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Gentle Giant — Interview (1976, 2012)

Gentle Giant,Interview,USA,Deleted,LP RECORD,528184

           Gentle Giant — Interview
♣   “In’terview”, Gentle Giant’s second album for Chrysalis was released in April 1976, and as the title suggests, is loosely a concept album based upon a series of interview questions posed to the band by journalist Phil Sutcliffe. This special edition (CD/DVD) features a previously unreleased lost quadraphonic mix. The special 4.1 Surround Sound mix (for you audiophiles it’s DTS 96/24 and Dolby Digital 48kHz/24bit) has been adapted from those original Quad mixes. The release also includes newly commissioned sleeve notes written by the band themselves.                                  •   Interview, from 1976, was the follow–up to Gentle Giant’s most successful album to date, Free Hand.
•   Possessing a darker, more Rock orientated edge than anything the band had done up to this point, the album was seen as an equally brilliant, but less optimistic response to its celebrated predecessor.
•   Arguably the band’s last classic album.
•   A re–mastered cd version, the booklet contains sleeve notes from the band members.
Album released: 27th February 2012
CD — Interview (re–mastered):
1. Interview      6:54
2. Give It Back      5:08
3. Design      4:59
4. Another Show      3:29
5. Empty City      4:24
6. Timing      4:50
7. I Lost My Head      6:58
DVD — Interview (the original 1976 Quad Mixes in 4.1 DTS 96/24 & Dolby AC3):
1. Interview      6:54
2. Give It Back      5:08
3. Design      4:59
4. Another Show      3:29
5. Empty City      4:24
6. Timing      4:50
7. I Lost My Head      6:58
♠  Derek Shulman / vocals, recorders, sax
♠  Ray Shulman / bass, violin, recorders, vocals
♠  Gary Green / guitars, vocals
♠  Kerry Minnear / keyboards, vocals
♠  John Weathers / percussionAbout the Album:
•   A concept album, structured as a phony interview. The music contains numerous criticisms of the music industry and the silly questions that rock stars get asked repeatedly.
•   A “Gentle Giant Production”
  Recorded at: Advision Studios, London.,   February/March 1976.
  Engineer: Paul Northfield, assisted by Ken Thomas
  All Compositions: Shulman, Shulman and Minnear and all permutations thereof
  Published by: “Clipchoice Music”
  Interviewer: Phil Sutcliffe
  Cover Production: Geoff Allman for "Spoken Image"
  Airbrush: Chris Clover
  CD Package Design: Phil Smee
•   All lyrics reproduced with the permission of DRT Entertainment (USA) and Alucard Publishing, Ltd. (UK).
— submitted by David Wilhite. Interview excerpts decyphered by Paul Moore.
(The interview, part 1) Voice 1: Right....Now...Gentle Giant.
Interviewer: Err. Gentle Giant, is it?
Voice 2: Send for some coffee, Paul, will you?
Interviewer: And who are you?
Derek: Well, I'm Derek, and the blokes behind me are [inaudible bit]....Ray.... [Inaudible bit] Shulman. Yes.... [Inaudible]...
Interviewer: Oh, you're related, are you? I didn't know about that.
(Scrape of chairs at table, etc)
Interviewer: Er, where...where...where shall we begin, then?

Lead vocals: Derek (verses), John (“What are your plans...”)

1. Yes it’s been hard, going a long time
   and we're together even now.
   Why do you ask? Surely you know it!
   Isn’t it clear just when and how.
   What can we tell you?
   At the beginning had no direction,
   any other way.
   After the fourth one, realisation,
   finding our road, the same as if today.

2. Well we all hear, everyone, no–one,
   not to not say, we like a lot.
   Want to be seen rock and roll music,
   Don't take us something that we’re not.
   True it looks better, tide looks like turning,
   so all in all we feel we are alright.
   Yes we had troubles, much more than many,
   rather have none and do we think what’s right.

   What are your plans for the future now?
   And can you say who does the writing then?
   How did you get — who gave the name of the band?

3. Now that he’s gone, turn off our faces,
   wait for the new man to arrive.
   Soon the same song, sung for the next one,
   saying our piece, though not alive.
   What can we tell you?
   At the beginning had no direction,
   any other way.
   After the fourth one, realisation,
   finding our road, the same as if today.

   Repeat of verse 2.
More on: http://www.blazemonger.com/GG/Interview


♠   Gentle Giant also wants to thank our friends in radio for support, especially WLVR’s Jon who does the show Ear Responsible, WZBC’s Tom Gagliardi, and NPR’s Echoes with John Diliberto. This poster (and a few others) will be autographed by the band and made available for charity.

Released: April 23, 1976
Recorded: February — March 1976 at Advision Studios, London
Genre: Progressive rock
Length:  36:22
Label: Chrysalis (UK) / Capitol (Canada, U.S.)
Producer: Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant Interview
Author: Archie Patterson 20 Nov 2009
Derek Shulman Interview 11.11.09
♠   The Gentle Giant catalog has just been reissued digitally this week on iTunes and other digital outlets. It will become available for the first time on re–mastered CD, along with a DVD of previously unreleased live footage in early 2009. The following interview with Derek Shulman offers up his recollections and reflections on the bands music and his career.
♠   Gentle Giant was never one of the archetypal Anglo prog groups who traded in pomp and circumstance. They were an eclectic band, made up of mates with different musical tendencies who came together to make music that explored their own collective ideas in search of a group style and sound.
♠   As chance would have it this happened in a time when the world seemed freer, a more open and magical place and the music being made served as a special soundtrack to so many peoples lives. Derek’s insightful answers clearly illustrate just why the band and its music were special, as well as the truism that while it’s great to look back and appreciate all you have done, the trick is to never forget that you should live in the here now and make the best of what you’ve got today.
More on: Original page:http: //www.rocksbackpagesblogs.com/2009/11/5837/ 

Gentle Giant Interview (1976, 2012)






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