obviously, I’m referring to… SPACE, DUH. Your expertise isn’t needed here, Mr. Tyson. I’ve got the intro to a discussion of all dem starz and shit fully locked down.
≈   Non-verbally, Fhloston Paradigm a.k.a. King Britt will be using his upcoming LP The Phoenix (due out June 9) as a rhythmic outlet for sharing his fascination with space and science fiction. King Britt has a long and accomplished history as a DJ; Fhloston Paradigm’s just getting started, following up a few EPs, and only touching the surface of his desired, and ultimately subtle, movie homages. The Fifth Element is one, but beyond the moniker, there’s nothing noteworthy in the vein of an Éric Serra composition on this album. Blade Runner is another, but there’s nothing quite as blatant as the borderline-copyright infringement of Kuedo’s “Flight Path.”
≈   As a press release puts it, The Phoenix “ties together sci-fi’s musical history and concepts without being weighed down by them.” There’s some brilliant production and interweaving of styles going on here, which, I guess makes the album a kind of alluring mutant. Go on, “give uncle Skrotor a hug!” Fortaken:http://www.tinymixtapes.com/
BY LAURENCE DAY , 03 JULY 2014, 09:30 BST, SCORE: 7.5/10
Website: http://kingbritt.com/
Label: http://www.hyperdub.net/

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The Phoenix




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