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Hattie Webb — To The Bone (3rd June 2017)

Hattie Webb — To The Bone (3rd June 2017)

          Hattie Webb — To The Bone (3rd June 2017) Hattie Webb — To The Bone (3rd June 2017)•   “The little harps are the same harps I play in The Webb Sisters and with Leonard in his band. They are called an ‘Eve’ design by a harp building company in Minnesota called Stoney End. One of the harps, ‘Harry’, has been with me since I was 11, has been on every record I have made and played ‘If It Be Your Will’ with me across the whole Unified Heart Tour. The bigger harp was from Leonard. It is a Dusty Strings harp in bubinga wood and has a depth in the lower end which is amazing.”
Born: 1981
Location: Kent, England
Genre: Alternative, Indie, Singer~Songwriter
Album release: 3rd June 2017
Record Label: AWAL
Duration:     56:15
01. River     3:34
02. Newton’s Law     4:32
03. As Long As We’re Dancing     3:23
04. Intimate Conversation     3:51
05. Emotion     7:35
06. To The Bone     4:22
07. Valentine     4:18
08. Arithmetic     2:56
09. Call My Name     6:00
10. H1mn     2:45
11. Nobody Could     3:11
12. Love A While     3:40
13. Sunday Best     6:08
℗ 2017 Hattie Webb
»•  Photography by William Brickel
»•  Photographer’s assistant: Raphael Barratt
»•  Creative direction & design: Hattie Webb
»•  Assistant: Christoph Datler
»•  Recorded at: The Bunker, Assault & Battery and Murder Mile Studios
»•  Written by Hattie Webb, Charley Webb & Sam Semple
»•  Produced by Hattie Webb
»•  Engineered by Lester Salmins, Marcel Van Limbeek & Gianluca Capacchione
»•  Mixed by Marcel van Limbeek, Hattie Webb & Gianluca Capacchione
»•  Mastered by Marcel van Limbeek & Neil Pickles
»•  Hattie Webb — harp & vocals
»•  Sam Semple — acoustic guitar
»•  Melvin Duffy — pedal steel
»•  Lester Salmins — bass
»•  Freddy Sheed — drums
Newton’s Law
»•  Lyrics written by Hattie Webb
»•  Music written by Hattie Webb and Lester Salmins
»•  Produced by Hattie Webb & Lester Salmins
»•  Engineered by Lester Salmins, Marcel Van Limbeek & Gianluca Capacchione
»•  Mixed by Marcel van Limbeek & Hattie Webb
»•  Mastered by Marcel van Limbeek
»•  Hattie Webb — harps & vocals
»•  Lester Salmins — loops, electric guitar & bass
»•  Matt Chamberlain — live drums
Intimate Conversation
»•  Lyrics written by Hattie Webb & Nina Baker
»•  Music written by Hattie Webb
»•  Produced by Hattie Webb
»•  Engineered by Marcel Van Limbeek, Gianluca Capacchione, Neil Pickles & Justin Fraser
»•  Mixed and mastered by Marcel van Limbeek
»•  Hattie Webb — harp & vocals
»•  Nikolaj Torp Larsen — piano & mellotron strings
»•  Tom Herbert — bass
»•  Brad Webb — drums
As Long As We’re Dancing
»•  Written by Hattie Webb & Teitur Lassen
»•  Produced by Hattie Webb
»•  String arrangement by Nico Muhly
»•  Engineered by Teitur Lassen, Nikolaj Torp Larsen, Marcel Van Limbeek, Gianluca Capacchione & Justin Fraser
»•  Mixed and mastered by Marcel van Limbeek
»•  Hattie Webb — harp & vocals
»•  Teitur Lassen — piano & vocals
»•  Nikolaj Torp Larsen — keyboards & moog
»•  Brad Webb — percussion
»•  Ed Bale — violin
»•  Antonia Kesel — violin
»•  Chris Pitsillides — viola
»•  Rosie Banks — cello
Rhythm of the Night
»•  Written by Francesco Bontempi, Annerley Gordon, Giorgio Spagna, Peter Glenister, Mike Gaffey
»•  Produced by Archbirds
»•  Mixed by Archbirds
»•  Mastered by Marcel van Limbeek & Neil Pickles
»•  Hattie Webb — vocals and harp
»•  Chris Hill — keyboards, bass, guitars, violin
»•  Brad Webb — drums
»•  Susannah Hill  — cello
Hi Dear friends,
•   I am excited to share with you some of my new songs and what I’ve been up to. I have been writing this record for a year and have begun the recording process. This is an invitation to get on the Bone~train early on and be with me for this journey of making my first solo album. I can’t wait to share it with you!
•   I met sound~engineer~extraordinaire Marcel van Limbeek two months ago and am very chuffed to be working with him on my record. We have a dream to get in the studio with musicians and play live to capture it all fully. Here’s where you come in. By pre-ordering my album, or any other juicy bits you fancy, it enables us to pay musicians, studio time, cover the mixing & mastering costs and bring this record to life.
•   We are aiming to hit our target by 31st December. If we crazily reach our goal then all the more exciting because we will have a budget to get this show on the road, travel to see you and play live for you in 2016!
•   It is a changing music industry today and we as artists find ourselves open to new paths for our music to travel from our hearts+minds out to the people who count. These new songs have led me to go deeply within and it feels a little like teetering and dangling on cliffs by putting them out there. But I hope and believe great things can come from being brave.
•   This amazing Pledge format enables me to embrace the changes, becoming adaptive and being closer to you. To quote the gifted Rachael Yamagata, who has run great campaigns on Pledge, this is “my new fav way of returning the artist and fan direct to the driver’s seat — that means YOU and ME.”
•   So here’s how you can be part of this:
•   Make a pledge.
•   You can pre~order the digital album and you will receive it in advance of release downloaded straight to your iPhone, computer and Flintstone brick. You are now part of the team and have access to all the behind~the~scenes shenanigans. If you see anything else that takes your fancy in the shop below, go for it.
•   Link and authorize your Facebook and Twitter.
•   You become the voice of this project. Reach out to your lovely friends, family and next door neighbours. (Unless you’d rather leave the neighbours out of it.)
•   Juicyness.
•   Over the course of making this album you get more and more succulent stuff via your ‘all access pass’.
•   Reaching the moon.
•   If we make our goal, 5% of any further pledges will go to the Born Free Foundation. It is a charity very close to my heart, supporting the freedom and safety of wild animals. Inspiring and majestic and our great teachers.
•   Ding dong the postman is here.
•   Once we make our target, we are going to work our socks off and pump our heart muscles to complete the record by the end of February! Then artwork and printing takes place and we will get these deliveries in your boxes asap.
•   My heartfelt thanks for your support. Hope to see you soon down the road! Hattie xx
»•  Hattie is a singer~songwriter~harpist releasing her solo album ‘To The Bone’ today, on 3rd June 2017.
»•  Leonard Cohen called it “Flawless, uplifting and utterly original”.
»•  Currently touring and performing with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on their 40th anniversary tour, Hattie has previously collaborated with Sting, Gotye, Glen Hansard, Steve Martin, Edie Brickel, Rick Rubin, The Avett Brothers & Natalie Maines and is featured on five of Leonard Cohen’s albums.
»•  In their band ‘The Webb Sisters’, Hattie and her sister Charley have released three albums, receiving ‘Single and Record of the Week’ on iTunes and BBC Radio Two.  Their song ‘Baroque Thoughts’ won The International Music Award for ‘Best Adult Contemporary Song’ and was produced by multiple Grammy Award winner Peter Asher.
»•  The Webb Sisters were chosen by Leonard Cohen to join his band on his international tour, performing over 400 concerts around the world to 4 million people. 
»•  Hattie has played for HRH Queen Elizabeth II and The Spanish Royal Family at The Prince of Asturias Awards.
»•  In celebration of the ‘To The Bone’ release, a live music event was held at St James's London on Friday 19th May 2017 with sound engineer Marcel van Limbeek (Tori Amos).
Website: http://www.hattiewebbmusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hattiewebbmusic/
Twenty Questions with Hattie Webb. Posed by John Etherington.
»•  http://www.leonardcohenforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=36412

Hattie Webb — To The Bone (3rd June 2017)



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