Edited by Mary Guibert
Edited by David Browne
•  Jsme nadšeni, že můžeme zveřejnit publikaci Jeffa Buckleyho: jeho vlastní hlas. Tato krásná kniha spojuje dosud nevídané časopisy, poznámkové bloky, dopisy a nepublikované texty Buckley. Kniha je v prodeji od 10/15 a je k dispozici.
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Page Count: 304
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Genre: Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Composers & Musicians 
Birth name: Jeffrey Scott Buckley
Also known as: Scott “Scottie” Moorhead
Born: November 17, 1966, Anaheim, California, U.S.
Died: May 29, 1997, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
•  Společnost Da Capo Press byla založena v roce 1964 jako vydavatel hudebních knih a v polovině 70. let se stala vydavatelem obecných obchodů. V roce 1999 se připojila k Perseus Books. Dnes má rozsáhlý seznam převážně titulů literatury faktu, vázané i brožované, se zaměřením na historii, hudbu, divadelní umění, sport a populární kulturu.
•  The journals, notebooks, musings, and early song drafts of Jeff Buckley, the late singer best~known for the definitive version of “Hallelujah” and his classic album Grace, including dozens of evocative photos of his personal effects and ephemera.
•  After the release of his acclaimed debut album, Grace, in 1994, Jeff Buckley quickly established himself as one of the decade’s most defining talents in pop music: a singer, guitarist, and songwriter with a multi~octave range whose tastes took in rock, blues, jazz, hardcore, Qawwali music, and even show tunes. Hailed by the likes of Bono, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant, Grace showcased Buckley‘s voice, passion, and influences and pointed to an inordinately promising future. Three short years later, at the age of thirty, he tragically drowned in Memphis. But his legend and stature have only grown since; in recent years, everyone from Adele to Coldplay to Radiohead has spoken of the impact Buckley’s music had on them.
•  For much of his life, Buckley diligently kept journals recording his goals, inspirations, aspirations, and creative struggles. These diaries amount to one of the most insightful life chronicles any musical artist has left behind. Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice marks the first~ever publication of Buckley’s handwritten account of his journey from his days in Los Angeles in the late ’80s through shortly before his passing. Combined with reproductions of other memorabilia~including letters, notes, and unpublished lyrics~this book takes readers and fans deep into Buckley’s mind and life.
•  Los Angeles Times: „11 highly anticipated music books“.
•  Amazon: „Holiday Gift Picks: Unique and Unusual Gift Books“.
•  Associated Press, Holiday Gift Guide:
„Manages to summon the singular spirit of the late chanteur and songwriter. ... In His Own Voice, Buckley’s humanity, humility and humor are always at the fore. ... Buckley’s journals and letters reveal him to be just as fans hoped him to be: romantic, warm, funny, insightful, poetic and truly spectacular company.“ ― People
About the Author
•  Mary Guibert is the executor of the Jeff Buckley Estate. In her role as curator of her son’s music, she has compiled and produced a series of well~received releases, including Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, Mystery White Boy, So Real: Songs of Jeff Buckley, and the acclaimed 2016 album You & I, and its 2019 follow up In Transition, part of a compelling collection of previously unheard 1993 sessions. She is based in Northern California.
•  David Browne is a senior writer at Rolling Stone and the author of Dream Brother, widely seen as the definitive biography of Jeff Buckley. He is also the author of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: The Wild, Definitive Saga of Rock’s Greatest Supergroup; Fire and Rain: The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, CSNY, and the Lost Story of 1970; and biographies of Sonic Youth and the Grateful Dead. His 1993 New York Times article, „The Unmade Star,“ was one of the first major stories published on Jeff Buckley. He lives in Manhattan.