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Fuchsia — Fuchsia II: From Psychedelia… To a Distant Place (2013)

 Fuchsia — Fuchsia II: From Psychedelia… To a Distant Place (2013)

Fuchsia — Fuchsia II: From Psychedelia… To a Distant Place
::> In it's time, the original Fuchsia was groundbreaking. The album encompasses a unique combination of string trio and guitar, bass and drums, and a disregard for conventional pop/folk song formalities.
::> Now 40 years later, where string ensembles are almost commonplace in folk/popular music, Fuchsia continues to present well-constructed, unusual songs in an unconventional multi dimensional manner.
Location: London, England ~ South Africa ~ Sydney, NSW, Australia
Album release: June 10, 2013
Record Label: Sound Practices 001
Duration:     38:50
1. Melancholy Rd     4:21
2. Girl from Kandahar     4:23
3. Lost generations     4:14
4. Fuchsia song     4:13
5. I’ll remember her face     3:42     
6. Rainbow song     5:18
7. Crossing the big C     4:49 
8. The waves     3:19
9. Piper at the gates     4:31
:: Tony Durant (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead vocals)
:: Michael Day (bass guitar)
:: Michael Gregory (drums, percussion)
:: Janet Rogers (violin, backing vocals)
:: Madeleine Bland (cello, piano, harmonium, backing vocals)
:: Vanessa Hall-Smith (violin, backing vocals)
:: Tony Durant (guitars and vocals)
:: Lloyd Gyi (drums, percussion)
:: Emily Duffill (cello)
:: Tracy Wan (violin)
:: Lidia Bara (violin)
:: Jo Bara (cello)
:: Suzy Toomey (accordion)
:: Isabel Durant (backing vocals)
::>   2013 sees the arrival of Fuchsia 2- the first proper full Fuchsia studio album since their debut effort 41 years previously. Fuchsia 2 contains fresh compositions and one revised track The Rainbow Song from the original band’s recordings. Again penned and sung by Tony Durant, this new songs retain the ground-breaking spirit of the original Fuchsia. The music on Fuchsia 2 resonates with the same symphonic complexity and melodic depth while possessing a fresh and vibrant contemporaneous energy. .......
::>   The result is music that retains the original Fuchsia spirit and adds a fresh contemporary sheen that does not detract from the grandeur and scope of their original vision. Fuchsia 2 adds to the legend that is Fuchsia. It also creates a new contemporary soundscape and lyrical space for Fuchsia’s musical magic to shine once again.
::>   John O'Regan 2012
::>   CD available through from website www.fuchsiamusic.com#!music/c1r7j
::>   In a lifetime of music strange things happen. Like Fuchsia, the album that disappeared in '71 and went on to become a cult classic 40 years later. Dream, and never give up. And so, after all these years, comes "Fuchsia II: From Psychedelia to a Distant Place".
::>   British progressive folk rock band Fuchsia, created in 1970, released a self titled debut album which was difficult to categorise. Both strange and intriguing, with charming and intricate string arrangements, it became a cult classic for underground enthusiasts. Stylistically Fuchsia was compared with Jade and Comus.
Anthony WeightmanScore: ****
::>   From Psychedelia To A Distant Place, their first release in 40 years, is published on 10th June, 2013 through the Sound Practices label.
::>   The quirky Melancholy Rd. is a cheeky, catchy and light hearted song which is a pleasant and very individual start to the album. In Girl From Kandahar the soft opening changes quickly, evolving into an urgent and magical Eastern number, both addictive and energetic. Crazy Lost Generations is inventive and well produced modern dance music that’s difficult sit down to, whilst the joyous and innovative Fuchsia Song is fresh and upbeat.
::>   It’s probably quite impossible for new material to ‘pick up where the debut left off’, but this fine album is powerful, experimental and full of new ideas. It has an airy and timeless quality which is beautiful and impressive. Intelligent music based on past times can feel current without being pretentious and in this the album is extremely successful. Fortaken: http://www.aaamusic.co.uk/
::>   For From Psychedelia… To a Distant Place to be considered a ‘difficult second album’ for Fuchsia would perhaps be a mild understatement on their behalf. Fuchsia’s original, self-titled debut album was originally released in the early 70s after which the band went their separate ways. Their album has gained a cult following since then after Mojo published it as a forgotten classic.
::>   More than forty years on they have reformed to bring their second musical child into the world. Despite the vast 40-odd year gap between these releases, it’s clear from the opening track Melancholy Road that nothing has changed in their musical prowess. ::>   The most easily noticeable element that has changed would be the quality of the recordings themselves which have a clearer, crisper sound than their last album but beyond that, to listen to the albums consecutively you wouldn’t have them considered as having been gone for more than a year or two. Despite some more gloomy sounding songs, such as Lost Generation and the aforementioned Melancholy Road the whole album is filled with lively, bounding folk tunes with an articulate, rocky edge to them. This immensely positive folk-rock is instantly evocative of a sunlit village green environment, retaining its sense of wonder and joy in the more traditional side of folk music while exploring its own more contemporary boundaries.
::>   This village green feeling when coupled with Durant’s prim, soothing vocals is almost reminiscent of the likes of Ray Davies solo work. It’s rich, vibrant and uplifting, each of his songs with a deeper and more explicit meaning than is conveyed in just one listen. The music itself is wondrous, with a symphony of acoustic guitars, drums, pianos, accordions and some incredible violins dancing throughout the album. It comprises something for the lover of every aspect of music as songs like I’ll Remember her Face take on the mantle of the more gentle, folky songs with the music itself required in equal measure to the music. Songs such as Lost Generations explore their rockier edge, opening with an addictive fiddle tune which turns into a fast, brooding blues tune which gets you moving.
::>   You might think that a gap of more than forty years would cause a band issues when coming back together for the first time, but this album is proof that not only can they retain the beauty in their original work, but they can hone it and allow it to evolve before re-releasing it into the world. One thing is assured for this album, they can scrap the ‘forgotten’ part before they label it a classic.
Website: http://www.nightwings.org/files/Fuchsia-story.htm
Website: http://www.fuchsiamusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fuchsiamusic

Fuchsia — Fuchsia II: From Psychedelia… To a Distant Place (2013)




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