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Jim Bryson — Somewhere We Will Find Our Place (February 19, 2016)

  Jim Bryson — Somewhere We Will Find Our PlaceJim Bryson, nominated artist•»    NOMINATED FOR 2017–year.
♣   To bring this record to life, Jim elicited the help of Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene) and Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes) to flesh out and rethink how songs would and could be presented. “This is a really important and special record for me,” says Jim “and while I know all records have that, there was just something in the water when we recorded these songs.”  John K. Samson (The Weakerthans) concurs, “Jim Bryson has made a beautiful, career–defining, masterpiece of a record.” The album is fearless and the songs revel in their pursuit of honesty. It is perhaps the irony that the comfort and solace in the tunes come from their rawness and subtle truths. Like on the track ‘Changing Scenery,’ Jim declares “it became you against me instead of you and me against the world.”   On ‘Stuck In The Middle‘ Jim asks the listener “aren’t we all a little stuck in the middle?” And with that seemingly innocuous question comes the essence of what ‘Somewhere We Will Find Our Place‘ is all about. Picture below: Bryson’s latest is ‘an extremely personal collection of songs.’Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Album release: February 19, 2016
Record Label: Fixed Hinge Records/Fontana North
Genre: Folk, Indie Rock, Singer–Songwriter
Duration:     38:28
01. The Depression Dance     4:23
02. Changing Scenery     2:24
03. Stuck In The Middle     4:05
04. Call Out     3:39
05. Cigarette Thin     4:03
06. Ontario     4:16
07. Breathe     4:16
08. Moth     5:20
09. Sweeping (Part 2)     2:43
10. Rust & Fade     3:19
♦   Charles Spearin  bass guitar, guitar, trumpet, cornet
♦   Shawn Everett mixer, producer
♣   Jim Bryson will be releasing his anticipated new full–length album ‘Somewhere We Will Find Our Place’ on February 19 via Fixed Hinged and Fontana North. © Charles Spearin. Performing as part of Do Make Say Think September 29, 2007 at Emo's in Austin, TX.
By Judith Lynch
♣   It’s been six years since the last Jim Bryson solo album — a collaboration with the Weakerthans — The Falcon Lake Incident. He began working on his own new material to break in the new studio (Fixed Hinge) he built at his home in Stittsville, Ont. Somewhere We Will Find Our Place is the end result; an album that finds Bryson in a reflective place. He sings about “carry[ing] the weight of the world around” on “The Depression Dance;” how he “thought we had it all” and “it became you against me instead of you and me against the world” (“Changing Scenery”), and how we’re all just “stuck in the middle” within the first three songs on the album.
♣   “It is an extremely personal collection of songs,” explained Bryson to CBC Music, “and I don’t even know if that was intentional until after everything was done and people started asking me about songs and lines and I realized I had delved more than I had thought.”
♣   An accomplished producer and engineer in his own right, Bryson decided to hand over the reins of this production to Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene).
♣   “The interesting and fun part of this recording was handing things over instead of having control. Charles was the perfect person simply as his brain sees music in a different way than I do and I loved his ideas, energy and his personality so much,” said Bryson.
♣   He continued, “the record was made over three weekend recording sessions of three or four days each. I finished at my home studio and then Charles had me send it to Shawn Everett (Grammy–nominated for the Alabama Shakes’ Sound and Color). It tied into handing things over and Shawn was exceptionally creative in the mixing, changing elements of songs and in a couple of cases, added intros and outros to songs.
♣   “It features a bunch of pals and for the first time, Kathleen Edwards actually contributed vocals to one of my records after all these years of the reverse.”
♣   http://music.cbc.ca/
Website: http://www.jimbryson.org/
Website: http://www.charlesspearin.com/
Website: http://subtlemcnugget.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimbryson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jim.bryson.90                                                                                   © Charles Spearin
♣   Jim Bryson is an Ottawa area based singer songwriter, instrumentalist and producer. He has released 4 critically acclaimed solo recordings and is currently finishing up a 5th recording, produced by Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think, Feist) to be released in the first half of 2016.
♣   Jim also has spent a fair amount of time in recent years recording and producing projects, among them Oh Susanna’s “Namedropper,” and songs for The Skydiggers “Angel’s”.
♣   Oh and just cause you are asking, Jim also enjoys riding in the musical sidecar, having played and toured with Kathleen Edwards, The Weakerthans and The Tragically Hip.
♣   Jim lives outside of Ottawa with his partner, two daughters and a newly built recording “shed” called Fixed Hinge.                                                    Shawn Everett mixer, producer

Jim Bryson — Somewhere We Will Find Our Place (February 19, 2016)



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