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Julian Lennon Everything Changes (2011) 

               Julian Lennon – Everything Changes
Birth name: John Charles Julian Lennon
Born: April 8, 1963 in Liverpool, England 
Occupations: Musician, singer, songwriter, writer, producer, photographer, actor
Album released: 3 October 2011
Record Label: Music From Another Room
Genre: Rock
Producer: Julian Lennon / Grant Ransom
Instruments: Guitar, vocals, bass guitar, piano, drums, harmonica
The son of John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia, Julian Lennon parlayed a remarkable vocal similarity to his father into a moderately successful singing career during the 1980s.
Everything Changes is the sixth studio album by Julian and is his first since 1998′s Photograph Smile. The first single from the album is “Lookin’ 4 Luv”. Lennon has described the material as “a bit more free-flowing than [his] previous work”, calling it his “favourite album so far”. Revealing how Everything Changes came about, Lennon explained: “Obviously, if you sit down and play around for a bit, you’re going to come up with ideas. One thing led to another and pretty soon I had about 30 ideas, so I invited some friends to come over and flesh them out into songs”.

01. Everything Changes [04:07]
02. Lookin’ 4 Luv [04:12]
03. Hold On [04:53]
04. Touch the Sky [04:24]
05. Invisible [04:14]
06. Just for You [04:19]
07. Always [06:16]
08. Disconnected [06:54]
09. Never Let You Go [03:56]
10. Guess It Was Me [03:47]
11. Don’t Wake Me Up [05:10]
12. Beautiful [04:54]
Website: http://www.julianlennon.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/julianlennonofficial
Brief Bio:
Julian Lennon, the elder son of the late Beatle John Lennon & Cynthia Powell, debuted as a singer/songwriter at the tender age of 20, with the album 'Valotte'. He has since released a further four more albums - 'The Secret Value of Daydreaming' 'Mr Jordan' 'Help Yourself' & 'Photograph Smile' - generating millions in sales, as well as being critically praised.
Now, with the emergence... of the internet giving artists a new environment to take their music/photography etc... directly to the people, Julian is returning to the music world with a new album 'Everything Changes', scheduled for release in 2011. Julian plans to take his music directly to the listeners utilising the internet, as well as traditional methods & as Julian puts it, "it's time to turn the music business into the musician's business".
Whilst producing 'Whaledreamers' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pMK78lGUuc , (Winner of 8 International Film Festival Awards) Julian decided to take his philanthropic work one step further, by starting a foundation to help those less fortunate, called 'The White Feather Foundation', dedicated to his father, as well as to those who have & are making a difference for the betterment of all Life on Earth - http://www.whitefeatherfoundation.com/
In 2010, Julian embarked on a second career as a Photographer, spurred on by his long time friend & celebrity photographer, Timothy White. His first exhibition was at 'The Morrison Hotel Gallery' in New York City, which received acclaimed reviews. Julian has since followed through with two very successful Exhibitions at Art Basel in Miami & is now working on more Exhibitions throughout Europe, The USA & Asia…


John Charles Julian Lennon  is an English musician, songwriter, actor, and photographer. He is the son of John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia Powell. Beatles manager Brian Epstein was his godfather. He has a younger half-brother, Sean Lennon. Lennon was named after his paternal grandmother, Julia. He remains close friends with his father's former bandmate Paul McCartney.
Julian directly inspired three Beatles songs, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", "Hey Jude" and "Good Night". He is also devoted to philanthropic endeavors, most notably his own White Feather Foundation and the Whaledreamers Organization, both of which promote the co-existence of all species and the health and well-being of the Earth.
Julian Lennon's last album came in 1999 but when you're the progeny of The Greatest Beatle Of Them All, creativity strikes any time. The emotional material it draws from is particularly heavy--in late 2009, Lennon told CBS that working on the album helped him reconcile his noxious feelings about his late father who was basically a celebrity deadbeat dad, running around with the Fab Four and later Yoko Ono rather than getting to know his son. He also mentioned, "It has also allowed me to actually embrace Dad and The Beatles." That's a hell of a long time to go without listening to "Octopus' Garden." Lest everyone get snarky about how listenable the album actually is, let's remember that Lennon's first album was a mild hit in 1984, going platinum and getting him a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Of course, not every Reagan-era artist has held up but adult contemporary as his sound may be, there's clear traces of Dear Ole Dad's voice and power in these new songs.
Abstract by Jeremy Gordon

Discography without singles:
Year: Title:    Chart positions:                     Certifications: 
                     US / UK / AUS / NZ / GER / SWE / JAPAN
1984 Valotte  17 / 20 / * / 15 / 60 / 15 /  –  / Platinum (US)
1986 The Secret Value of Daydreaming 32 / 93 / * /  – /  – / 25 /  – / Gold (US)
1989 Mr. Jordan 87 /  – / 18 /  – /  – /  – /  – / 
1991 Help Yourself  – / 42 / 5 /  – /  – /  – /  – / 
1998 Photograph Smile  – / 78 / 28 /  – / 94 /  – / 70 / 
2001 VH-1 - Behind the Music – The Julian Lennon Collection  –  –  –  –  –  –  – 
2011 Everything Changes  – / 106 /  – /  – /  – /  – /  – / 


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Paul McCartney carrying a young Julian Lennon

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