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Janne Westerlund — Marshland

Janne Westerlund — Marshland (January 30, 2015)

Finland                   Janne Westerlund — Marshland 
♣   Blues, Singer–Songwriter, Minimalist
Location: Hamina ~ Helsinki, Finland
Album release: JANUARY 30, 2015
Record Label: Ektro Records
Duration:     43:29
01. It Takes a Strong Jesus     4:15
02. Strangers Row     3:35
03. Treetops     3:26
04. Tar     2:15
05. Long Tall Grass     4:36
06. I’m Wrong     3:06
07. See Thru     5:19
08. Listening Rain     2:27
09. Marshland     8:47
10. Love Is the Point     5:43
By Scott aka. Dr. Space at 11:01 PM
♣   Janne Westerlund is the guitar player in Circle, Plain Ride and Pharaoh Overlord from Finland. This is his second solo album and like the first it is pretty much stripped bare with just Janne, his guitar, dulcimer or banjo and the occasional bits of percussion.  The CD features 10 tracks of emotional music. It takes a strong Jesus to carry me Home starts things off in a fairly dark mood. Stranger’s Row is a banjo song that is written for all those people who are down and out on the streets. Powerful melody and lyrics. Wow. Treetops is a strummed acoustic track with layered vocals, a simple drum beat to go with the flowing vocals. Tar is another banjo song for the hobo.. I have found these songs to be amazingly powerful tracks.  Long tall Grass is very passionately sung with very simple instrumentation. I’m Wrong is a more happy song. See Thru is a truly incredible song with great lyrics and deep, dark emotion in these few notes.. This track I have played over and over again. Wow.. Listening Rain returns us to the banjo. The title track, Marshland has the most complex instrumentation of any track with a cool effect added on the vocal to compliment the organ, guitar and simple percussion as well as horn. It is also the longest track at over 8 mins. Love is the Point ends this CD. Simple, emotional music that really speaks to me. I loved this record. Brilliant. The video below is a track from his first album but it will give you an idea of the flavor of this record as well. Posted by Scott aka. Dr. Space at 11:01 PM :: http://writingaboutmusic.blogspot.com
♣   On Marshland, his second solo album, Janne Westerlund uses mainly banjo and dulcimer to accompany his unpolished and distinctive delivery. In order to emphasize the difference to the bands he plays in — Circle, Plain Ride and Pharaoh Overlord — he keeps the arrangements of his solo songs starkly sparse, using additional elements such as percussion and drums only on a few tracks.
♣   These deceivingly simple songs build upon a tension of contemplative calmness set against defiant expressionism, with lyrics dealing with no lesser subjects than the inevitability of death and the oddness of life. Although obviously influenced by American folk and blues, he also draws inspiration from medieval music and Scandinavian melancholic tonality.
♣   From the abundance of sources he manages to induce timeless and original music, with a vision unmistakably of his own.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/westerlundjanne
Tumblr: http://jannewesterlund.tumblr.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jannewesterlund
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Westerlund.Janne
Label: http://www.ektrorecords.com/
♣   Janne Westerlund (born 1973) is a Finnish musician, songwriter and visual artist known from such Finnish groups as Circle (with the band since 2001), Pharaoh Overlord, and Plain Ride.
♣   Westerlund’s career started in the beginning of 1990s in a small Finnish city called Hamina when he founded Sweetheart, an experimental noise rock group, with his friends.
♣   All the studio and live recordings with his past and present bands included, Westerlund has played on approximately 50 albums. In the autumn of 2012 he released his debut solo album, “Oran”.
♣   In 2013 he started a collaboration with Jyrki Nissinen, a Finnish cartoonist and musician, composing a soundtrack album for his comics book, “Kehittymättömät ufot” (“The Undeveloped Flying Objects”).
Solo career:
♣   2012 Oran, CD
♣   2013 Kehittymättömät ufot, a soundtrack LP/CD for a comics book by Jyrki Nissinen
♣   2015 Marshland, LP/CD

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