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Joanne Rand — Roses in the Snow and Drought (Jan. 1, 2017)

Joanne Rand — Roses in the Snow and Drought (January 1, 2017)

      Joanne Rand — Roses in the Snow and DroughtJoanne Rand — Roses in the Snow and Drought (January 1, 2017)•   “Using considerable vocal range in both the literal and emotional sense, Joanne Rand stretches her folk roots beyond likely destinations, creating consistently fascinating fare in the process.” — Roots Music Report
•   “A fixture of the Northern California folk scene, Rand’s life, activism & art are woven seamlessly together. A celebrated musician, composer & teacher. From stripped~down folk songs to lush, textured rock arrangements, she makes consistently engaging, perceptive, universal music.” — SFStation.com 2012. Touring nationally for 30 years, Rand is currently releasing 15th CD of original songs. 
•   LITTLE PEOPLE’S WAR (Written in response to the 2015 attack in Paris, only days before my teen daughter was to travel there to the climate change conference)
Location: Arcata, CA
Genre: Alternative Folk, Psychedelic Rock
Album release: January 1, 2017
Record Label: JoanneRandMusic
Duration:     50:34
01. Little People’s War     6:51
02. Where the Waters Flow     5:06
03. Roses in the Snow and Drought     5:13
04. When You’re Gone     3:40
05. Bees in His Walls     3:36
06. Humboldt to the Bone     3:16
07. Circle at the Heart     5:24
08. Johnny Cash Came Back     3:18
09. The Parting Glass     3:43
10. Rock Therapy     9:17
11. Roses Reprise     1:01
Players include:
★↔★  Rand (acoustic guitar, vocals, clarinet),
★↔★  Dalmolen (electric guitar),
★↔★  Rob Diggins (violin),
★↔★  Tim Randles (piano) and
★↔★  Jonathan Kipp (drums).
• Produced by Joanne Rand, Stephen Hart, & Piet Dalmolen
• All Songs written by Joanne Rand, except:
• Johnny Cash Came Back (Peter Peteet & Joanne Rand), Parting Glass (traditional).
• Arrangements by Joanne & the band.
Joanne Rand — Acoustic guitar, vocals, clarinet (8, 10), bass (1, 3, 5, 8)
Piet Dalmolen — Electric Guitar, bass (2, 6, , 9, 10)
Rob Diggins — Violin
Tim Randles — keyboard
Jonathan Kipp — Drums (7, 10)
Band — backup vocals (2, 6, 10)
• Mixed & mastered by Stephen Hart (Two Rock Digital, Petaluma, CA)
• Recorded by Piet Dalmolen (Universal Balance Studios, Arcata, CA)
Photos: Greg King Photography
→   Dedicated to Steve Young, Tom King & all great souls who passed this year.
© & P 2017, Joanne Rand, Homefire Productions, BMI
Lyrics at: www.JoanneRandMusic.com
PO Box 586, Arcata, CA 95518 USA
•   Rand and Dalmolen alternate on bass parts and all the players sing at times. The four players groove like a jam band) spinning magic from thin air, and still finding magic in a world that is sometimes parched. Rand’s original songs are in a wide array of styles (folk, rock, jazz, Celtic, psychedelic, lullabye), and are about: War & peace, loyalty & betrayal, passages and rallying, and a funny Anthems to her own Humboldt County.
Album Notes
★↔★  Touring nationally for 30 years playing original ♠   “Psychedelic~Roots~Americana,” Joanne Rand’s vocal styling is all her own. “[Rand is] Nothing short of brilliant.” (Santa Rosa Press Democrat). “Joanne Rand’s voice raises your hair. Elegance and fierceness in the same deep breath.” (Gary Snyder).
★↔★  Rand still shares her brand of roots music, fiery anthems and stories. She is currently releasing her 16th indie CD of original songs and melding with some eminently talented players. They call themselves Rand~Randles~Diggins~Dalmolen, dubbed a “supergroup” at the 2016 Humboldt Folklife Festival and nicknamed R2D2. Born and bred in the Deep South, Rand has performed in Manhattan, L.A., Toronto, Atlanta, Seattle, Hawaii, Alaska & the Amazon. A North Bay readers’ poll voted her “Best Acoustic Band.” Rand’s 2015 CD, “Southern Girl” (with the same team) made a folk DJ most~played~list nationwide (comprised by over 1300 DJs) and garnered rave reviews. Based in rural Northern California, with a BFA in music composition, she has performed alongside such greats as Bonnie Raitt, Micky Hart, John Hartford, John Trudell, Dougie McLean. Rand’s 2014 release was recorded and produced by her mentor, the late great Steve Young, “Seven Bridges Road.”
★↔★  Rand’s quartet, spins a luscious and stimulating musical web on the new recording, entitled “Roses in the Snow & Drought," mixed by the gifted producer, Stephen Hart (Santana, David Bowie, Bonnie Raitt, White Stripes, Stevie Ray Vaughn). Hart & Rand have recorded 13 CDs together in 23 years.
★↔★  “One of the year’s freshest, most distinctive offerings.” — Roots Music Report.
★↔★  “Absolutely captivating ... Startling and beautiful ...exceptional.” — No Depression.
★↔★  It is receiving worldwide airplay.
★↔★  Using considerable vocal range in both the literal and emotional sense, Joanne Rand stretches her folk roots beyond likely destinations, creating consistently fascinating fare in the process.
★↔★  For 30 years visionary songsmith Joanne Rand has brought her “Psychedelic~Folk~Revival” across the United States. Matrix Magazine calls Rand’s stage presence “electrifying,” Portland Southeast Examiner calls her “An unforgettable force of nature,” and the N.Y.Times~owned Santa Rosa PD called Rand’s music “Nothing short of brilliant.” This year Rand released her 14th CD of original songs, Still a Real World, co~produced with Stephen Hart (David Bowie, White Stripes, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan) and featuring violinist Jenny Sheinman (David Byrne, Ani DiFranco, Norah Jones). 
★↔★  Born and bred in the Deep South, studying classical piano and guitar, Rand was steeped in southern rock~and~roll, gospel, and the inflammatory folk of the ‘70s. At 14 psychedelic rock blew her mind and she branched into her own compositions, later earning a BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At 22 Rand cut her performance teeth in Alaskan bars, then launched her career in earnest in California’s North Bay area, where North Bay Bohemian readers’ poll voted her “Best Acoustic Band.” By the late ‘90s Rand was a fixture in Seattle’s thriving music scene. She then retuned to California to raise a child and earn a degree in Music Composition. Rand’s 2010 CD, Snake Oil and Hummingbirds, was submitted for a Grammy nomination by San Francisco’s Recording Academy president. 
★↔★  Rand’s songs are snapshots of humanity: our potential and our foibles. They uplift and inspire the listener. Through it all she remains hopeful and “Captivated with the human race.” 
★↔★  “My singing has led me on many adventures:” writes Rand, “I have sung in the Amazon Jungle for Indigenous peoples, in Alaska, Hawaii, Manhattan, L.A., Toronto, Atlanta, Seattle. I have sung for the head of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City, sung before mosh~pit audiences of 60,000, sung for the dying, at births, weddings, memorials and high profile nudist colonies, at rallies, in prisons and churches and in the 100~year~old small town ranch built by my great grandfather. I have led marches with my voice, sung for underpaid workers, for the reveling rich, performed on a redwood stump stage in the heart of the ancient forest, and at glittering new age conferences in posh hotels, extravagant outdoor festivals. I have sung for outlaws and politicians, (invited by City Hall to sing the National Anthem), for kindergarteners, rebel teens, and the elderly. I have sung for Native Americans, Hell’s Angels, Microsoft billionaires, Buddhists, goddess worshippers and good old, rural salt~of~the~earth folk. I have sung for my supper, for the forests and rivers and fish, for human rights, gay pride, hemp, baby showers, and in shopping malls. Always aiming to pollinate ideas, raise spirits, give hope, inspire forward motion, and to bring freedom for the soul.”
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joannerand10
Bandcamp: https://joannerand.bandcamp.com/album/roses-in-the-snow-drought
Website: http://www.joannerandmusic.com/

Joanne Rand — Roses in the Snow and Drought (Jan. 1, 2017)



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