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Ian McCulloch ↔ Holy Ghosts (2013)

 Ian McCulloch ↔ Holy Ghosts (2013)

Ian McCulloch ↔ Holy Ghosts
Born: May 5, 1959 in Liverpool, England
Location: Liverpool, England, U.K.
Album release: April 15, 2013
Record Label: Edsel
Duration:     59:40 + 40:50 => 100:30
CD1: "Orchestral Reworkings from Union Chapel" (live)
01. Bring On The Dancing Horses    (4:03)
02. Rescue    (4:11)
03. The Idolness Of Gods    (4:13)
04. Bedbugs And Ballyhoo    (2:24)
05. Pro Patria Mori    (3:55)
06. Angels And Devils    (2:36)
07. Nothings Lasts Forever    (5:20)
08. Arthur    (3:49)
09. Candleland    (3:32)
10. The Killing Moon    (4:44)
11. All My Colours (Zimbo)    (3:32)
12. Watch Me Land    (4:00)
13. The Fountain    (4:07)
14. Somewhere In My Dreams    (3:18)
15. Lips Like Sugar    (5:57)
CD2: "Pro Patria Mori"
01. Different Trees    (3:44)
02. Empty As A House    (3:52)
03. Lift Me Up    (4:12)
04. Pro Patria Mori    (4:41)
05. Raindrop On The Sun    (3:06)
06. Fiery Flame    (3:21)
07. The Party's Over    (5:09)
08. Watch Me Land    (3:40)
09. Me & David Bowie    (5:24)
10. Somewhere In My Dreams    (3:41)
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ianmcculloch
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IanMcCullochofficial
General director: David Bianchi @ Various Artists Management
Agent: Steve Strange at XRAY Touring, , , DJ agent
Press contact: Heather Findlay at Sainted PR
¦  Déjà très fier de son dernier album solo "Pro Patria Mori", le leader des Echo & The Bunnymen en rajoute une louche en proposant pas moins qu'un double album présentant en CD1 un enregistrement live symphonique... et en CD2, son dernier opus solo, dès fois qu'on ne l'aurait pas déjà écouté...
¦  Hello Pledgemates. I'm excited to be working with PledgeMusic on my new album. I can't wait to share it with you. Mac X
¦  This project is now released. Be sure to follow Ian McCulloch to be the first to know next time a project is launched!
¦  Hello Pledgemates
¦  It’s Ian McCulloch here, letting you know about the new solo album project i’m currently working on. I’m in the studio and I feel it’s the same magic in the air as I felt when recording “The Killing Moon” and “Nothing Lasts Forever”, amongst others.
¦  The album will be available through PledgeMusic, who release records (and records,as in my lyrical and melodic records-records, are what they are) in a totally different, exciting, and personal way to anything that i’ve ever experienced before.
¦  I’ll let PledgeMusic tell you the details of the various and infinitely superior services they provide compared to others.
¦  Suffice to say, I’m thrilled about it all again. I just want to say that I can’t wait for the people – you people – to hear these songs and share your feelings about (or Heavens to Murgatroyed, your lack of), and thoughts on them. Because you already know what I think…. “Different Trees”, “Pro Patria Mori” and “Raindrops On The Sun” are the equi-greatest Holy Trinity of songs ever written.
¦  Sincere thanks and love for your love and belief.
¦  Ian McCulloch XXX
Biography by Andy Kellman
¦  The big-mouthed/well-coifed frontman of Liverpool's Echo & the Bunnymen, Ian McCulloch got his start with Pete Wylie and Julian Cope as the Crucial Three. This band lasted just over a month; Wylie and Cope bounced around in a couple of bands, with Wylie eventually starting Wah! and Cope forming the Teardrop Explodes. McCulloch formed Echo & the Bunnymen with Will Sergeant in 1978, who went on to become one of England's most successful and important pop bands throughout the '80s. McCulloch left the band in late 1988 to pursue a solo career. 1989's atmospheric Candleland stood up to his band's best work and was quite successful in the U.K., reaching the Top 20. 1992's Mysterio wasn't as strong, failing to do as well on the charts. During the tail-end of the '80s and the early '90s, McCulloch shut himself out from the rest of the world, staying in his Liverpool house and helping raise his two daughters. The combination of a frenzied lifestyle and the death of his father were enough to make him take a few steps back and virtually disappear from the public eye for several years. Around 1994, McCulloch patched up his friendship with Sergeant. Under the name Electrafixion, the duo added a rhythm section and released 1995's Burned, which scored the band a couple of minor hits on alternative radio in the U.S. Echo bassist Les Pattinson entered the picture, and the trio decided to record again as Echo & the Bunnymen. 1997's Evergreen, 1999's What Are You Going to Do with Your Life, and 2001's Flowers were each received positively in the press, if not quite living up to the high standard of the group's original incarnation. 2001 proved to be a busy year for McCulloch, who toured with the Bunnymen and inked a solo deal with U.K. indie Jeepster. Rhino also issued a four-CD box set of Echo & the Bunnymen material, entitled Crystal Days. Nearly 11 years after his last solo effort, McCulloch returned with Slideling in spring 2003. The album was released on Echo & the Bunnymen's stateside label spinART and featured collaborations with Coldplay's Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland, and actor John Simm (24 Hour Party People). In 2013, McCulloch delivered the fan-funded studio album, Pro Patria Mori, and the concert album, Live at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Both albums were also released as a double-package titled, Holy Ghosts.
Also: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/ian-mcculloch

Ian McCulloch ↔ Holy Ghosts (2013)




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