Floating Action — Old World Camels (Jun 9, 2019)
⊕•⊗      Purest, most direct, raw, immediate new ideas channeled directly from the heavens, put down on tape, on a budget of $0, on crappy equipment, only touched by two people in the entire process.
Location: Black Mountain, NC, U.S.
Album release: Jun 9, 2019
Record Label: Piaptk
Duration:     40:55
01 Four Leaf Clover   3:07
02 Burst of Ordinary Light   3:39
03 Richard Swift   3:05
04 I Kinda Wanna Leave   4:22
05 Wide Open Space   3:53
06 Lord Enticer   2:23
07 All I Wanted Was to Know   3:40
08 Pick Up (The Golden Spear)   3:49
09 Magnet Mind   3:34
10 Anguished Roar   2:44
11 Vitamin C of Love   3:20
12 It Only Comes Once in a While   2:59
Album Notes:
⊥•⊥     Floating Action is the nom de plume of Black Mountain, North Carolina artist Seth Kauffman. On Floating Action albums, Kauffman writes, engineers, produces, and plays all the instruments. After releasing six albums starting in 2006, Kauffman had always adhered to a strict ‘it’s not about success or money’ approach, which is coincidentally the exact opposite of what record labels, booking agents, managers, etc want to see in an artist. Kauffman became virtually blacklisted from the music industry, which obviously hampered any touring efforts or overall visibility. Fortunately around that time, (2013), The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, a fan of Kauffman’s work, enlisted him for studio work on Ray Lamontagne and Lana Del Rey albums. After that, Kauffman began doing studio work for friend/fan Jim James, of My Morning Jacket. This led to working on friend Angel Olsen’s ‘My Woman’ record, and much more studio work as well as touring in these artists’ bands. Thankfully, this ‘loophole’ has allowed Kauffman the ability to keep creating new Floating Action albums, even though ‘gatekeepers of the industry’ won’t allow it to tour or get press.
⊥•⊥     But Kauffman considers that a blessing in disguise, because it completely lifts any other reasons to make music other than for pure creative release. This latest album, Old World Camels, is a culmination of this untethered approach of his last three albums (Hold Your Fire, Is It Exquisite?, Heartache Essentials).
⊥•⊥     Kauffman has a vision of a level of music that does not yet exist, where the deepest, funkiest, rare~cut style songs can meld with the perfect concise pop hit...where it contains ‘everything he wants’. Old World Camels achieves this; with it’s catchy, anthemic, fresh~idea songs, yet coupled with that ‘first take magic where no one knew what they were doing’, extremely funky, and a joyous frenzied pure rock and roll feeling throughout. It was recorded with a budget of $0, using broken, crappy equipment. Most every song, every instrument, every vocal, is a first take; raw, voice cracking, wrong notes, it’s all hanging out. It’s all there. Everything that’s right and pure about music, is embodied on Old World Camels..
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