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Gentle Giant
GG At The GG: Sight & Sound In Concert (2006) [CD & DVD]

Gentle Giant — GG At The GG: Sight & Sound In Concert (2006) [CD & DVD]

   Gentle Giant — GG At The GG: Sight & Sound In Concert (2006) [CD & DVD]
Location: England
Album release: 2006
Record Label: Alucard, Alu–gg–05
Genre: Progressive Rock
01 Two Weeks in Spain
02 Free Hand
03 On Reflection
04 I’m Turning Around
05 Just the Same
06 Playing the Game
07 Memories of Old Days
08 Betcha Thought We Couldn’t Do It
09 JP Weathers Presents
10 Funny Ways
11 For Nobody
12 Mountain Time
13 Excerpts from Octopus
14 The Advent of Panurge
01. Two Weeks in Spain (1–12 Golders Green Hippodrome, London, January 5th 1978)
02. Free Hand
03. On Reflection
04. I’m turning around
05. Just the Same
06. Playing the Game
07. Memories of Old Days
08. Betcha Thought We Couldn’t Do it
09. JP Weathers presents
10. Funny Ways
11. For Nobody
12. Mountain Time
13. Interview (13–15 Videos shot at ITN House, London, 24th April 1976)
14. Give it back
15. I lost my head
16. Words from the Wise (16–18 Videos shot in and around Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, 1978)
17. Thank You
18. Giant for a Day
19. Octopus Medley (Old Grey Whistle Test, November 26th 1974, Drury Lane Theatre, London)
20. Münster, Germany, 5th April 1974
•   Derek Shulman / vocals, bass, trumpet
•   Kerry Minnear / keyboards, cello, vibraphone, vocal
•   Ray Shulman / bass, guitar, violin, vocals
•   Gary Green / guitars, recorder, vocals
•   John Weathers / drums, vibraphone
By Man With Hat, Progarchives
•   What a show! The live power of Gentle Giant comes through in this DVD. They really give new life to some of the featured songs, especially the poppier “The Missing Piece” songs. First off, all five are spot on with every instrument played and singing. Stunning! Now on with the show.
•   The first (and main) part of this DVD was recorded live at Golders Green Hippodrome in London. All songs are fantastic renditions of old favorites and new songs. The ones off of The Missing Piece seem to be given an extra kick to make them better then the album versions of the songs. The video and sound quality are top notch, and there are points were you really feel you were at the show. The Highlights: On Reflection. I was very happy to see this one performed live. I first heard a live version on “Playing The Fool” and was astounded by the intracate vocal harmonies that they were album to produce on a live stage. Now, actually seeing it, makes it that more incrediable. All five members singing at once…wow! Truely someting to see. Memories Of Old Days. To be honest, i wasn’t a fan of this song when i first heard it. But seeing it performed live made me appreciate it. Simply incredable. Funny Ways. This is perhaps my favorite version of this song. First off, it is preluded by a hilarious Weathers “monolouge”. A great intro, IMO. Anyway, to the song. A great feel to it, better than on other live releases of it. But on to my favorite part…the vibe solo! Astounding! Words can not describe the power and complexity of it. And Minnear plays it perfectly! Incredible. The other songs are good, but these ones stand out.
•   On to the bonus features. Some great stuff. My favorite parts are the videoes for the Interview tracks. The only problem i have with this is that there was some unfortunate lighting choices, and sometimes the lights reflect and make veiwing difficult. But everything is played greatly. Again, i was happy to see some Interview tracks. Next up are the videos from three songs from Giant For A Day!. Not as good. The quality is slightly inferior, as are the songs. But its nice to see those songs played. Finally, there is an “Old Grey And Whistle Test” of Octopus medley (cause what GG live experience is complete without this one?!) The quality isn’ that good, and its not my favorite rendition, but it doesnt take anything away from the DVD. The photos are nice to see, and some of them can provide a chuckle. And the bonus CD is a great touch. Very much appreciated!                                                                             ♠   GG at the GG was Gentle Giant’s second official DVD. It contains:
Original menu music by Kerry Minnear. It uses John Weathers’s recorded drumming, lifted from the band's multitracks by Dan Bornemark.
The BBC Sight & Sound concert, Golders Green Hippodrome, London,January 5th, 1978:
♠   Two Weeks In Spain
♠   Free Hand
♠   On Reflection
♠   I’m Turning Around
♠   Just The Same
♠   Playing the Game
♠   Memories Of Old Days
♠   Betcha Thought We Couldn’t Do It
♠   JP Weathers presents
♠   Funny Ways
♠   For Nobody
♠   Mountain Time
ITN House, London, April 24, 1976:
♠   Interview
♠   Give It Back
♠   I Lost My Head
In and around Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, 1978:
♠   Words From The Wise
♠   Thank You
♠    Giant For A Day
The Old Grey Whistle Test, Drury Lane Theater, London, November 26, 1974. It includes “Octopus Medley.”
♠   Gallery 1 (live shots and memorabilia from Gary Green’s collection)
Munster, Germany: April 5, 1974: handheld Super 8 footage by Martin Buntrock, filmed at Halle Munsterland.
♠   Gallery 2 (more live shots and memorabilia from Gary Green’s collection)                                                                                              


Gentle Giant
GG At The GG: Sight & Sound In Concert (2006) [CD & DVD]



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