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Jon Stickley — Stickley...

Jon Stickley — Stickley... [September 26, 2014]United States    Jon Stickley — Stickley... 

MASTER CLASS ALBUM Jon Stickley — Stickley... / NOMINATED fth TAIS AWARDS, Harvest Prize 2015!!!
ΧΧ   This acoustic record is Jon Stickley's third album featuring Joe Troop, Lyndsay Pruett, and Billy Constable.
BC: When you first started taking lessons did he have any kind of technique exercises? Did he have you do scales or work with a metronome, drilling you with that stuff?
JS: We did a lot of that. One thing I remember him doing was chromatic stuff on the guitar. You know you have 4 fingers and you can do combinations like 1 2 3 4, chromatic. He had me write out every combination of that  so it’d be like. 1 2 3 4. 1 2 4 3. 1 3 4 2. And I’d go through the whole thing on each different string. And it wasn’t even musical. It was just every combination your fingers could play. I would go through the whole thing with him sitting there counting, Even, even, even, even. There were times when he was pretty critical and I remember getting teary eyed a couple of times. I was sensitive and he was like. Wrong! Wrong, you know. He was pretty tough. I had a whole bunch of exercises like that.
BC: That sounds like an amazing teacher.
JS: Yep, he really was. And if you didn’t do your work for the week you knew he was going to get on you. Sometimes I didn’t look forward to going.
Location: Asheville, NC
Genre: Country, Progressive Bluegrass, Crossover Jazz
Album release: September 26, 2014
Record Label: Jon Stickley
Duration:     34:19
01. Blackburn Brothers      2:55
02. Argentina      4:10
03. Up On The Sun      3:39
04. Rice Dream      3:38
05. Darth Radar      4:21
06. Squirrel Hunters      3:20
07. Shutterbug      3:41
08. Durban      5:11
09. Pamlico Sound      3:24
ΧΧ   Lyndsay Pruett — violin/vox
ΧΧ   Patrick Armitage — drums
ΧΧ   Jon Stickley — guitar/vox

♠   "Jon Stickley Trio plays a style of music that defies description. Jon’s guitar style has evolved from bluegrass flatpicking into his own sound that spans from soft harmonic chimes to straight–up shredding. The band features Lyndsay Pruett (Futureman) on violin, who conjures up bewildering sounds reminiscent of Stephane Grappelli, yet not unlike the modern dubstep of Lindsey Stirling. On percussion, Patrick Armitage (Atmosphere) brings the heat with a hiphop groove that is unstoppable. The band comes together to create their own sound that can get big enough to shake the walls or intimate enough to draw tears.'"Stickley is the second Jon Stickley solo album, it includes original tracks as well as covers by The Meat Puppets, Hammer No More the Fingers, and Andy Thorn. It features Jon on guitar, mandolin, bass and vocals. Lyndsay Pruett on fiddle and Joe Troop and Billy Constable on banjo. This album explores new musical territory while remaining true to traditional roots." — “Pure joy. The only two words needed to describe the music that comes from Jon Stickley. Stick’s picked with a lot of great musicians, but he’s at his best fronting his trio, flowing free–form, smile as wide as the North Carolina Piedmont where he was raised. In the musical world there’s a place where Tony Rice and John Coltrane meet, and Jon Stickley makes that place his home.” — Andy Falco (Infamous Stringdusters)
ΧΧ   Issu de la scene bluegrass, le talentueux multi–instrumentiste Jon Stickley propose ici un second album solo aux influences beaucoup plus diverses, la dominante restant acoustique et instrumentale.
In french:
ΧΧ   Issu de la scene bluegrass, le talentueux multi–instrumentiste Jon Stickley propose ici un second album solo aux influences beaucoup plus diverses, la dominante restant acoustique et instrumentale.
Website: http://www.jonstickley.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/stickleymusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StickleyMusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JonStickleyTrio
Agent: Johnny Buck.
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jonstickley3
Interview, Bradley Carter with Jon Stickley Part 1: http://perfectnotes.blogspot.com/2013/07/interview-with-jon-stickley-part-1.html
:: perfectnotes.blogspot.com/...with-jon-stickley-part-1.html 
ΧΧ   Lions     2008
ΧΧ   Jon Stickley Trio     2012
ΧΧ   Stickley...     2014

Jon Stickley — Stickley...




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