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Jasper Sloan Yip Post Meridiem
Afterlife Music Ltd. / Membran October 27, 2017

Jasper Sloan Yip — Post Meridiem (Oct 27, 2017)

        Jasper Sloan Yip — Post Meridiem (Oct 27, 2017)Jasper Sloan Yip — Post Meridiem (Oct 27, 2017)Ξ→      Příjemnost staromódního outfitu v devíti aktech — Post Meridiem — spočívá v tom, že každá skladba se přelévá do další a povzbuzuje vás, abyste je přijali na podpatku. Posiluje myšlenku, že se jedná o ucelené album spíše, než jen o náhodné střípky jednotlivých písní, přičemž Jasper sám tvrdí: Post Meridiem je autoportrét. Nebo spíše série vinětů, které jsou společně myšlenkově svázané do celku. Vynikající produkce Johna Rahama, tento rozprášený prach nikdy nezakrývá intimitu písní a bohatou povahu hlasu, který dodává sbírce exkluzivitu. Post~Meridiem je v důsledku toho malý, ale zářivý kus hudebního pokladu. Možná si to jméno budete muset zapsat několikrát, ale Jasper Sloan Yip není marka, u které byste měli spěchat se zapomněním. Připomíná genialitu Duncana Sheika na jeho vrcholu a majestát alba Sea Change od Becka, je to čistý zvukový luxus. Připívá k němu vřelý zvuk Rhodes Piana, tepající klavír, jemné vibrace a extaticky pojaté bicí, ústící do blaženosti, s vyzařováním veselých linií kytarových brejků sedmdesátých let. Když nebudete spěchat, rozbalí se a možná zaslechnete i harmonium. Product Description: Jasper Sloan Yip is the award~winning songwriter at the helm of the eponymous Canadian folk~rock sextet. His 2010 debut, Every Day and All at Once, charted on college radio, appeared on network television, and landed Jasper showcases at festivals all over Canada. Three years later, Jasper released his ambitious follow up, Foxtrot. The earnest naïveté of Every Day and All at Once was gone, replaced with pensive introspection and expansive instrumentation. The album was an immediate success, garnering both critical praise and heavy radio play across Canada. And now, after successful tours in Canada and Europe, Jasper is set to release his third and most impressive LP to date, Post Meridiem. Lush, orchestral, and cinematic, Post Meridiem is a seamless narrative that is sonically grandiose while intensely intimate.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                 © 1000 x 1500 Photo credit: Nelson Mouellic Photo
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genre: Singer~Songwriter, Pop, Contemporary Acoustic
Album release: October 27, 2017
Record Label: Afterlife Music Ltd. / Membran.
Duration:     37:07
01. (…)     1:41
02. The Day Passed and the Sun Went Down     5:01
03. Strangers     4:15
04. Put Up Your Hair     3:52
05. In the Living Room     3:57
06. I Don’t Know Where I’ve Been     4:42
07. Tinfoil Hats     4:01
08. Mary, Never Mind     4:16
09. Who Are You?     5:22
℗ 2017 Afterlife Music Ltd.
by Rich Barnard
Ξ→      The first thing that strikes you is that name.  Jasper Sloan Yip.  Is the ‘Sloan’ included just to stop people confusing him with all the other Jasper Yips out there?  If you rearrange the letters you can make J~Lo, A Sniper Spy, so perhaps this album contains all sorts of other loosely~encrypted conspiracy theories…  Whatever the true story behind the unusual moniker, the thirty year~old singer songwriter has made quite the (metaphorical) name for himself in his native Canada, becoming a big hit on college radio after releasing his 2010 debut Every Day and All At Once.  2013’s follow~up Foxtrot spawned the Canadian top ten and award~winning hit ‘Show Your Teeth’ and now JSY (sorry, I just can’t keep typing it in full) has returned in 2017 with the more fully~formed and mature Post Meridiem, a record that should — if there is any justice — bring his talents some serious global attention.
Ξ→      Although it boasts only eight songs, everything about Post Meridiem is decidedly unhurried.  Opening with an aching orchestral instrumental, you might well wonder if you’ve put on a soundtrack album by mistake but you are nevertheless immediately forced to slow down and focus your ears.  So, when the tick~tock drums of the first song proper finally arrive you’re already in the zone.  And me oh my, it’s such a beautiful place to be.  ‘The Day Passed and The Sun Went Down’ carries with it the strings of the album’s intro and pours on lashings of Jellyfishian kitchen~sinkery: warm Rhodes; bouncing piano; gentle dustings of vibes and blissed~out crashing drums that draw a gleeful line under its soaring 1970s guitar break.  Reminiscent of the genius of Duncan Sheik at his peak and the majesty of Beck’s Sea Change album, this is pure sonic luxury.  
Ξ→      How do you follow that?  Well, ‘Strangers’, again, makes full use of lush, cinematic strings while somehow leaving space for haunting backing vocals — very apt for a song all about alienation in the noisy, modern world — and then ‘Put Up Your Hair’ is small, intimate and acoustic.  The superb ‘In The Living Room’ follows and is by far the most radio~ready song on offer: all clack, splash and energy (it’s the current single, pop~pickers) and has a smart video to match.  In stark contrast, ‘I Don’t Know Where I’ve Been’ is confessional, emotional and bare, led by simple piano chords and JSY’s soft~edged, quavering vocal.
Ξ→      The waltz and boxy orchestration of ‘Tinfoil Hats’ is a gentle, late~breaking gem, with Jasper Sloan Yip’s child~like delivery putting me in mind of the fantastic yet overlooked Tom McRae, while the piano~led ‘Mary Never Mind’ throws a languid nod at the mighty Ryan Adams.  With delicate guitar and a close vocal, ‘Who Are You’ finishes the record off in an understated and restrained way and you feel like you’ve travelled thousands of miles from where you started.
Ξ→      A pleasingly old~fashioned feature of Post Meridiem is that every track segues into the next, encouraging you to take it in at one sitting.  It reinforces the idea that this is a whole album rather than just a procession of individual songs, with the man himself claiming: “Post Meridiem is a self~portrait.  Or rather, a series of vignettes that, when considered together, give a sense of the whole.”  Exquisitely produced by John Raham, the fairy dust never clouds the intimacy of the songs and the rich character of the voice delivering them.  Post~Meridiem is, as a result, a small but gleaming chunk of musical treasure.  You might need to write it down a few times, but Jasper Sloan Yip is not a name you should be in a hurry to forget.
Ξ→      http://www.redguitarmusic.com/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaspersloanyip?   
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JSYMusic/
Website: http://jaspersloanyip.com/
Ξ→       Jasper Sloan Yip’s start was humble. A self~taught musician, he gave his first performance in 2007 on a stage he built in the backyard of his Vancouver home. Three days later he boarded a one~way flight to Paris, the first stop of many in a year~long voyage that spanned fifteen countries and three continents. In the cafes and one~star hotels of Europe, Jasper wrote much of his restless and wide~eyed debut “Every Day and All at Once”. Released on his 23rd birthday, the 10~song debut album charted on college radio, appeared on network television and led to showcases across Canada.
Ξ→       Three years later, at the helm of an experimental folk~rock sextet, Jasper released his ambitious follow up, “Foxtrot”. The earnest naïveté that characterized “Every Day and All At Once” was gone, replaced with pensive introspection and orchestral instrumentation. The result was a mosaic; nine very different songs that, taken together, offered a unified narrative about the pains and joys of love and art.
Ξ→       Foxtrot was an immediate success. Its first single ‘Show Your Teeth’ climbed to top ten positions on CBC Radio 2, 3 and several other campus charts across the country. The song also landed Jasper a $10,000 Best of BC award the following May, while the album’s title track received a $5,000 Public Records Video Grant award that June. Capping off the release year, CBC Radio 2 and 3 both included ‘Show Your Teeth’ on their respective Best of 2013 lists, while the Province named “Foxtrot” one of 2013’s top ten indie records.
Ξ→       Fast forward to 2017, ten years after his debut backyard performance, as Jasper sits on his most realized collection of songs yet. Produced by John Raham (Dan Mangan, Frazey Ford, Dralms), “Post Meridiem” refines the elements he has become known for, with eloquent reflections of life and loss woven through arrangements that climb from whispered confessions to soaring soundscapes. As Jasper puts it, “Continuing the pattern of my previous releases, Post Meridiem is a self~portrait. Or rather, a series of vignettes that, when considered together, give a sense of the whole. It is reflective by design; a distorted recollection of one’s own life created with the hope that listeners will see some part of themselves somewhere in the hazy patch~work narrative before them.”
Ξ→       “Post Meridiem” will be released in October 2017 on Afterlife Music, and distributed by Membran. It will be supported with tour dates around Canada as well as a return to Europe — perhaps inspiring the next chapter for this introspective troubadour.
Ξ→       “Self~taught Vancouver Musician Jasper Sloan Yip is one of the West Coast’s fastest~rising independent musicians.” — CBC Radio
Ξ→       “Folk, pop and rock elements coalesce seamlessly in the eloquent and gently melodic compositions of Jasper Sloan Yip.” — New Music CanadaFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

Jasper Sloan Yip Post Meridiem
Afterlife Music Ltd. / Membran October 27, 2017



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