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Picking Up the Pieces

Jewel — Picking Up the Pieces (September 11, 2015)

      Jewel — Picking Up the Pieces (September 11, 2015) Jewel — Picking Up the Pieces (September 11, 2015)♣   První studiové album v pěti letech. Mezitím se stala matkou syna Kase, rozvedla se a ve svých 41 letech má spoustu zkušeností, ze kterých může čerpat pro nahrávání. ♣   Pracovala s řadou hudebníků spojených s Neilem Youngem, aby dosáhla průzračného emocionálního pocitu, který ji charakterizuje. Album je přesně to, co byla a opět je: opravdový drahokam bez triků, vrstvených stop. Žádné overdubs nebo AutoTune — jen čisté hraní, syrová, čistá poezie až na kost a z hloubi ducha, tedy převládajících rysů její osobnosti. Však Jewel napsala tři knihy, z nichž ta poslední vychází právě v těchto dnech. Nadžánrové písně a dokonce jen dlouhé zhudebněné básně a “žádná výhradní, která by se měla hrát v rádiu,” říká Jewel. © Jewel at Yahoo Yodel, Jewel being interviewed at the Yahoo! Yodel event in New York City, October 13, 2009
Birth name: Jewel Kilcher
Born: May 23, 1974, Payson, Utah, United States
Origin: Homer, Alaska, United States
Notable instruments: Taylor 912–C
Album release: September 11, 2015
Record Label: Sugar Hill Records
Duration:     62:16
01. Love Used To Be      5:42
02. A Boy Needs A Bike      4:10
03. Everything Breaks      4:02
04. Family Tree      3:36
05. It Doesn't Hurt Right Now (ft. Rodney Crowell)      4:36
06. His Pleasure Is My Pain      5:43
07. Here When Gone      4:45
08. The Shape Of You      4:16
09. Plain Jane      3:50
10. Pretty Faced Fool      3:51
11. Nicotine Love      6:33
12. Carnivore      4:20
13. My Father's Daughter (ft. Dolly Parton)      3:25
14. Mercy      3:47
Editorial Reviews
♣   Spending the past several years alternating between penning her memoir, Never Broken — in stores September 15th — and recording a pair of children’s albums, Jewel is set to return with her first proper album of new music since 2010’s Sweet and Wild. ♣   Picking Up The Pieces, which serves as a ‘bookend’ to the Alaskan–born singer’s landmark, multi–platinum–selling debut, 1995’s Pieces Of You, is some of Jewel’s most striking work yet: front and center is the iconic singer–songwriter’s world–renowned vocals, laser–sharp songcraft and intricate guitarwork. ‘It was time in my life to do this,’ Jewel, who Rolling Stone calls ‘one of the most richly idiomatic pop singers of her generation,’ explains of the 14–track LP, recorded in Nashville with seasoned musicians, and featuring road–tested fan favorites (‘Carnivore,’ ‘Boy Needs A Bike’) alongside groundbreaking new tracks (‘Love Used To Be’) and a stunning collaboration with country legend Dolly Parton (‘My Father s Daughter’). Says Jewel: ‘I wanted the album to be purely an extension of my soul.’Note:
By Sterling Whitaker | July 28, 2015 5:30 PM
♣   Jewel is returning to her acoustic singer–songwriter roots with a new album that draws from the changes she’s been through in her personal life over the last few years.
♣   Picking up the Pieces is Jewel’s first singer–songwriter album in five years, and it returns the artist to the stripped–down acoustic sound and powerful, personal lyrics that defined her career–making Pieces of You album.
♣   The 41–year–old had plenty of experience to draw on for the record. In the last five years, she’s given birth to a son, only to see her marriage dissolve. She decided to produce the new collection herself, keeping her late producer, Ben Keith, in mind as she approached the songs in the studio. She worked with a number of musicians associated with Neil Young to get the raw emotional feel that she was going for.
♣   “This is just me. These are my thoughts. These are my feelings. This is my poetry,” she says in a press release. “It really felt like returning to a part of me that I didn’t mean to lose, but with time and relationships and life and surviving and dealing, you take on new things and not all of them are great.”
♣   Picking up the Pieces chronicles those highs and lows with songs like “Love Used to Be” and “Mercy”, and Jewel also included unrecorded songs that are longtime live fan favorites like “Carnivore” and “Boy Needs a Bike.” The album also includes “My Father’s Daughter,” a powerfully autobiographical collaboration with Dolly Parton.
♣   The result is an album that she hopes is not diluted. “I was trying to keep my mind quiet and honestly get back to something I feel like I’d lost touch with in my life,” she states. “It was really an exercise in shutting out fear. I was giving myself permission to be exactly who and what I was.”Review
By Christina Vinson | September 1, 2015 11:45 AM |
♣   Jewel‘s new album, Picking Up the Pieces, will be released on Sept. 11 and fans are eager to hear the singer–songwriter’s newest batch of songs.
♣   Fans voted Picking Up the Pieces Album of the Month for September 2015, and it beat out other exciting projects including Brett Eldredge‘s sophomore record Illinois, Alabama‘s Southern Drawl, Mac McAnally‘s A.K.A. Nobody, Thomas Rhett‘s funky Tangled Up and Don Henley‘s Cass County.
♣   Jewel earned a whopping 53.97 percent of the votes in the Album of the Month poll, with the closest competitor being Henley with just over 15 percent of votes.
♣   Picking Up the Pieces is Jewel’s first non–holiday release of new music since 2010′s Sweet and Wild, and although she’s released several other projects during the past five years (including a greatest hits album), her album of all–new music took half a decade because of some personal circumstances in her life.
♣   “This CD was a fantastic labor of love for me and took a while for me to finish because I was trying to do my real job, which is to be a parent to my son Kase, going through a divorce with love and grace, which takes a tremendous amount of effort and focus,” she says on her website.♣   She spoke last year of the album, saying the project — a bookend to Pieces of You, would be raw and recorded live. It’s a concept similar to Jewel’s debut album — for that, she recorded live at the Inner Change Coffee House in Pacific Beach, Calif. This time around, the singer decided once again to cut a live record, and recorded a live show at Nashville’s the Standard.
♣   After the live show, she had a few more songs to add, and cut the rest of it live in the famous RCA Studio A building. “The idea was to capture one whole live take of a song and be done with it. No overdubs, no layering tracks, no AutoTune or tricks. Just one live take — and it was a blast! It was emotional and raw and a little messy — but honest. That’s all I wanted,” she reveals.
♣   On Picking Up the Pieces, fans will notice it’s a project that thrives on being genre–less. Jewel was extremely focused on not settling on any one genre, and instead, focused her energies on the songs themselves.
♣   She says, “I let go of genre, radio, trend, current events and clever strategies. I let go of it all — which was no small feat, as those voices are so deeply penetrating after 20 years of doing this professionally. It took real effort to clear my thoughts and have no rules and just create — going back to my folk/American roots that I began with.”
♣   The finished product? A 14–track record with “no single that will be played at radio,” according to Jewel, but one that is “raw, honest poetry that poured out of my bones and my soul.” Fans can look forward to folk songs, country songs and even songs that are “just long poems set to music.” With this album, Jewel wasn’t focused on album sales — instead, she was dead set on revealing what was in her heart.
♣   Picking Up the Pieces includes “My Father’s Daughter,” a track featuring country great Dolly Parton.  ♣   | http://tasteofcountry.com/
Studio Albums
♣   1995: Pieces of You
♣   1998: Spirit
♣   1999: Joy: A Holiday Collection
♣   2001: This Way
♣   2003: 0304
♣   2006: Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
♣   2008: Perfectly Clear
♣   2009: Lullaby
♣   2010: Sweet and Wild
♣   2011: The Merry Goes 'Round
♣   2013: Let It Snow: A Holiday Collection
♣   2015: Picking Up the PiecesWRITING:
♣   Jewel published a book of poetry titled A Night Without Armor in 1998. Although it sold over 1 million copies and was a The New York Times Best Seller list, it received mixed reviews. During an MTV interview in 1998, Kurt Loder pointed out the incorrect usage in her book of poetry of the word “casualty” (intended as something to the effect of “of a casual nature”) to which Jewel responded, “You’re a smartass for pointing that out. Next topic.” In the fall of '98, the poet Beau Sia composed a book–length response to “A Night Without Armor” entitled “A Night Without Armor II: the Revenge.” The reviewer Edna Gundersen, writing in USA Today, noted, “Hers is flowery and sensitive. His is wry and absurd.”
♣   Jewel went on to write an autobiography titled Chasing Down the Dawn in 2000, a collection of diary entries and musings detailing her life growing up in Alaska, her struggle to learn her craft and life on the road.
♣   Jewel was scheduled to release a third book called Love Poems, which was supposed to be an extremely intimate portrayal of her relationship with her boyfriend, Ty Murray. It was canceled several months before release because Jewel was worried about Murray’s mother’s reaction to her intimate confessions.
Website: http://www.jeweljk.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeweljk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeweljk
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jeweljkblog

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