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Ian McCulloch Pro Patria Mori (2012)

 Ian McCulloch - Pro Patria Mori (2012)

Ian McCulloch — Pro Patria Mori
Birth name: Ian Stephen McCulloch
Born:  5 May 1959
Location: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Album release: May 17, 2012
Record Label: self-released
Duration:     40:49
01. Different Trees     3:44
02. Empty As A House     3:52
03. Lift Me Up     4:12
04. Pro Patria Mori     4:41
05. Raindrop On The Sun     3:06
06. Fiery Flame     3:21
07. The Party’s Over     5:09
08. Watch Me Land     3:40
09. Me And David Bowie     5:23
10. Somewhere In My Dreams     3:41
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ianmcculloch?ref=atw
Web: http://www.bunnymen.com
Facebook EatB: http://www.facebook.com/thebunnymen
Candleland (1989)
Mysterio (1992)
Slideling (2003)
Pro Patria Mori (2012)
Liverpool Cathedral Live (2012)
Billboard Albums:
Year-Album-Chart Peak
1992 Mysterio  Heatseekers    #39
1989 Candleland  The Billboard 200    #179

Billboard Singles:
Year-Single-Chart Peak
• 1992 Honey Drip  Modern Rock Tracks    #6
1992 Lover Lover Lover  Modern Rock Tracks    #9
1991 Hey That s No Way To Say Goodbye  Modern Rock Tracks    #13
1990 Faith And Healing  Modern Rock Tracks    #10
1989 Proud To Fall  Modern Rock Tracks    #1

Echo & the Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch is planning to release his new solo album, Pro Patria Mori, this March. It's his first new album of original material since 2003's Slideling. He's releasing the album via PledgeMusic, where he's also currently funding it. As of this post, he is 74% of the way to reaching his target and there are 60 days left. You can help Ian out by pledging now (http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/ianmcculloch#project).
Of the new album, Ian says:
"I'm in the studio and I feel it's the same magic in the air as I felt when recording "The Killing Moon" and "Nothing Lasts Forever", amongst others.
Suffice to say, I'm thrilled about it all again. I just want to say that I can't wait for the people - you people - to hear these songs and share your feelings about (or Heavens to Murgatroyed, your lack of), and thoughts on them. Because you already know what I think.... "Different Trees", "Pro Patria Mori" and "Raindrops On The Sun" are the equi-greatest Holy Trinity of songs ever written.
Sincere thanks and love for your love and belief."
Ian McCulloch XXX
McCulloch was a singer-songwriter with the Crucial Three, one of many local bands that sprung up amongst the regulars who patronised a Liverpool club called Eric's in the late seventies. The other two members were Julian Cope, and Pete Wylie who went on to form Wah! The band existed between May and June 1977, and never got beyond rehearsals. In July 1978, along with future members of The Teardrop Explodes — Cope, Mick Finkler, and Paul Simpson — and drummer Dave Pickett, McCulloch formed A Shallow Madness; Again the band didn't perform or record, but an acoustic version of the band, under the name 'Uh', played live twice. The band split up in September 1978.
In October 1978 McCulloch founded Echo & the Bunnymen with Will Sergeant (guitar), Les Pattinson (bass), and a drum machine (allegedly named Echo), making their live debut at Eric's in November that year. In October 1979 the Bunnymen exchanged the drum machine for Pete de Freitas on drums. With their line up solidified, the Bunnymen enjoyed critical acclaim in the late seventies and early eighties culminating with the release of Ocean Rain in 1984. In 1988, McCulloch left to pursue a solo career under the impression the Bunnymen would be laid to rest, if only temporarily. When the remaining Bunnymen continued using the name with new singer Noel Burke, the split became permanent with McCulloch referring to the band as "Echo & the Bogusmen".

 © Photos (2) by Andrew Catlin

 © Photo credit (2x): Anton Corbijn

Ian McCulloch, Echo & the Bunnymen in by Royston Stone Naylor © From Royston Stone Naylor´s Album - Glasto 2009 © Ian McCulloch at Shibuya,Tokyo / Author: Masao Nagasaki

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Ian McCulloch ♣ Pro Patria Mori (2012)




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