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Hippie Priest — Gaia Variants (June 24, 2016)

Hippie Priest — Gaia Variants (June 24, 2016)

          Hippie Priest — Gaia Variants (June 24, 2016)Hippie Priest — Gaia Variants (June 24, 2016)•   A Chicago–based record label lifting up homegrown American talents. Parent label of Tasteful Nudes and Stolen Kisses sub–labels.
•   Jak se říká „Holku můžeš z Chicaga dostat, ale Chicago z její hlavy nikdy nedostaneš.” The debut of 21–yr–old Illinoisan Will Justice is a 50 min long psychedelic journey that pairs cosmic textures & moods w/ warm dancefloor sensibility. “Gaia Variants is about finding the right sounds to suit a mood and expanding on that.”Location: Chicago, Illinois
Album release: June 24, 2016
Record Label: Argot US
Genre: Experimental/Electronic
Duration:     46:39
01. Einn      3:50
02. Cat’s Sand Tomb      2:24
03. Field Hats (Reflection Mix)      5:03
04. Interdimensional Traveler      4:44
05. Into The Gangway      7:03
06. The Science      3:40
07. Mnoma      6:05
08. Vibe Uuu      2:48
09. He’s Drifting      6:13
10. Windowed Ceiling      4:48
•   Since its inception in 2012, Argot’s mission statement has remained the same: to promote, showcase, and support American electronic music. Four years and numerous 12” singles later, Argot proudly presents Hippie Priest’s “Gaia Variants”, the first full–length album released on the label. The debut work of 21–year–old Illinoisan Will Justice, “Gaia Variants” is a 50 minute long psychedelic journey that pairs cosmic textures and moods with a warm dancefloor sensibility.
•   Although Gaia Variants is Justice’s first release, it possesses a maturity and a coherent vision that belies the youth of its author. In writing the album, Justice explains: “I liked the idea of writing music about a feeling — or a moment, for everything,” he says. “Gaia Variants is about finding the right sounds to suit a mood and expanding on that.” Each track is a world unto itself: “There’s a lot of contemplation throughout the album,” says Justice, “Focusing on a theme or an idea and letting it expand.”
•   From its first minute, the album plays with mood and motif. “Einn” is sunny and lively. “Field Hats (Reflection Mix)” is grand, a contemporary vision of Tangerine Dream built from arpeggiated synthesizers. The light–hearted “Interdimensional Traveler” tweaks expectations, highlighting the album’s playful sense of humor. “Into The Gangway,” which closes the album's first side, is its most arresting work, written in a pentatonic scale with a driving deep house beat — like Philip Glass meets Mr. Fingers. The second side features some contemporary R&B flavor, most notably on “Vibe Uuu,” featuring a warped, rubberized vocal sample. It ends with “He’s Drifting” and “Windowed Ceiling,” two spectral, emotional works that become one.
Bandcamp: https://argot–music.bandcamp.com/album/gaia–variants•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Hippie Priest — Gaia Variants (June 24, 2016)



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