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Heidi Vogel — Turn Up the Quiet (2013)

 Heidi Vogel — Turn Up the Quiet (March 5, 2013)  GBR Flag       Heidi Vogel — Turn Up the Quiet
Location: London, England, UK
Album release: March 5, 2013
Record Label: Far Out Recordings (FARO 171CD)
Duration:     73:03
01. Medo de Amar     4:42
02. Copacabana     3:19
03. Modinha (Antonio Carlos Jobim)     2:26
04. Black Narcissus (Joe Henderson)     3:24
05. Inútil Paisagem (Antonio Carlos Jobim)     4:43
06. Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn)     3:41
07. Love Dance (feat. Austin Peralta) (Gilson Peranzzetta)     5:36
08. Bonita (Antonio Carlos Jobim)     7:01
09. The Frog (João Donato)     3:25
10. Juazeiro (Luiz Gonzaga)     4:44
11. Dindi (feat. Austin Peralta) (Antonio Carlos Jobim)     4:13
12. Black Narcissus (Emanative Remix)
13. Turn Up the Quiet (IG Culture Remix) (Joe Henderson)     3:54
14. Black Narcissus (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)     6:44
15. Bonita (Jay King Remix)
16. Juazeiro (iZem Remix)
℗ 2013 Far Out Recordings
♣  Marcelo Andrade  Flute
♣  The Cinematic Orchestra  Remixing
♣  IG Culture  Remixing
♣  Ben Davis  Cello
♣  Joe Davis  Project Coordinator, Research Coordination
♣  Demus  Engineer, Mixing
♣  João Donato  Composer
♣  Emanative  Remixing
♣  Josue Ferreira  Guitar
♣  Paul Flack  Sleeve Design
♣  Luiz Gonzaga  Composer
♣  Joe Henderson  Composer
♣  Antonio Carlos Jobim  Composer
♣  Wellington Lima  Percussion
♣  Gil Lopes  Bass
♣  Ivo Neame  Piano
♣  Giacomo Patella  Project Coordinator, Research Coordination
♣  Gosia Pawelczyk  Illustrations
♣  Austin Peralta  Featured Artist, Piano
♣  Gilson Peranzzetta  Composer
♣  Billy Strayhorn  Composer
♣  Heidi Vogel  Percussion, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
♣  Cleveland Watkiss  Vocals
by Nick MacWilliam 28 April, 2013;  Score: ****
♣  Slowing emerging from the misty opening chords of ‘Medo de Amar’, the first track on Heidi Vogel’s debut solo album Turn Up The Quiet, comes the awareness of a presence, the merest breath of a female vocal. The singer’s remarkable voice is a gentle ripple on an empty lake, barely breaking through the surface yet at the same time penetrating to its furthest edges, and it brings with it the realisation that this is going to be something special.
♣  Turn Up The Quiet sees Londoner Vogel, best known as the lead singer in The Cinematic Orchestra, reinterpreting a selection of Brazilian folk, jazz and soul tunes in a record of mesmeric guile that is, by turn, exquisitely delicate, achingly mournful and stirringly passionate. It is an album in which less is definitely more, with several songs laid bare over the refined elegance of Josue Ferreira’s guitar playing, and stretched out chords that create chasms in which Vogel’s husky refrains echo, shimmer and soar.
♣  Vogel is completely at home singing in either English or Portuguese, and song titles such as ‘Copacabana’ and ‘Chelsea Bridge’ emphasise her two main geographical influences. Her resonant love for Brazilian music is interwoven with the eclectic verve of her home city and Vogel’s divine talent bridges these cultures. Her voice is a flickering murmur that ascends in fervour, and Turn Up The Quiet draws you indelibly into its smoky, enthralling cocoon.

♣  There are songs here which utterly enshroud the listener in their beguiling composition, such as in the haunting melancholy of ‘Black Narcissus’ or the mellow seductiveness of ‘Inútil Paisagem’. It’s hard not to slip away into the void as the album sways its way through the likes of ‘Love Dance’ and ‘Bonita’, songs of deep, mellifluous romance whose alluring clarity nevertheless brim with eroticism. Things spark up with the delicious ‘The Frog’, built on a classic bossa nova-laced melody and the dynamism of Vogel’s vocal range.
♣  In spite of ‘The Frog’s’ relative vigour, by the time you reach ‘Dindi’, the eleventh song on the album, you’re probably long lost in a black hole of idealistic serenity brought about by Turn Up The Quiet’s graceful remoteness and mellow temperament. So it comes as something of a jolt when out of the vortex cranks something different altogether. A blast of electricity, sounding so unusual in texture, leaps out like a red flash in the darkness, and Turn Up The Quiet turns up the quiet, swinging on its axis and embarking on a quite unexpected finale.
♣  The dactylic essence that suffuses the album’s hitherto captivating aura is set aside for a finale that sees three remixes which enter the realms of electronic beats and trip hop. The first of two ‘Black Narcissus’ variations, remixed by IG Culture, samples Vogel to deliver a vocal melody that is sliced and dissected over a falling string hook. The second, rejigged by Vogel’s Cinematic Orchestra comrades, brims with the trademark nu-jazz beats of the group and, more reminiscent of the original version, is the more appealing of the two. By the time the eponymous ‘Turn Up The Quiet’ arrives, we’re almost getting into tribal house territory, so dramatic is the shift from the majority of what’s come before.
♣  It is a brave move to tag these electro experiments onto the album’s tail end, as the switch is potentially alienating to the listener and doesn’t always engage musically. But it emphasises the singer’s exploratory nature and ensures that, while Vogel operates in a different league, Turn Up The Quiet will never be appropriated by the Norah Jones coffee table crowd, always greedy for soft-mood concept records to absorb into its vacant appetite. The surprise that concludes Turn Up The Quiet doesn’t always work in the aesthetic context but, with its inventiveness and courage, it warrants inclusion.
Vogel’s brilliant vocal diversity, so vivid in two languages, marks her out as a rarity amongst British musicians and her solo debut dazzles in its meticulous delivery and slow-burning yet resoundingly bright fuse. This is by and large an excellent album which pays tribute to both the retro Brazil sound and the UK underground scene, dipping into its own, self-created identity to take the listener somewhere that is both far away and reassuringly close.
Fortaken: http://www.soundsandcolours.com/
♣  Heidi Vogel debuts her solo album 'Turn up the Quiet' following on from her many successes with the critically acclaimed Cinematic Orchestra (Ninja Tune). A deeply moving collection of classic 60s/70s Brazilian songs, interpreted and presented in a unique, intimate fashion and with a timeless sound. Heidi has a voice that comes from the deepest places of the heart. Her honest interpretation of songs, and powerful stage presence make her an utterly beguiling performer and this is the blend that emerges from her debut solo album 'Turn up the Quiet' where she elegantly interprets songs of great composers such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes and Joe Henderson. ♣  Recorded and mixed by Demus at Fish Factory & Mancrush Studios, this album showcases the singer's undeniable connection and resounding passion for Brazilian music. Her capacity to unfurl long-lined melodies unveils her intimate yet direct presence that goes beyond genre or style. Heidi is accompanied throughout the album by the very talented guitarist Josue Ferreira as well as guests musicians including vocalist Cleveland Watkiss, pianist Austin Peralta and Ivo Neame. The album is enhanced further by remixes from The Cinematic Orchestra, IG Culture and Emanative.
♣  'A sublime slice of heartfelt beautiful Brazilian music. Subtle and clearly created with love for those magical mellow moments. One of the first new albums I've heard in a while by a vocalist where I really get into the voice as an instrument from the first note..'  —  Mark De Clive Lowe
♣  'From her towering opening performance, Heidi Vogel says everything in the right key.... Vogel's voice is an extraordinarily rich and complex instrument, one that you can easily fall in love with...'  — Jazzwise Magazine
♣  'Heidi Vogel's extraordinarily rich and complex vocal timbre proved capable of completely seducing the senses...'  — The Arts Desk
♣  'She s got an extraordinary voice. Its not easy to sing a song with such slow tempo and keep the interest suspended like that, shes got an incredible range to her voice and such a texture to it as well. Youll really enjoy the album, out on the 4th of March. Keep an eye out for Heidi Vogel'
Heidi Leonore Vogel (Levo) ft. Austin Peralta 'Love dance'  — Jamie Cullum (BBC Radio 2)
♣    'Heidi Vogel's extraordinarily rich and complex vocal timbre proved capable of completely seducing the senses...'  — The Arts Desk
CD Review by Jeanie Barton
♣   Little was written during the time of the release of Heidi Vogel’s first full-length solo release Turn Up The Quiet almost a year ago — I thought I would redress the balance.
It is a stunning collection of stripped back, mostly Brazilian songs from the 60s and 70s. Vogel’s deep, rich yet deliberately fragile vocals float over Josue Ferreira’s subtle guitar accompaniment like a wandering albatross navigating the thermals atop a vast sparkling ocean.
♣   Almost all numbers are slow bossas wherein there is an indulgently authentic amount of space between the players. The overall effect is expressly intimate; these recordings completely capture the intensity of her live performances.
♣   I particularly enjoyed Inutil Paisagem (If You Never Come to Me) by Antonio Carlos Jobim uniting both the Portuguese and English lyrics, also Heidi’s sensitive wordless vocalise to Billy Strayhorn’s Chelsea Bridge, which shows off her effortless pitch within, as well as outside, the complex harmonies.
♣   The only upbeat number to incorporate subtle percussion is The Frog; a neat little samba that demands complete synchronicity from guitar and voice. Juazeiro further showcases Heidi’s vocal acrobatics switching between her strong penetrating chest voice and ethereal, smoky head register to dramatic affect.
♣   Dindi closes the acoustic album with Vogel’s large vibrato and range luxuriating against Austin Peralta’s nostalgic, romantic piano. Other guests include Ben Davis (cello), Cleveland Watkiss (vocals) and Ivo Neame (piano). The album was recorded and mixed by Demus at Fish Factory & Mancrush Studios.
♣   There are three remixed bonus tracks by The Cinematic Orchestra, Emanative and IG Culture. (http://www.londonjazznews.com/)
Website: http://www.heidivogel.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/heidilevo

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