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James Taylor Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon 1971 (2012)

James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon 1971 (2012)

James Taylor Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon 
Born: March 12, 1948 in Belmont, MA / Location: USA
Album release: 1971 / 2012
Record Label: Audio Fidelity (AFZ 128)
Duration:    37:27
01. Love Has Brought Me Around     2:44 
02. You've Got A Friend     4:29 
03. Places In My Past     2:02 
04. Riding On A Railroad     2:43 
05. Soldiers     1:15 
06. Mud Slide Slim     5:24 
07. Hey Mister Thats Me Up On The Jukebox     3:48 
08. You Can Close Your Eyes     2:21 
09. Machine Gun Kelly     2:47 
10. Long Ago And Far Away     2:29 
11. Let Me Ride     2:44 
12. Highway Song     3:53 
13. Isn't It Nice To Be Home Again     0:57

Released: April 1971
Recorded: January 3 - February 28, 1971
Genre: Rock
Length: 37:07
Label: Warner Bros.
Producer: Peter Asher
All songs by James Taylor unless otherwise noted.
2. "You've Got a Friend" (Carole King) – 4:29
9. "Machine Gun Kelly" (Danny Kortchmar) – 2:47
James Taylor - guitar, piano, vocals
Peter Asher - tambourine, backing vocals
Richard Greene - fiddle
Gail Haness - backing vocals
John Hartford - banjo
Wayne Jackson - trumpet
Doug Bartenfeld - Guitar
Kevin Kelly - piano, accordion
Carole King - piano, backing vocals
Danny Kortchmar - guitar, conga
Russ Kunkel - drums, percussion
Andrew Love - tenor saxophone
Leland Sklar - bass
Joni Mitchell - backing vocals
Kate Taylor - backing vocals

 © photo credit: James O'Mara
James Taylor's third album. Released in April 1971 as the follow-up of his commercial breakthrough and critical triumph, Sweet Baby James, it almost equaled the acclaim and surpassed the success of its predecessor at the time of its release. It contained Taylor's biggest hit single in the US, a version of the Carole King standard "You've Got a Friend", which became his only #1 on the Billboard charts on July 31, 1971. The week before, the album itself reached its peak position of #2 in the Billboard album charts (the highest position achieved by Taylor in this list during his career). It was held off the top spot by King, then ruling the charts with the blockbuster Tapestry album, which contained her version of "You've Got a Friend".
Months later, the album managed to generate another Top 40 hit, "Long Ago and Far Away", which reached #31 on the Billboard Hot 100. Other songs became standards in concert, particularly "You Can Close Your Eyes".
In 1972, "You've Got a Friend" received Grammy Awards both for Taylor (Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male) and King (Song of the Year). © Photo credit: Dan Borris
Review  by William Ruhlmann
James Taylor's commercial breakthrough in 1970 was predicated on the relationship between the private concerns expressed in his songs and the larger philosophical mood of his audience. He was going through depression, heartbreak, and addiction; they were recovering from the political and cultural storms of the '60s. On his follow-up to the landmark Sweet Baby James, Taylor brought his listeners up to date, wisely trying to step beyond the cultural, if not the personal, markers he had established. Despite affirming romance in songs like "Love Has Brought Me Around" and the moving "You Can Close Your Eyes" as well as companionship in "You've Got a Friend," the record still came as a defense against the world, not an embrace of it; Taylor was unable to forget the past or trust the present. The songs were full of references to the road and the highway, and he was uncomfortable with his new role as spokesman. The confessional songwriter was now, necessarily, writing about what it was like to be a confessional songwriter: Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon served the valuable function of beginning to move James Taylor away from the genre he had defined, which ultimately would give him a more long-lasting appeal.
Peter Asher  Audio Prod., Guest Artist, Main Personnel, Prod., Tambourine, Vocals (Back)
Richard Greene  Fiddle, Main Personnel
Gail Haness  Vocals (Background)
Gale Harness  Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
John Hartford  Banjo, Guest Artist, Main Personnel
Wayne Jackson  Horn, Main Personnel, Trumpet
Kevin Kelly  Accordion, Main Personnel, Piano
Carole King  Composer, Guest Artist, Main Personnel, Piano, Vocals (Background)
Danny Kortchmar  Composer, Congas, Guitar, Guitar (Ac.), Guitar (El.), Main Pers.
Russ Kunkel  Bells, Congas, Cymbals, Drums, Main Pers., Tambourine, Unkn. Contrib. Role
Andrew Love  Horn, Main Personnel, Saxophone
The Memphis Horns  Guest Artist, Horn
Joni Mitchell  Guest Artist, Main Personnel, Vocals (Background)
Richard Orshoff  Audio Engineer
Richard Sanford Orshoff  Engineer
Leland Sklar  Bass, Bass Instrument, Main Personnel
James Taylor  Composer, Guitar (Ac.), Guitar (El.), Main Pers., Piano, Vocals, Voc. (Back)
Kate Taylor  Main Personnel, Vocals (Background) © Photo credit: Dan Borris © Sante D´Orazio © Andrew Brucker © Edie Baskin © Stephanie Hollyman

James Taylor Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon 1971 (2012)






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