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Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band — Bless This Mess [2013]

 Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band — Bless This Mess [April 21, 2013]

Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band — Bless This Mess
ψ   This is a new direction in underground American roots music
Location: Milwaukee, WI/Breckenridge, TX/Chattanooga, TN/Everett, WA/Anaconda, Montana
Album release: April 21, 2013
Record Label: Farmageddon Records
Duration:     59:56
01. Murder Of Crows      (3:39)
02. Kaw-Liga      (3:40)
03. Bound To Ride      (1:46)
04. West Wind      (3:28)
05. Pick Up The Steam      (2:04)
06. Clankertown      (2:50)
07. Slow Down      (6:04)
08. Lead Me Astray      (4:31)
09. Long Way Home      (2:26)
10. Blackship      (2:14)
11. Crooked Smile      (3:51)
12. No?      (1:50)
Album Notes
ψ   The sophmore release and follow-up to "Its All Been Said." Jayke Orvis has settled in with the "Broken Band" and made waves through the new underground roots scene, touring almost non stop.
ψ   Take the basic principles of punk rock -ala Fear, circa early 80's, and the breakneck precision of Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys and you might just begin to get a sense of what Jayke Orvis is all about. A native of Milwaukee, WI, Orvis has been setting and raising the bar for punks-turned-pickers ever since his days in .357 String Band -of which he is a founding and former member. Known for his lightning quick mandolin picking, he effortlessly infuses punk, rock, blues, gypsy, honky-tonk, bluegrass and old-time to develop a style all his own helping to define the sound of a genre while simultaneously, and gratifyingly, making it all that much more difficult to pin a name onto.
ψ   "Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band is a name that deserves to be ready on the tongue whenever folks query for names of top flight string bands to check out.....Whether its blazing instrumentals like “Murder of Crows,” or more singer/songwriter-style material like “West Wind,” and what may be the album’s legacy track “Crooked Smile,” Jayke Orvis shows himself as one of the premier purveyors of Gothic-infused American string music worth a wide ear and critical acclaim..."
Jayke Orvis
ψ   I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and grew up on Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Metallica, Oingo Boingo, Fear, the Germs, Run DMC, Chaos UK, etc. My musical tastes never made sense to anyone but me. My dad introduced me to Doc Watson when i was very very young and that sound always stuck in me. Ive always had these haunting melodies racing in my head thanks to Doc, Hank Williams and the Stanley Brothers. Even smashing guitars around in punk bands, these melodies would stick in my head and come out.
ψ   I have no qualms telling you I was basically behind the .357 String Band steering wheel for the first 4 and a half years. People always ask, so im explaining. Shit happens, and it did, we stopped being friends. I also believe everything happens for a reason.
ψ   I began playing with a group of amazing and talented people who cared more for each other than the chase of a buck, The Goddamn Gallows.
ψ   Now I have my own band, the Broken Band. In order to prevent myself from looking like an idiot, more than I already have, Ill just let you read on about everyone involved... in their own words...
Liz Sloan / Fiddle
ψ   Liz Sloan picked up her first fiddle at the age of three in her sleepy west Texas hometown of Breckenridge, TX. Her early studies were confined to the competitive and strict nature of Classical training. While in college, she explored the freedom of improvisation and fell in love with various styles of playing such as gypsy jazz and bluegrass. Today she is fulfilling her passions for travel and fiddle as a full time touring musician in Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band.
Jared McGovern / Upright Bass
ψ   Jared McGovern grew up in small town outside of Chattanooga, TN. At age 18 he joined the US Navy for five years which brought him all over the world. When his enlistment was up he stayed in Connecticut, where he had been stationed, and joined a handful of rag tag punk bands that didn't do much. Jared had always been a fan of classic country and bluegrass as well as punk rock so he wanted to play music with like minded folks that shared the same interest. Upright bassists were few and far between so he bought one and taught himself to play. Since then Jared has played with many different bands including Filthy Still, Wayne Hancock, Bob Wayne, and Soul Reapin 3 to name a few. Now he tours the world as a full time member of Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band.
Courtney Kostrick / Upright Bass
James Hunnicutt
ψ   I was born in Everett, WA in December of 1973. My Mom was a hippie & Dad was a bit of a redneck. I feel that I have benefited greatly from the contrast between them as I have grown more & more into who I am. I'm old fashioned & polite in many ways but also quite progressive & radical in others. I have no use for the "isms" if you know what I mean & feel that intolerance should not be tolerated especially when involving said "isms". Basically, if you are a racist, a man or woman hater, homophobe, religious tyrant, etc, I have better things to do than deal with your ignorance.
ψ   As far as music goes, I put my heart & soul & life into it to the greatest degree possible & unapologetically so. I have nothing to hide in life & why should my music be any different? I believe that the best music & art to be found is honest, sincere, passionate & often times autobiographical & mine is no different. Some will enjoy what I do & others will not but I know for a fact that I what I do IS real & people who listen with open ears & heart should pick up on this... This honesty is what I am most proud of when it comes to my music & what I create/express with it. I started playing guitar in 1985-86 & have been in 30+ bands since starting my 1st one in 1987.
ψ   Please check out jameshunnicutt.com for more info on me.
Joe Perreze
ψ   Perreze traded in the electric guitar for the banjo in 2009, leaving punk and hardcore bands for traditional folk and bluegrass groups. Growing up in the small mountain town of Anaconda, Montana — an early 1900's boomtown gone bust — he has had an easy head start and rare insight into weird, old America and the underbelly of murk and dearth it has become. Joe Perreze was graciously recruited into The Broken Band in 2010, holding down the clawhammer banjo. He is also the banjo player for The Goddamn Gallows and spearheads his solo project The Perreze Farm.
Website: http://www.broken-band.com/
Bandcamp: http://jaykeorvis.bandcamp.com/album/bless-this-mess
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jaykeorvisandthebrokenba
Cult of the new: http://cultofthenew.com/tag/jayke-orvis/
Management: Jonny Ver Planck / Glass Pack Management //
For Bookings: // www.atomicmusicgroup.com

Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band — Bless This Mess [2013]




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