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Grizzly Bear  Shields (2012)

Grizzly Bear — Shields (2012)Image of Grizzly Bear                          Grizzly Bear — Shields                                            Location: Brooklyn, New York 
Album release: September 18, 2012
Record Label: Warp Records
Duration:         48:02
01. Sleeping Ute     4:36
02. Speak In Rounds     4:25
03. Adelma     1:02
04. Yet Again     5:19
05. The Hunt     3:45
06. A Simple Answer     6:01
07. What’s Wrong     5:44
08. Gun~Shy     4:31
09. Half Gate     5:30
10. Sun In Your Eyes     7:09
Website: http://grizzly-bear.net/
Main manager: Zeitgeist Management
Twitter: http://twitter.com/grizzlybear
Fort William: http://www.fortwilliammanagement.com
WM Ent.: http://wmeentertainment.com
Free Trade: http://www.freetradeagency.co.uk
Press: http://www.pressherepublicity.com/
Label: http://www.warprecords.com
Press contact: Shorefire Media / Purple PR (UK)
Reservé agent: William Morris Agency (North America), Free Trade Agency (UK)
Editorial Reviews
    Shields, the fourth and most fluid album by Grizzly Bear to date, will be released on Sept. 18, 2012. The quartet of Chris Bear, Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen and Chris Taylor have never made a quick follow~up; it took them three years to get from Horn of Plenty to Yellow House, three more to get from Yellow House to Veckatimest. Between those records, though, they'd not only toured (headlining as well as with the likes of Radiohead, Feist, Wilco, TV on the Radio and more), but issued singles and splits, EPs, remixes and solo projects. The potential energy gathered in tour vans and busses, in studios and on stages for years was finally released, giving the individual band’s pieces the chance to recover and, after a year, return to being Grizzly Bear, and delivering their best album yet. ''This has a different energy behind it,” concludes Ed Droste.  “Veckatimest was a little more of a polite album; the desire to keep the vocals smooth might have kept a little distance between us and the audience. This one feels a bit more rough and exposed, so that on Shields, everything speaks for itself.”   —  This text refers to the Vinyl edition.
Daniel Rossen
Birth name: Daniel Rossen
Born: August 5, 1982, Los Angeles, California
Instruments: Singer, guitar, piano, keyboards, banjo, cello
Rossen moved to attend New York University. As a student at the university, Rossen formed Department of Eagles with roommate Fred Nicolaus in 2001. The duo then released two 7" singles and an album, The Whitey on the Moon UK, on Isota Records. About Department of Eagles early recordings, Rossen explains:
“ The band started as a joke, which accounts for a lot of the trip-hop sounding stuff on Cold Nose. We didn't initially play any instruments or sing, we just made really lo-fi sample collages and 'beats.' It was a geeky parody of west coast abstract hip hop, I think, mostly a game of coming up with the most ridiculous track title or idiotic band persona. ”
Rossen concurrently went on to join Grizzly Bear in 2005. He joined the group for their second album, Yellow House. On joining Grizzly Bear, Rossen notes:
“ For a long time, I only played my songs to close friends; and it just happened that I lived with Chris Taylor during my second year of college, so he heard them. He was my entrance into Grizzly Bear. He joined the band first, then after a while he suggested I come in with these songs.  When I joined, I did about two rehearsals with them, worked out one of my songs to put into the set, then a week later we were out on the road for a two-month tour. It was a real trial-by-fire thing honestly, I was not a performer at all before being in this band, and touring with them taught me so much. Playing for people changes the way you think about music, about songs, about singing, about everything. I felt like I didn’t even really find a voice I was comfortable with until I’d been in the band for a few more years. That’s one of the really interesting things about making music as a young person: the fact that this period of growth, when you’re still learning what you’re doing, is captured. Listening to old live recordings, then Yellow House, then Veckatimest, you can really hear this growth: as songwriters, as performers, as artists, as people. I really cherish that. I think it’s a real privilege to be able to have that record of yourself growing; going from a young person to an adult.”
    Department of Eagles released their second record In Ear Park in October 2008. The album featured Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear of Grizzly Bear, and was dedicated to Rossen’s late father.
    In 2012, Rossen released a solo EP, Silent Hour/Golden Mile, Warp Records (March 19, 2012).
    Rossen is the grandchild of famed director Robert Rossen, who directed the Oscar~winning Paul Newman drama The Hustler and the original All the King’s Men.
Chris Bear
Birth name: Christopher Robert Bear
Born: July 19, 1982
Origin: Brooklyn, New York
Drummer and multi-instrumentalist associated with the Brooklyn-based indie-rock group, Grizzly Bear.
Bear joined the group with singer Ed Droste for contributions on their first record, Horn of Plenty. He also contributed to Earl Greyhound's self-titled EP in 2004.
Biography  by Bret Love:
    Grizzly Bear began as a home recording project for Boston~bred experimentalist Edward Droste, the son of an elementary school teacher, who laid the groundwork for the band’s otherworldly debut album on a small hand~held tape recorder while holed up for 15 months in his Greenpoint, Brooklyn, apartment. His homespun D.I.Y. effort took on new life with the help of multi~instrumentalist Christopher Bear, a Chicago native who had worked in a diverse range of musical projects ranging from laptop electronica to free jazz, who added additional instrumentation and vocals to Droste’s stripped~down sonic blueprints.
    The resulting album, Horn of Plenty — a pet project originally meant only for Droste’s friends — eventually circulated through New York’s underground music scene, with its unique blend of acoustic instruments, layered vocals, and found sounds earning comparisons to alt~rock heavy~hitters such as Sigur Rós, Sufjan Stevens, and Animal Collective. Originally released to little fanfare in 2004, the album gained momentum thanks to copious touring, with Chris Taylor joining the band on reeds and electronics, and Daniel Rossen providing additional guitar and vocals. It was reissued in 2005 as a two~CD set featuring remixes by Dntel (of the Postal Service), Final Fantasy, Solex, and the Soft Pink Truth (aka Drew Daniel of Matmos). An album of Droste’s early demo recordings, Sorry for the Delay, was released in 2006 as the band finished up recording Yellow House, their second proper full~length album. Warp signed the band that spring and released Yellow House that fall. A year later, the Friend EP, which featured cameos from Beirut, CSS, and Band of Horses arrived. For 2009’s elaborate Veckatimest, the band collaborated with contemporary classical composer/conductor Nico Muhly, Beach House vocalist Victoria LeGrand, the Acme String Quartet and the Brooklyn Youth Choir.
Ed Droste
Birth name: Edward Droste
Born: October 22, 1978, Massachusetts
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, keyboards, autoharp
    Original member of the Brooklyn~based indie~rock group, Grizzly Bear. The group began as the solo effort of Droste with the release of 2004’s Horn of Plenty, originally released on Kanine Records. All songs were written and performed by Droste. By 2005, the group expanded into a four~piece, with Droste still as a contributing songwriter.
Chris Taylor
Birth name: Christopher Taylor
Also known as: CANT
Born: August 29, 1981, Seattle, Washington
Instruments: Bass, woodwinds, electronics, vocals
    Taylor is a 2004 graduate of New York University. He joined Grizzly Bear after their first release, Horn of Plenty. His contributions to the band’s sound since then have varied, and he has become the band’s producer since their second album, Yellow House. In live performances, Taylor frequently switches between playing the bass, clarinet, flute, saxophone and sometimes the accordion. He also contributes vocals on most songs.
Terrible Records:
In mid~2009 Taylor founded Terrible Records with label partner Ethan Silverman. The label was begun in an attempt to spend more time working with and giving exposure to other artists through the release of a number of 7” and 10” EP’s. Some of the releases will be his own solo material which will be released under the moniker CANT. His debut solo cd “Dreams Come True” was released September 13, 2011.
Chris Taylor discography:
Arthur Russell — Love is Overtaking Me — mixing, editing and restoration
Canon Blue — Colonies - mastering
Department of Eagles — In Ear Park — co~producer, electric bass, flute, woodwinds, effects
Dirty Projectors — Rise Above — co~producer
Grizzly Bear — Yellow House — producer, bass guitar, vocals
Grizzly Bear — Friend EP — producer
Grizzly Bear — Veckatimest — producer, bass guitar, vocals
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson — Self~titled — producer
CANT — Dreams Come True — vocals, instrumentation, co~producer
CANT/Arthur Russell — Split 7” — producer
Acrylics — All of the Fire EP — producer
The Morning Benders — Big Echo — producer
Nat Baldwin — Most Valuable Player — producer
TV on the Radio — Return to Cookie Mountain — horns, clarinet
Twin Shadow — Forget — producer
Studio albums:
   Horn of Plenty (2004)
   Yellow House (2006)
   Veckatimest (2009)
   Shields (2012)
Sorry for the Delay (2006)
Friend (2007)
Horn of Plenty (The Remixes) (2005)
“Slow Life” featuring Victoria Legrand (2009) on The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack
“Blackcurrant Jam” appeared on Worried Noodles, released by TOMLAB on October 23, 2007.
“Don’t Ask” from Horn of Plenty appeared on a 7” in Tomlab Records’ Alphabet Series.
  On a Neck, On a Spit (August 21, 2006)
  Knife (May 21, 2007)
  Live On KCRW (April 18, 2009)
  Two Weeks (May 12, 2009)
  While You Wait for the Others (August 31, 2009)
  Cheerleader (2009)
  Sleeping Ute (2012)
  Yet Again (2012)                     Ed at Colbert Taping; Author: Pitchfork © Chris BearImage of Grizzly BearImage of Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear  Shields (2012)



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