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Jane Weaver
The Amber Light

Jane Weaver — The Amber Light (March 30, 2015)

             Jane Weaver — The Amber Light Jane Weaver — The Amber Light (March 30, 2015)♠   A multifaceted English singer/songwriter, guitarist, collaborator, and record label head with ties to Brit–pop and indie folk.
Location: Liverpool ~~ Manchester ~~ Cheshire, England
Album release: March 2015
Record Label: Bird Records
Duration:     47:58
01 La Pomme D’Argent     3:46
02 I Need a Connection     7:47
03 You are Dissolved     5:30
04 The Amber Light     5:17
05 Argent (Tom Furse Extrapolation)     5:58
06 Cascade in Dark     2:36
07 Electric Mountain (Andy Votel Analogue Mountain Instro)     4:26
08 Parade of Blood Red Sorrows     4:09
09 Your Time in This Life is Just Temporary (PJ Philipson Version)     4:50
10 Neotantrik Globes (Except)     3:39
♠   When a handful of broadsheet music columns and reputable blog pages began to mention the vaguely familiar name Jane Weaver in the “Here’s One We Missed” themed features during 2014s end of year round–ups it became quickly apparent that the singer’s concept album The Silver Globe had already independently garnered a “must have” status amongst virtually any self–respecting music buyers. But unlike so many other big label “campaigns” that vied for PR attention via ego–fuelled video promos and down your throat advertising, this unassuming, dedicated, focused piece of experimental female vocal pop was in no way spoon fed to editors nor playlisters.  ♠   Nor did it fall within the lines of what might have been considered fashionable or culturally relevant. The Silver Globe defied species, and for once, was judged on its own merit as a brilliant uncompromising pop record. The sixth album by a long–standing pillar of the North West music scene (loosely based on a lost Polish dystopian feature film and a French novella featuring a personnel of vintage Atari music composers next to Australian synth pioneers) was a simply typical product of the way Jane Weaver has always operated — as an independent and resilient female experimental songwriter, on her own label, on the outskirts of anything that resembles a music industry. Throughout her twenty–year “career” she has stayed focused, avoided whimsical fads and distractions and used her experience to work as hard as she can when she can.  By Christmas The Silver Globe had been announced as Piccadilly Records’ best album of the year, earned a “worldwide” top ten track of the year accolade by Gilles Peterson, gleaned across the board full–stars and thumbs up from the music press, benefitted unanimous repeat plays from virtually every specialist DJ on BBC 6 Music (amongst many more global radio stations), found DJ mix support from Andrew Weatherall, and filled most of the pages in a twelve month diary with gig and festival requests. Meanwhile, Jane’s own Bird Imprint (via Finders Keepers) has to worked around the clock to keep up with stock demands of her new (and old) music. ♠   Album collaborators such as David Holmes, Andy Votel and BC Camplight share gushing pride in the project and with this unanimous critical support (and long earned respect) Jane has reacted in the only way she knows best — to keep creating.
♠   In March, barely six months since its initial release, following tours with friend and sonic sister figure Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) and one time backing band Black Rivers (two thirds of Doves), Jane will release an expanded edition of The Silver Globe — including a second full–length disc called The Amber Light which follows the original LP with the same dedication and adventurous zeal as its much loved synth driven sister record. With a title that alludes to the toils of trepidation and a running theme of industrial procreativity and DIY handy craft, The Amber Light carves a niche between new age motivational music, radiophonic folk and snarling krautrock echoing the kosmische stylings of The Silver Globe with the punk urgency of 80s domestic–synth pop. Featuring four brand new songs, three exclusive instrumental themes (including a commissioned theme from an American vampire film) and three new collaborative re–workings/duets based on tracks from The Silver Globe, this extensive package harbours work from Tom Furse (The Horrors), Andy Votel, Suzanne Ciani, members of Demdike Stare and original Silver Globe inhabitant Pete J. Phillipson. Substantiated by other extra format editions, including a silver vinyl version of The Silver Globe, a series of compact cassettes and a single release of standout robotic roller rink track Don’t Take My Soul (presented digitally as well as a split single with Bird Records label mate Tender Prey) Jane’s expanded Silver Globe/Amber Light project reciprocates the positive energy shared by her loyal readership and a wide host of new converts who have allowed Jane’s self–sufficient songs and synthetic soundscapes to flourish on he cusp of 2014/2015. Showing little signs of slowing down, Jane Weaver alongside her Bird Records family looks set for an airborne year. The Silver Globe is still turning and catching many a siege in its electric rays.
Label: http://www.finderskeepersrecords.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/janelweaver
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janeweavermusic
Review by James Christopher Monger
♠   Released just six months after the experimental songwriter's critically acclaimed fourth long–player, The Silver Globe, 2015's Amber Light is being paired with a deluxe expanded reissue of its predecessor, as well as being made available as a stand–alone release. The ten–track "mini album" features four new songs that invoke the best moments of Silver Globe's shimmering, psych–tinged Krautrock/synth pop, three collaborative remixes from the album, and a trio of evocative instrumental themes, one of which is a commissioned theme from an American vampire film. :: http://www.allmusic.com/

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