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Fire! — (Without Noticing) (2013)

 Fire! — (Without Noticing) (2013)

Fire! — (Without Noticing)
Location: Umeå ~ Gärsnäs, Skåne, Sweden and Vienna, Austria
Album release: August 16, 2013
Record Label: Rune Grammofon (RCD 2146)
Duration:     42:02
01 Standing On A Rabbit     2:13
02 Would I Whip      5:58
03 Your Silhouette On Each     6:33
04 At Least On Your Door     6:39
05 Tonight. More. Much More     7:36
06 Molting Slowly     10:00
07 I Mostly Stare     3:03
→  Mats GustafssonTenor & Baritone Saxophone, Organ, Fender Rhodes Piano, Electronics
→  Johan Berthling — Bass, Piano
→  Andreas Werliin — Drums
Track 01-06: Andreas Werliin, Johan Berthling, Mats Gustafsson
→  After successful collaborations with prestigious guests like Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi and the widely acclaimed Fire! Orchestra release earlier this year our Swedish friends are back as a trio, lighting up a sonic blaze of rock based riffs and hypnotic jazz-psychedelia. As far from noodling instrumentals as it's possible to get, the tracks are spontaneously combusting rituals with a clear sense of purpose. Each of the three members is gifted with a formidable technique and arsenal of tricks and effects on their respective instruments, and the album also sees acclaimed saxophonist Mats Gustafsson boosting his already versatile skills, by swapping to Fender Rhodes and electronics on selected tracks. The oddly cut-up titles are lifted and inspired by Smog founder Bill Callahan's letters to Emma Bowlcut, recently published in a volume by Chicago label Drag City. The strategy gives an insight into the broadminded frame of reference of this eclectic trio. With all three members pulling in elements from free jazz, ambient improvisation and electronic music, their music has reached a new confidence and intensity.
Label: http://runegrammofon.com/
Fire! biography
→  Mats Gustafsson is almost cult figure in Scandinavian  avant-punk-free-jazz for decades. And if his solo releases and collaborations of last years are usually strongly rooted in free jazz, this new band,Fire!, founded in 2009, is different.
→  Trio of respectable European avant-jazz musicians plays explosive mix of electro-acoustic, industrial, creative garage rock and free jazz, influenced by Soft Machine's legacy.
→  Band is kind of Swedish supergroup - besides of sax player Gustafsson (who is best known by his participation in The Thing), other members are well known by their previous works as well: bassist Johan Berthling, co-founder of Häpna and member of Tape, Animes and Sten Sandell Trio, and Andreas Werliin, the drumming half of Wildbirds & Peacedrums amongst other things.
→  Their debut album "You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago" was released on Norwegian leading prog label Rune Grammofon and contains excellent material for everyone searching of fresh and energetic look on free jazz based avant prog, rooted in psychedelic, krautish legacy, distorted minimalist drum/bass sound, Fender Rhodes and sax attacks. (Slava/Snobb) Fortaken: http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=6057
Mats Olof Gustafsson
Born on 29 October 1964 in Umeå, Sweden
→  Swedish saxophone player and a stalwart on the Scandinavian free jazz scene. He is known for his tonal belligerence and intensity when improvising.
→  He first came to the attention of lovers of improvised music as part of a duo with Christian Munthe (started in 1986), as member of Gunter Christmann's Vario project and the band Gush (started in 1988). He has later played widely with musicians such as Gunter Christmann, Peter Brötzmann, Joe McPhee, Paul Lovens, Barry Guy, Yoshimi P-We, Derek Bailey, Magnus Broo, Otomo Yoshihide, Jim O'Rourke, Thomas Lehn, Evan Parker, Misha Mengelberg, Zu, The Ex and Sonic Youth.
→  Since the early 1990s Gustafsson has been a regular visitor to the United States, forming a particular affinity with Chicago musicians such as Hamid Drake, Michael Zerang and Ken Vandermark and recording for the city's OkkaDisk label. This resulted in a more traditional "free jazz" style in contrast to his innovative early work with European improvising musicians.
→  In addition to projects with musicians, Gustafsson has worked extensively with artists from the worlds of dance, theatre, poetry and painting.
→  Gustafsson was awarded the 2011 Nordic Council Music Prize.
→  Gustafsson currently lives in Gärsnäs, Skåne, Sweden and Vienna, Austria.

Fire! — (Without Noticing) (2013)




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