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Joe Bonamassa — Blues Of Desperation (March 25, 2016)

Joe Bonamassa — Blues Of Desperation (March 25, 2016)

  Joe Bonamassa — Blues Of Desperation (March 25, 2016)  Joe Bonamassa — Blues Of Desperation (March 25, 2016)♠   Blues of Desperation simply gives us more of what’s in even shorter supply since Gary Moore died: hard, gritty but soul–infused blues–rock with no tricks, just forthright musicianship and earnest passion. You can’t ask for anything more than that.
♠   “I want people to hear my evolution as a blues–rock musician,” Bonamassa says. “Somebody who isn’t resting on accomplishments and who is always pushing forward and thinking about how music can evolve and stay relevant.”
♠   The writing sessions for Blues of Desperation took Bonamassa back to Nashville, where he’d composed Different Shades of Blue, to work with some of Music City’s top tunesmiths, including James House, Tom Hambridge, Jeffrey Steele, Jerry Flowers and Gary Nicholson.
♠   “These are some of the best guys in the business,” Bonamassa says. ♠   “Lyrically, you’ll hear the proverbial trains, mountains, valleys and other blues references about heartbreak and loneliness but there are also some poignant moments about getting away from the stressful, crazy demands of life and losing yourself with your special someone. I think anybody will be able to relate.”Born: May 8, 1977, New Hartford, New York, United States
Location: Los Angeles California
Notable instruments:
°   Gibson Les Paul
°   Music Man Custom Steve Morse single and double necks
°   Gibson ES335
°   Fender Stratocaster
°   Fender Telecaster
°   Gibson Flying V
Album release: March 25, 2016
Recorded: at Nashville’s Grand Victor Sound Studios (formerly RCA Studio A).
Record Label: J&R Adventures
Duration:     64:41
01 This Train     4:21
02 Mountain Climbing     5:44
03 Drive     5:47
04 No Good Place For The Lonely     8:39
05 Blues Of Desperation     6:28
06 The Valley Runs Low     4:04
07 You Left Me Nothin’ But The Bill And The Blues     4:10
08 Distant Lonesome Train     5:54
09 How Deep This River Runs     6:30
10 Livin’ Easy     4:38
11 What I’ve Know For A Very Long Time     5:33
°   Bonamassa’s most commonly recognized instruments are his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standards. His extensive guitar collection is one of the best in the world.
°   Kevin Shirley Producer
°   Anton Fig Drums 
°   Greg Morrow Drums
°   Michael Rhodes Bass
°   Reese Wynans Keyboards (Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble)
°   Lee Thornburg, Paulie Cerra and Mark Douthit Horn players
°   Mahalia Barnes, Jade McRae and Juanita Tippins Background singers.
Editorial Reviews
°   “I wanted him to work a little harder, like in his early years,” Shirley says. °   “I brought in an additional drummer, just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons. Recording Blues of Desperation is one of the most exciting recording projects I’ve done. What a joyful noise we made.” °   http://www.guitarworld.com/
°   Blues of Desperation is Bonamassa’s most powerfully diverse and boldly realized album yet, with the material ranging from the gutsy, gritty blues call to arms of This Train (Joe’s guitar is set to rude throughout) to the elegant yet emotionally shattering ballad What I’ve Known for a Very Long Time to the soul–nourishing, acoustic–based Americana of The Valley Runs Low, on which Bonamassa’s voice rises up majestically to meet Barnes, McRae and Tippins in gospel–like rapture. And then there’s the bleary, tequila–soaked Drive, dripping with the kind of raw, wicked and unsettling sensuality that could make David Lynch green with envy.
°   Throughout the record, Bonamassa’s epic guitar playing conjures up stirring benedictions and explosive exorcisms of sound. No Good Place For the Lonely features some of the guitarist’s most cauterizing licks yet, and the walloping title track is a white–knuckled, six–string thrill ride guaranteed to jolt the senses. Guitar fans everywhere (like those who recently voted Bonamassa Best Blues Guitarist in Guitar World magazine by an overwhelming margin) will consider Blues of Desperation a treasure trove of axe riches.
°   Packed with unparalleled musicianship and teeming with the most enthralling collection of songs in Bonamassa’s career, Blues of Desperation is guaranteed to knock out critics and fans alike. By exceeding his own vertiginously high artistic goals, Bonamassa is bound to shatter all other expectations with this record and reach new audiences–no mean feat when you continue his astonishing track record of hits now includes 15 #1 Billboard Blues Albums (more than any other artist in history). 2014’s Different Shades of Blue debuted at #8 on Billboard s Top 200 Chart, making it his highest charting album, his first top 10 and accounting for his biggest sales week ever. °In 2014, the guitarist received his first–ever Grammy nomination (for Best Blues Album) for the album Seesaw, his second collaboration with blues singing star Beth Hart, and was named 2014’s Billboard Blues Artist of the Year.
He elaborated on his influences in a 2007 interview:
°   “You know, my heroes were the Columbia guys — Paul Kossoff, Peter Green, Eric Clapton. There’s so many — there’s Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher — another Irish musician who played the same things, but don’t tell him that. But those guys were my guys — Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page. There’s a certain sophistication to their approach to the blues that I really like, more so than the American blues that I was listening to. B.B. King’s a big influence — he’s probably my biggest traditional influence. I love Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and T–Bone Walker and stuff like that, but I couldn’t sit down. I was always forcing myself to listen to whole records by them, where I’d rather listen to Humble Pie do “I’m Ready” than Muddy Waters, you know? I think, the English interpretation of the blues just hit me a lot better, you know?”
In an October 2008 interview with Express & Star he said:
°   “When I heard Kossoff playing “Mr. Big” and when I heard Clapton playing “Crossroads” and when I heard Rory Gallagher playing “Cradle Rock”, I was like, ‘This is way cooler’.... “British blues are my thing. When I heard Rod Stewart and the Jeff Beck Group singing “Let Me Love You”, it changed my life. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Those are my influences”.
And in an December 2012 interview with MusicRadar:
°   “My friends would ask me, ‘Have you heard the new Van Halen record?’ And I’d be like, ‘Nope.’ I was listening to Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush”.
Website: http://jbonamassa.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JBonamassa
°   http://somethingelsereviews.com/2016/03/20/joe-bonamassa-blues-desperation-2016/
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°   So, It’s Like That (2002)
°   Blues Deluxe (2003)
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°   The Ballad of John Henry (2009)
°   Black Rock (2010)
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°   Blues of Desperation (2016)

Joe Bonamassa — Blues Of Desperation (March 25, 2016)



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