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Garrett LeBeau — Rise to the Grind (2013)

 Garrett Lebeau — Rise to the Grind (2013)

USA Flag      Garrett LeBeau — Rise to the Grind
Ξ   Garrett LeBeau will probably never be a major star – the music is too quietly homespun for that — but whether you want to listen in the car, the bath, the kitchen or wherever else you will be richly and repeatedly rewarded by someone who, in my opinion, is the real deal when it comes to inheriting JJ’s crown.
Born and raised: on the Wind River Indian Reservation near Lander, Wyoming
Location: Austin, Texas
Album release: May 6, 2013
Record Label: Music Road Records
Duration:     54:39
01. Crazy World       4:59
02. Brothers       3:27
03. Broke Down Dream       5:58
04. Blue Eyed Girls       3:40
05. Eyes On You       4:48
06. Dark Of The Night       5:24
07. When Love Was New       4:15
08. Passionate Fool       5:36
09. Darkness       6:22
10. How Come       4:05
11. Rise To The Grind       6:05
2013 Music Road Records
Garrett LeBeau — Guitar/Vox
Brad Houser — Bass
Michael Christmas — Drums
• Roscoe Beck (Leonard Cohen, Robben Ford) on bass,
• J.J. Johnson (Tedeschi Trucks Band, John Mayer) on drums,
• Stefano Intelisano (Jason Mraz) on keyboards,
• Red Young on B3 organ.
♠   Lebeau's lyrics often draw from his experiences on the Wind River Reservation, and touch on both personal subjects and deeper societal issues.
♠   Austin’s Garrett Lebeau releases his debut full-length album ‘Rise to the Grind‘ on Music Road Records, featuring 11 unclassifiable tracks that seamlessly blend elements of R&B, blues, folk and rock, tied together with soul and grounded in impeccable groove. Lebeau was born and raised on the Wind River Indian Reservation near Lander, WY and is an enrolled member of the Shoshone tribe. While his mostly isolated, rural upbringing played a formative role in his creative development, his music is far from being defined by his backstory. His sound is truly his own.
♠   Lebeau’s sound often draws comparisons to legendary artists like Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs, Al Green and J.J. Cale. On ‘Rise to the Grind,’ Lebeau is backed by a killer lineup of musicians, including Roscoe Beck (Leonard Cohen, Robben Ford) on bass, J.J Johnson (Tedeschi Trucks Band, John Mayer) on drums, Stefano Intelisano (Jason Mraz) on keyboards, and Red Young on B3 organ.
♠   Lebeau’s lyrics often draw from his experiences on the Wind River Reservation, and touch on both personal subjects and deeper societal issues.
By Brandy McDonnell • July 12, 2013 at 7:55 am • 
♠   Listening to Garrett Lebeau’s debut album, it’s logical to deduce that there’s a distinct advantage to being a self-taught musician who didn’t grow up listening to much music: You don’t feel particularly constrained by genre or stylistic boundaries.
♠   The Wyoming native is primarily singing the blues on “Rise to the Grind,” but he adroitly adds plenty of funk, soul and folk to the mix on his first record, recently released on Oklahoma-bred Americana singer-songwriter Jimmy LaFave’s Austin, Texas-based Music Road Records.
♠   Both LaFave and Lebeau are performing Saturday night at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in the folk icon’s hometown of Okemah. For more information, go to Ö www.woodyfest.com.
♠   Lebeau, 34, lays down such a laidback, listenable vibe on his debut effort that the hard-hitting lyrics of “Brothers” and “Darkness,” songs about bad choices and personal hells that draw from the starker side of his isolated upbringing on the Wind River Indian Reservation, sneak up on the listener.
♠   Likewise, the up-and-coming bluesman’s stalker story “Eyes on You” quickly creeps up to give you the creeps; in contrast, the versatile singer/songwriter/guitarist is able to convincingly offer up earnestly unabashed adoration with “Passionate Fool.”
♠   While “Broke Down Dream” and “When Love Was New” effectively delve into the pain of lost love, “Blue Eyed Girls” overflows with sweetness that never gets too syrupy. The title track closes the album with a warm homage to working-class folks going about their daily business.
♠   Along with showcasing the Texas transplant’s own considerable skills as a soulful crooner and blues guitarist, “Rise to the Grind” spotlights the formidable talents of bassist Roscoe Beck, drummer J.J Johnson, B3 organ player Red Young and keyboardist Stefano Intelisano.
♠   While the influence of Al Green, Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs and Oklahoma natives J.J. Cale and Leon Russell are evident on Lebeau’s debut, “Rise to the Grind” also reveals a budding artist well on his way to establishing his own singular style. (http://newsok.com/)
Website: http://garrettlebeau.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GaretLeBeauBand
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/garrettlebeau
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GarrettLebeauBand
Agent: Jordan Gunkel — or
♠   "It's an album with nowhere to be and nothing on it's mind, with woozy swirls of soul-blues carrying along a candy-floss-soft vocal that makes even the substance abuse themes of Darkness sound like Sunday afternoon. He's one to watch." — Classic Rock
♠   "Musically speaking , on his debut recording LeBeau inhabits Van Morrison/Boz Scaggs/JJ Cale territory." — Maverick
♠   "Bobby Womack fans will dig Garrett's dive-bar blues guitar and oh-so-classy songwriting." — Guitarist
♠   .."plaintive and sensual, with touches of Boz Scaggs and Van Morrison." — MOJO
♠   "Growing up on the Wind River Indian Reservation near Lander, Wyoming, Lebeau was isolated from outside influences. There was no record collection, nothing in the way of a touchstone. He taught himself notes and chords, eventually finding his own voice- raw, unadorned and honest. The kind of voice that shares a lineage with artists such as Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs, Al Green and JJ Cale- artists that possess that sensory awareness referred to above. You with me now?" — R2
♠   "Austin Texas-style country-meets-soul with composer/singer Lebeau, a native American Shoshone tribesman who grew up on a Wyoming reservation backed by three star sidemen in Roscoe Beck, JJ Johnson and Red Young." — Independent on Sunday
♠   "An album recorded in Austin, Texas is always a good start, and this Shoshone Indian from Wyoming knew what he was doing when he enlisted Roscoe Beck on bass and drummer JJ Johnson from the Derek Trucks Band for his debut. With a sultry Hammond organ swelling and moaning in the mix, Garrett handles guitar on his self- penned songs that state their influences all to clearly." — Acoustic Magazine
♠   "Soul splendour on Shoshone tribesman's assured debut." — Uncut

Garrett LeBeau — Rise to the Grind (2013)




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