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Fool’s Gold
Flying Lessons

Fool’s Gold — Flying Lessons (May 19th, 2015)

United States                           Fool’s Gold — Flying Lessons 
Ξ   Pressed on 12” orange vinyl, Flying Lessons marks Fool’s Gold’s third studio effort. While staying true to their Afro–pop roots, Fool’s Gold show signs of maturity in their new songs (along with a few surprises). This limited–edition album is exclusive to Record Store Day 2015, and there will only be 1,000 copies available worldwide.
Location: Los Angeles, California
Album release: May 19th, 2015
Record Label: ORG/BERTUS / Original Recordings Group / Planetworks
Duration:     43:48
01. I’m In Love     4:36
02. Lady of the Lake     3:43
03. Break the Cycle     5:53
04. Another Sun     4:39
05. Wildflower     4:01
06. Devotion     4:48
07. Don’t Be Like Them     5:27
08. Flying Lessons     4:46
09. Ta’alumah     4:55

10. Run with Me *
Ξ   * = bonus track
2015 Fool's Gold
Ξ   Los Angeles indie pop collective Fool’s Gold will release its third studio album. Ξ   Flying Lessons follows 2011’s Leave No Trace and the group’s 2009 self–titled breakthrough debut. Like its predecessors, the new LP boasts lush, layered instrumentation influenced by traditional music from Africa and the Middle East.
Ξ   “Flying Lessons encompasses everything we’ve been about for the last 7+ years, both musically and emotionally,” singer/bassist Luke Tops said of the new record in an official statement. “It is the culmination of countless hours of travel, gigs, success, failure, darkness, joy, and the stubborn insistence to move forward and create our best work to date.”
Ξ   As a preview, the band’s unveiled “Another Sun”. Highlighted by graceful guitar noodling, it’s an engaging pop number that also doubles as a plea for reconciliation. Ξ   “Why don’t we try to wash away the pain?” the frontman asks. His velvety croon soars high into the ether, as though he’s willing to go to the ends of the Earth in order to make amends.
Ξ   http://consequenceofsound.net/ // Sean Kayden, April 9, 2015: http://www.bestnewbands.com/album-reviews/fools-gold-takes-flying-lessons/                                                                                      © Photo credit: Angelika Sjöström
Artist Biography by K. Ross Hoffman
Ξ   Blending African and Middle Eastern influences together with a vague hint of guitar–based Western pop, the Los Angeles world–pop outfit Fool's Gold make music that's as glittery and beguiling as their moniker suggests, though not nearly as disingenuous. Ξ   Spearheaded by bassist/vocalist Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov, both native Israelis who emigrated to L.A. at an early age, the group is at once an Angeleno affair and a truly global one, with its members (who number somewhere between eight and 12) hailing from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Israel, not to mention including three–quarters of Pesacov's indie rock band Foreign Born (and erstwhile members of the Fall and We Are Scientists). Top's bilingual lyrics (in Hebrew and English), a wailing sax section, and an array of handmade and internationally scavenged percussion instruments all add to the pan–ethnic flavor, but the group's aesthetic is most firmly rooted in its founders' lifelong love of world music, and more specifically their appreciation of Congolese soukous, Ethiopian and Eritrean music, and Tuareg desert blues — all styles that, as they've pointed out, were in turn partially inspired by Western music. Top, whose heritage is Russian and Iraqi, and Pesacov, whose musical background also includes studying classical composition in Berlin with American expatriates, met at a San Fernando Valley summer camp at age ten, and have played music together ever since. Top and Pesacov started Fool's Gold in 2006, building on an initial inspiration to combine African and Western pop sounds with a handful of quickly penned joint compositions and jam sessions, which then led to a series of informal gigs at barbecues and backyard parties, where they invited anybody who wanted to play to come up and join them. Over the next several years the band solidified into the lineup that recorded its self–titled, self–produced debut in 2008, released the following year on IAMSOUND Records. However, several members parted ways with Fool's Gold not long after, and the remainder carried on as a more traditional five–piece for 2011's Leave No Trace.
Website: http://foolsgoldla.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/foolsgoldla
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoolsGoldLA

Fool’s Gold
Flying Lessons




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