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Field Report
Summertime Songs

Field Report — Summertime Songs (Mar 23, 2018)

   Field Report — Summertime Songs (Mar 23, 2018)  Field Report — Summertime Songs (Mar 23, 2018)♠♠       Trpělivě odhaluje myšlenku až do morku kostí. Porterfield vytváří příběhy, často popisuje postavy, které bojují za právo na rozhodnutí, i kdyby bylo špatné. Taktéž i boje a úskalí spojená s hledáním amerického snu. Mnozí mluví pravdu záměrně a někteří neúmyslně. Například, píseň “Fergus Falls” z prvního alba je napsána z pohledu ženy, která se ocitá v nešťastné situaci s mužem a chce odejít. Je těhotná v malém městě a děsí jí představa života s tímto mužem. Klíčem je klid. Každá nota je na výběr. Každý okamžik je volba. Když ztratíte zaměření, připomeňte si to. Některé z těchto věcí jsou uvnitř vás a v písni. Ale Chris si je vědom každé noty, každého okamžiku s vámi, každého crescenda. Každá klidná chvilka vám pomůže k volbě dobře si zorganizovat věci tak, aby se stala součástí toho, kým jsme. Field Report is an American folk band led by singer~songwriter Christopher Porterfield. The band’s name is an anagram of the surname Porterfield.
♠♠       Wisconsins Field Report return with their third album, Summertime Songs — a collection of folk rock written by Chris Porterfield, combining narrative lyrics and the sound of the American heartland. “That’s a really important part of what we sound like and who we are, which is that we don’t go for anything easy,” says Porterfield. “We want quietness to end up being the thing that ends up winning the night. It’s the struggle to translate that at any given show that makes us who we are.”
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Album release: Mar 23, 2018
Record Label: Verve Label Group
Duration:     40:41
01. Blind Spot     3:39
02. If I Knew     4:46
03. Never Look Back     3:41
04. 60 Second Distance Run     2:59
05. Every Time     5:25
06. Healing Machine     4:15
07. Summertime     4:52
08. Tightrope     3:26
09. Occupied Mind     3:38
10. Everything I Need     4:00
℗ 2018 Verve Label Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
By Laura Kezman, Mar 21st @ 10:00am
★★★     “The Making of Summertime Songs” is real, it’s Chris Porterfield, it’s home, it’s Milwaukee — right down to the parking tickets.
★★★     After working on writing the record for almost a year, Field Report is breaking the silence and mystery behind their new release to show us how they did it.
★★★     “I feel like we’ve been so quiet about things that have been happening behind~the~scenes,” says Chris. “We just wanted to surprise people.”
★★★     Surprise us, they did. “Summertime Songs” is their most honest and concise work to date. The journey was less concise, but just as raw.
★★★     “There’s a difference between writing songs and writing records,” he says. “I think with this one, we finally did’em both.”
★★★     Drawing from seeing the destruction of relationships due to mental health and addiction, along with watching America go through parallel breakups in last year’s election, Chris says the record feels like driving “windows down, elbow out the window, watching the world sort of get pulled apart.”
★★★     As we’ve heard with the single, “Never Look Back,” it’s also about “the harm in looking back.” “It’s too easy to live there,” he says. “You’ve got to move on. And by you, I mean me.”
★★★     http://radiomilwaukee.org/
•★•       The band will return this year with third album Summertime Songs, and lead single “Never Look Back” signifies some subtle but significant changes in their approach. It’s the sort of hearty folk~rock we’ve come to expect from Porterfield, but also, is that a talkbox I hear on the bridge? Like the song says, we must plunge fearlessly into the future. OK, technically, the title does not refer to musical evolution, as Porterfield explains:
•★•       ““Never Look Back” is about those people we find ourselves inexplicably drawn to and then entangled with. The narrator tries to give this other person the benefit of the doubt, because, hey, something about them was appealing in the beginning. But the constant drama and disappointment leads them to discover that if you can walk away from the car crash, you have to walk away. And never look back. It’s a celebration of self~preservation.​”
The New Lineup
•★•       Christopher Porterfield has been the only consistent member on each of the Field Report albums. Joining him on Summertime Songs is:
★    Thomas Wincek on keys,
★    Barry Paul Clark on bass, and
★    Devin Drobka on drums.
•★•       “This band is amazing. I’ve never played with a group of people like them before,” said Porterfield. “They were all fundamental in how this record came out. It was a very collaborative process. (We were) responding to one another’s energy and ideas.”
•★•       “I’ve never gotten more blinding, exhilarating, thrilling, exciting energy than making music with these guys. So, from the beginning of recording this record, this was not a, ‘Hey guys, come on over! I have a bunch of completed songs I’d like you to dress up.’ It was, ‘OK, I’m going to throw some stuff down in the studio and you react to it and I’ll react to that and so on.
•★•       “It was like a collaborative painting studio where we would just show up and knew we could get consistently good light, and we had the time and tools to work and just start layering things and sculpting things and adding things on and pulling things away and throwing things out and starting over. Then going back to the garbage and wonder, ‘Oh, maybe that wasn’t so bad,’ and then repurposing it. Suddenly, it’s not a painting anymore, it’s part of the sculpture.”
•★•       “Summertime Songs” was recorded at Wire & Vice in Milwaukee. It’s a highly produced album with music that could sound much different at live shows.
•★•       “After making this record, I think I can pretty confidently say that Field Report is sort of a lyric~driven pop rock band with a penchant for experimentation,” said Porterfield. “It doesn’t need to live under one particular thing. On this record we really made peace with embracing some more pop elements. We made things that aren’t a slog and a struggle to listen to or some kind of production self~sabotage with things that sound lousy. This isn’t some kind of lo~fi, bedroom indie project. This is a high~production, high~value pop record. And I’m super stoked that that’s the space we get to occupy now. I feel really good about that.”
•★•       Field Report is embarking on a spring tour that includes stops in Milwaukee and Chicago. The band plans to add more Midwestern dates later this year.
•★•       Wisconsin’s Field Report center around the narrative songs of Chris Porterfield (the band name is actually an anagram of Porterfield’s last name), songs that, at their best, recall the writing and feel present on albums like Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, and Paul Simon’s Hearts and Bones in their hushed and passionate detail. Born in Minnesota, Porterfield moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he was a member of the folk~rock group DeYarmond Edison with Justin Vernon, Phil Cook, Brad Cook, and Joe Westerlund. When the band decided to relocate to North Carolina in 2006, Porterfield opted to stay in Wisconsin. Vernon eventually left the band, going out on his own under the name Bon Iver, while the remaining members of DeYarmond Edison became the freak folk outfit Megafaun, and both incarnations had critical success.
•★•       Porterfield, who had never really written songs before, spent a couple years writing a batch of songs on guitar, refining and reworking them, trying them out at open~mike and songwriter nights in Milwaukee, where he now lived, under the name Conrad Plymouth. In time Porterfield assembled a band, which included Nick Berg on keys, Travis Whitty on bass, Damian Strigens on drums, Jeff Mitchell on baritone guitar, and Ben Lester on pedal steel. Field Report were born, and the band developed a sparse, hushed, and intimate backdrop to Porterfield’s intricately detailed and very lyrical narrative songs, the best of which, like “Fergus Falls,” “I Am Not Waiting Anymore,” and “Route 18,” conjure up Nebraska~era Springsteen, Blood on the Tracks~era Dylan, or the long epic personal passion songs of Leonard Cohen, and sometimes all of these at once.
•★•       Vernon and Porterfield touched base when Bon Iver toured in Milwaukee; Vernon offered Porterfield the use of his April Base studio in Eau Claire when Field Report were ready to record, and in December of 2011, the band met at April Base and recorded a self~titled debut album with engineer Beau Sorenson. The project was then mixed by Paul Kolderie in February 2012 and appeared from Partisan Records the following September, garnering almost immediate critical acclaim. The band’s sophomore long~player, the Robbie Lackritz~produced Marigolden, followed in 2014. Returning in January 2018, Porterfield channeled the anxiety of becoming a new father into the band’s deeply personal third album, Summertime Songs. ~ Steve Leggett
Website: http://www.fieldreportmusic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fieldreport
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialfieldreport/

Field Report
Summertime Songs



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