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JPT Scare Band
Past Is Prologue

  JPT Scare Band ‎— Past Is Prologue (December 8, 2001/March 21, 2007)JPT Scare Band ‎— Past Is Prologue (December 8, 2001/March 21, 2007)•   Krása JPT Scare Bandu je ukryta v její schopnosti fungovat jako celek v mlhavé oblasti volného tvaru heavy jamu.
•   Hudební chemie mezi třemi členy kapely je inspirující ... "Burn In Hell" zní ohnivě a intenzívně. Znáte "Time To Cry" z roku '75?. Začínají s jasnými akordy a zbytek je hudební konverzace, směr diktován nevýslovnou energií. Terry Swope je génius. Jeden z nejlepších soulových kytaristů, jaké jsem kdy slyšel. Druh, který není zatížen striktní technikou a hraje oslnivě/komunikačně na bázi doutnajících emocí. Rozhodně si ho zařaďte do superligy nejlepších v tomto žánru ... Hendrix, Duane Allman, Robin Trower a Carlos Santana. Další dva poměrně neuznaní hráči v kapele bassist Paul Grigsby a drummer Jeff Littrell mají stejný význam. Psychedelická hard rock smetana. To vše se nemuselo dostat na světlo světa, kdyby nebylo pár tvrdých rockových antropologů od Monster Records.
•   Veteran jammers dish out some big slices of heavy duty psychedelic proto metal blues rock.Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Genre: Psychedelic Rock / Acid Rock / Blues Rock
Album release: December 8, 2001/March 21, 2007
Record Label: Kung Bomar / Monster Records
Duration:     72:06
1. Burn In Hell      8:29
2. I've Been Waiting      8:58
3. Wino      9:06
4. Sleeping Sickness      13:43
5. Time To Cry      13:00
6. Titan's Sirens      4:36
7. Jerry's Blues      12:51
8. It's Too Late [Revisited]      1:23
© Kung Bomar Records/Electric House Music / Kung Bomar Records, LLC
•   Jeff Littrell: Drums
•   Paul Grigsby: Bass, Vocals
•   Terry Swope: Guitars, Vocals
•   Producer, Recorded By — Dr. Bomar, Greg GassmanDETAILS:
•   Indie CD released by Kung Bomar, Inc., a company formed by the members of the Scare Band. The CD was released in January 2002 after the group’s former label, Monster Records, declined to release material recorded by the band in 2001. The intent of this CD is to provide a musical bridge from the
material recorded in the 1970s up to the present.
1. Burn In Hell — Recorded June 2001. A cover of one of the first Scare Band tunes written by the three band members in 1974. The tune is basically a science fiction tale of a future world in which overpopulation forces a group of brave souls to abandon the Earth and flee into outer space in a doomed attempt to find a new home.
2. I’ve Been Waiting — Recorded August 1993. A tribute to Ozzie Osborne and Black Sabbath, who influenced the Scare Band from the very beginning of their mysterious musical journeys. The tune explores the themes of paranoia and insanity.
3. Wino — Recorded August 1993. The only tune on the CD which was not written by the members of the band. It was discovered on an album of acoustic folk music recorded by Bob Frank in 1971. This arrangement is slightly heavier than the original by Bob.
4. Sleeping Sickness — Recorded February 1976. This tune features one of the greatest loud wahwah guitar solos ever recorded.5. Time To Cry — Recorded February 1975. Basically a long freeform jam, with a sparse jazzy vocal section suddenly appearing nine minutes into the song. Obvious Jimi Hendrix influence can be noticed in the introduction.
6. Titan’s Sirens — Recorded February 1975. Title tune from the second Monster Records Vinyl LP. Crazed power trio speed jam.
7. Jerry’s Blues — Recorded February 1976. A tribute to the late, great Jerry Wood, a well known blues singer for whom the Scare Band served as backup band during 1975 and 1976. Obvious funk
and blues influences pay tribute to a very talented singer and musician.
8. It’s Too Late (Revisited) — Recorded July 1977. A bit of psychedelia recorded at Cavern Sound Recording Studio in Kansas City, Missouri, which was located underground in a limestone rock quarry. The song order listed on this page is correct. The CD label is misprinted and is not correct.
•   Front artwork is identical to original release with the addition of "Digitally remastered, Limited edition" in white lettering in the middle.
•   Tracks noted as being recorded in "1976, 1977, 1993 & 2001" but no specifics about which tracks apply to which year.
Review by Eduardo Rivadavia
•   Joining the likes of Winterhawk, Amulet, and Truth and Janey in the role of obscure Midwestern hard rock bands to have their '70s recordings belatedly reissued by Monster Records was seemingly not enough to satisfy Kansas City's JPT Scare Band, who proceeded to launch their own imprint in the wake of 2000's favorably received Sleeping Sickness CD in an attempt to expose any newfound fans to even more of their music, both old and new. The oddly named Kung Bomar was that imprint, and 2002's Past Is Prologue its first product, which amazingly revealed that the core trio of vocalist/guitarist Terry Swope, bassist Paul Grigsby, and drummer Jeff Littrell, had in fact carried on with their basement jam sessions for nigh on 30 years, in spite of the general public's complete ignorance of heir existence."Jam" being the operative keyword whenever the JPT Scare Band is discussed, of course, since the group's work beginning in 1973 generally took the shape of extensive, free–form ruminations on the psychedelic blues–rock and proto–heavy metal made popular at the time by Cream, Taste, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. As a result, most of the material represented on Past Is Prologue ranges anywhere from eight to thirteen minutes in length(!), and even though the three later–day offerings dating from 2001 and 1993 that open the CD reveal a minimal amount of formal structure to house that jamming (especially the sci–fi themed "Burn in Hell" and Black Sabbath–inspired "I've Been Waiting"), the remaining five songs captured between 1975–1977, conversely, seemed to emerge as such incidentally from the trio's endless woodshedding. That's not to say they're not engaging and quite fascinating, however, thanks to the sheer abandon with which the JPT Scare Band members hurtle themselves over the cliff of improvisation, yielding astounding examples of virtuosic wah–wah guitar solos from Swope on the centerpiece "Sleeping Sickness," and aggressive bass guitar runs from Grigsby on "Time to Cry," where his growling sound suggests a Rickenbaker wielded with fearsome attitude. On the downside, the quite possibly live "Jerry's Blues" certainly lives up to its British Blues Boom billing but also lacks some of its predecessor's wild, lysergic power, while the shockingly brief, four–minute "Titan's Sirens" is essentially a single guitar solo that was probably excised from a longer, aimless jam session, and the closing, "It's Too Late (Revisited)" is a 90–second backward loop of no consequence. These weak links notwithstanding, though, as an introductory sampler for the uniquely spaced–out galaxy of the JPT Scare Band, Past Is Prologue gets the job done, and will leave enthusiasts of this music hungering for more. Artist Biography by Eduardo Rivadavia
•   Whereas by the 21st century any 12–year–old with a laptop and a MySpace page could make music and have it heard by millions of strangers, in the pre–internet days artists and bands might work and perform diligently for years on end without escaping utter anonymity, never mind even sniffing a record deal. This is the story of (among many other groups) Kansas City's JPT Scare Band, which was formed in 1973 by three friends — vocalist/guitarist Terry Swope, bassist Paul Grigsby, and drummer Jeff Littrell — who simply loved to jam for hours on end, inspired by the psychedelic hard rock of Cream, Blue Cheer, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Although they would soon realize that their symbiotic musical relationship was something special and eventually recorded the best fruits of their labor to tape, the JPT Scare Band (named after its members' first initials, obviously, plus the scary length of their acid rock jams) never managed to graduate from basement woodshedding to world–wide stardom. Their informal reel to reel recordings were so obscure and sparsely circulated, in fact, that the group would likely have been entirely forgotten were it not for a pair of hard rock anthropologists at Monster Records, who tracked them down in the early '90s and rounded up their '70s highlights for limited release on two vinyl albums, Acid Acetate Excursion and Rape of Titan's Sirens, and later CD via 2000's Sleeping Sickness. These reissues were rave–reviewed and eagerly snapped up by collectors of '70s hard rock, but when the JPT Scare Band members — still friends and still jamming after all these years, believe it or not — asked Monster to release some of their present–day recordings, the label balked, and by conveniently going out of business shortly thereafter, motivated the veteran rockers to take matters into their own hands. Launching their own website and indie label, Kung Bomar, the JPT Scare Band promptly issued a new collection, Past Is Prologue, mixing old and more recent material in 2002 — then followed with brand new albums, Echoes of the Everland (2006) and Jamm Vapour (2007), with the promise of more new and unearthed '70s material still to come.

Album Notes
•   Who in the freaking hell is this band, JPT Scare Band? Some kind of American mystery band from the 1970s who are putting out new CDs in the 21st century. Why has no one ever heard of these guys? Who are they?
•   Over the years, they have managed to progress from completely unknown to painfully obscure. The band was featured in an article in the March 2007 issue of Classic Rock Magazine titled, "Lost Pioneers of Heavy Metal" in which they were included in the same exalted company with Iron Butterfly, Bloodrock and Leafhound. •   The boyz in the band have never really considered themselves as heavy metal, but they will take any positive press that they can get.
•   In spite of everything... they are still together, with the original lineup intact. While still making meaningful music in the 21st century, this veteran group of jammers is also proud of their vast legacy of classic twisted insanity recorded back in olden analogue times. Here and there, in odd corners of the world, growing numbers of those who love the old school, guitar crazy blues rock somehow have become aware of the existence of JPT.
•   In June of 2010, the JPT Scare Band CD, Past Is Prologue, made the list of 10 Essential Proto Metal Albums on the Classic Rock Crate Digger blog on the Rhapsody digital download site. The other 9 bands on the list are Vanilla Fudge, Jeff Beck, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, the Scorpions and Blue Cheer. “If vintage proto–metal is ...your thing, then here are 10 essential albums that will blow your doors clear off.”•   The members of JPT are extremely proud of the fact that their first two albums were released on vinyl only. Good luck finding a copy, as they are both long out of print. Their first CD, Sleeping Sickness, was originally released on Monster Records and featured tracks from the two vinyl albums. Sadly, Monster Records imploded and their web site simply vanished into thin air due to heavy craziness and the suicide of one of the founding partners. The Sleeping Sickness CD was out of print for many years. The band reissued the Sleeping Sickness CD in 2009 and it is available here at CDBaby.
•   Their Jamm Vapour, Rumdum Daddy and Acid Blues Is The White Man's Burden CDs are still in print and are available at CD Baby. JCR Music News handles European distribution from Paris. JPT Scare Band tunes and albums are also available for download from CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and other digital download sites.     © Charvex — Sculpture by Thomas L. Beard. Kansas City Pioneer Square monument in Westport features Pony Express founder Alexander Majors, Westport/Kansas City founder John Calvin McCoy and Mountainman Jim Bridger who owned Chouteau's Store.
Chaos Realm Magazine
•  JPT Scare Band — “Sleeping Sickness” CD ‘00 (Monster, US) — Recorded back in the early/mid ‘70s, but just seeing the light of day as first vinyl releases a few years ago, both the JPT Scare Band albums (there may be more) are now on one CD. If you can imagine 3 guys, lead axe/bass/drums, just cranking up some old equipment to 10 and jamming like crazy in 10–12 minute bursts you’ve got it! Lovers of Blue Cheer, Cactus, Hairy Chapter, this is your stop!” — (Ray Dorsey)
•  The beauty of the JPT Scare Band is their ability to function as a unit in the nebulous field of the free form heavy jam... Terry Swope is a gawdam genius. Definitely in the league with the best in that genre...Hendrix, Duane Allman, Robin Trower and Carlos Santana. The end result is nothing short of mind blowing.” —
Hellride Music.com (Chris Barnes)
•  Listening to this CD, you can't help but wonder why Terry Swope isn't revered with the same kind of awe and worship as Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Alvin Lee, and the rest of the 60's/70's guitar gods. Their music is psychedelic/stoner/bluesrock ecstasy. An outstanding rhythm section, emotive vocals, and a one in a million guitarist make the JPT Scare Band the best new 'old' band of the year.” Tangerine Magazine (Glenn Tillman)
•  Take a solid, Cream–based blues outfit, mix in the wildest, most psychedelic moments of Hendrix feedback, throw in loads of distortion and a grocery bag full of LSD and the final result will be something like the proto–metal/psych jamming of the JPT Scare Band. Near legendary among proto–metal historians, to understand this band and their music you've got to step back. Way back. In fact the title of their CD, Past is Prologue, gives us a pretty good indication where this bunch of psych–blues/metallers were coming from.” Ripple Effect Blog (Todd Racer)
•  If you like it loud, then this is for you. If you like it heavy, this is for you... a crushing power trio sound that modern day stoners are going crazy for.” Zeitgeist E–Zine (Psychedelic Love Commando)
•  These guys are seriously into amplification and the result is genuine Hard Rock, 70's style that on occasion veers into Jam Band territory but stays on course the majority of the time, particularly the epic 13:43 'Sleeping Sickness' (1976) that contains dangerously high levels of wah–wah to rival that of Hendrix and Human Instinct and although a long track, never gets boring.” Pooterland.com (England)
•  The JPT Scare Band is one of those legendarias bands who had been part of fabulosos years 70, but that only the fans most curious of the style know...” Stoner Rock Web Zine (Brazil)
CD BABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jptscareband
Website: http://www.jptscareband.com/
Interview with Terry Swope & Paul Grigsby:
Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011

JPT Scare Band
Past Is Prologue




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