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Get The Blessing — Astronautilus (11th September 2015)

Get The Blessing — Astronautilus (11th September 2015)

  Get The Blessing — Astronautilus (11th September 2015)
Ξ   Svět ztratil vrcholně tyčícího se uměleckého inovátora 20. století. Romantické pověsti, že se BBC Jazz Award–vítězný kvartet Get The Blessing setkal při Ornette Coleman Appreciation Society v Bristolu, by snadno mohla být pravda. Get The Blessing naslouchali bohaté Bristolianské melancholii, pochytili revoluci britské popové hudby v 90. letech, ale odráží i esoterické variace, kam jejich jazz míří.
Ξ   Možná, že je to stejný “Bristolianism”, co dělá Get The Blessing tak zvláštním; protože ho vždy charakterizovala nezávislost městské hudební scény a z toho vyplývající proslavenou nezávislost na tom, co dělali všichni ostatní v té době. To vede k vyšší a potřebné úrovni introspekce, aby se stalo něco opravdu průlomového. S neklasifikovatelným zvukem, hodným odchovanců Canterbury scene, melancholický trip hop a krautrock, nepředvídatelný Bristolian kvartet GTB pokládá na váš stůl své poslední album  “Astronautilus”. Je vyzrálejší, než poslední “Lope and Antilope”, průzkumný poslech však ukazuje, že zvukově je tam mnohem více, než co média označují za punk–jazz.
Genre: post jazz rock prog experimental pop electronica
Album release: 11th September 2015
Record Label: Naim Jazz
Format: CD + 180gm LP + Digital
Duration:     42:47
1. Phaenomena      3:13
2. Carapace      6:26
3. Monkfish      2:58
4. Conch      4:28
5. Cornish Native      4:29
6. Nautilus      5:23
7. Green Herring      4:22
8. Hayk      7:20
9. Sepia      4:08
Ξ   Jake Mcmurchie: tenor and baritone sax and electronics.
Ξ   Pete Judge: trumpet, flugelhorn, piano and electronics.
Ξ   Clive Deamer: drums and percussion.
Ξ   Jim Barr: bass, bass 6, electronics and organ.Music Style:
Ξ   The group have been widely received as part of a new generation of groups that blend jazz and rock, which also includes Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Led Bib, Polar Bear, and Acoustic Ladyland. The music is mainly instrumental, although there have been guest singers (specifically Tammy Payne on "The Unnameable" and "Music Style Product"), and Deamer has sung a vocal version of "Bugs in Amber", entitled "Moot", live.
Ξ   2008 All is Yes (released as The Blessing) (Cake/Candid Records)
Ξ   2008 "Bleach Cake"/"The Unnameable" EP (released as The Blessing) (Cake/Candid Records)
Ξ   2009 Bugs in Amber (Cake/Candid Records)
Ξ   2012 OC DC (Naim Jazz)
Ξ   2014 Lope and Antilope (Naim Jazz)
Ξ   2015 "Astronautilus" (Naim Jazz)BIOGRAPHY
Ξ   “…they may well be the most original and exciting band on the British scene at the moment.” Jazzwise Magazine
Ξ   Bassist Jim Barr once remarked that Get The Blessing were “total outsiders” and “the punk entry” when they won the 2008 BBC Jazz Award for Best Album with ‘All Is Yes’. Almost six years later and four albums down the line, the same could still be said to hold true, albeit with a little more wisdom at their disposal. Lope and Antilope is the band’s fourth album (second for Naim Jazz) and while to some degree the thrashing rhythms of previous albums have advanced into more mellow territory, the irreverent and mischievous attitude is still very much in evidence: with a fixation for words that end in ‘ope’, Get The Blessing return with their most sophisticated album to date and UK tour to follow.
Ξ   Formed in 2000 to share a fascination with the improvisation and monophonic nature of Ornette Coleman’s earlier works and throughout this time, the line–up has remained the same throughout with Portishead rhythm masters Jim Barr and Clive Deamer on bass and drums respectively, Pete Judge on trumpet and Jake McMurchie on saxophone. And all this despite other commitments for everyone, not least Deamer’s recruitment as Radiohead’s second live drummer in 2012. The band’s old friend and collaborator — and Portishead guitarist — Adrian Utley also makes the occasional guest appearance.Ξ   The Bristol–based four–piece can now boast a truly international fan base. Since the release of All Is Yes in February 2008, they’ve taken their musical vision round the world with successful tours and festival appearances in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Dubai, Turkey, Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia.Ξ   “GTB harness rock and jazz with uncompromising power” — Time Out
Ξ   Astronautilus is Get The Blessing's fifth album (and third for Naim) and comes blazing out of Bristol chasing the tail of its predecessor, 2014’s Lope and Antilope. While Lope and Antilope saw the band dip their toe in mellower waters, Astronautilus was literally composed between crashing waves and deserted estuary sands, producing an album of pounding rhythms, spacious atmospheres and strongly–crafted melodies — plus, of course, the unpredictability and musical mischievousness that have made the band so exciting and successful. Astronautilus has all the deep textures and open–sounding playing with electronics you would expect, but with a greater sense of structure and depth. On first listening it's darker and subtler, but further listening reveals it to be an exciting and focused album, or as the band put it, "dark with a joyous soul." With more adventurous improvisation and electronics coming into play, it seems a natural development and refinement of previous work. The mood of the improvisation has also coloured the more composed tunes, striking a perfect balance between the deliberate and the accidental. Having enjoyed the process of taking themselves away from their normal environment to record the last album, Astronautilus was recorded while the band were holed up on a remote part of the Cornish coast, where the landscape and midnight beach rambles proved inspirational. It was on these walks that conversation turned to such matters as the stars and the sea, which in turn led to the titles — stars and fish, or puns on both. The opener, 'Phaenomena,' is an improvised track, driven by Clive Deamer's afro–beat–esque drumming, and is a particular favourite of the band as it's so unlike anything they've done before. After this comes 'Carapace,' a beautifully arranged piece, incorporating vivid and exciting electronic improv, was recorded in one take, with no additions or overdubs. 'Monkfish' returns to early Blessing days, a riotous affair, simultaneously inspired by Thelonius Monk, a pair of Deamer's shoes and of course, the fish. 'Hayk' refers to the Armenian name for the constellation of Orion the hunter, and comprises a menacing, disjointed, Miles–esque start, followed by a warm, reflective, harmonically rich and quasi–euphoric ending. 'Cornish Native,' named after the oyster, was the unexpected pearl in the grit of editing. Recorded on the first day, it somehow got forgotten, only to be triumphantly resurrected at the eleventh hour. Astronautilus is dedicated to the memory of Ornette Coleman, who passed away in June this year and who was pivotal to the band's formation in 2000. After fifteen years Get The Blessing can still lay claim to their original line up: Jake McMurchie sax and electronics; Pete Judge trumpet, flugel horn, piano and electronics; Clive Deamer drums and percussion and Jim Barr bass, electronics and organ. That they can still produce such creative and intelligent music — all balanced with wit and passion — as well as find time to work on other projects, is testament to the free spirit that they embody, not to mention their new cocktail, the Gin Garden.
Ξ   http://www.riotsquadpublicity.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gettheblessing
Website: http://www.theblessing.co.uk/
Contact: Sian Williams —
Label: http://www.naimlabel.com/
Welcome to the Revolution: http://revcom.us/a/392/appreciating-ornette-coleman-en.html                                                  © Ornette Coleman, 2007. (Photo AP)
Notes: Poslední představení Ornette Colemana bylo oslavou jeho života a díla + dokladem toho, jak hluboce inspiroval a ovlivňoval mnoho různých hudebníků různých žánrů. Koncert, kterého se zúčastnilo 4000 lidí v Brooklynu, se odehrál 12. června 2014 (zemřel téměř na den přesně o rok později) a byl poctou Ornette Colemana. Pořádal ho jeho syn Denardo, který začal hrát s Ornettem na bicí ve věku 10 let. Jako hosté byli David Murray, Henry Threadgill a Savion Glover. Všichni jsme věděli, že nemůže žít věčně. Ale byli jsme velmi jisti, že jeho hudba by mohla pokračovat. The core band for the night included regulars from Coleman’s various ensembles since the 1970s, but there were many others who came to play in honor of Ornette as well. Just to name some: there was Flea, the bassist from the RedHot Chili Peppers; jazz musicians David Murray, Ravi Coltrane, and Branford Marsalis; tap dancer Savion Glover; rock artist Patti Smith; experimental composer/performer Laurie Anderson; Bruce Hornsby; Nels Cline of Wilco; and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Two of the musicians from Morocco who recorded with Ornette in 1973 also performed.

Get The Blessing — Astronautilus (11th September 2015)




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