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Justine Vandergrift Yes Alright OK (2011) 

yes alright ok Cover Art

           Justine Vandergrift – Yes Alright OK 
Location: Edmonton ~ Lacombe, Alberta, Canada
Album release: April 26, 2011
Record Label: Justine Vandergrift Music
Website: http://www.justinevandergrift.com/
Bandcamp: http://justinevandergrift.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JustineVandergriftMusic?sk=events
Justine Vandergrift has been singing and creating music her whole life. Born in Edmonton she moved around Western Canada travelling all over the world studying, working, writing and playing music.
She settled for long enough to finish a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science at The Kings University College and worked there for a Social Justice organization for two years, while writing relevant music and performing it whenever she could. During the long Edmonton winter of 2010/11, Justine finally gave in to family and friends’ urging to record her songs and worked with producer Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor Studio on her first full album Yes Alright OK.
Justine’s lyrics, rich vocals, creative melodies, rhythmic guitar strength and ever-evolving musical arrangements guarantee an intriguing performance. Her musical roots range from church/choir singing to folk, blues, indie rock and country. Vandergrift says in her songs what people would say if they could only articulate so eloquently the words of their souls. Her voice is startlingly natural and wakens a raw passion for life in those who hear it.
CD BABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/justinevandergrift
Album Notes:
01. I Stand In The Way Of Wrecking Balls   4:05
Guitar and vocal – Justine Vandergrift
Bass – Travis McKenzie
Drums and lead guitar– Stew Kirkwood
Vocal- Joe Nolan
02. Waiting for Nothing   4:02
Guitar and vocal – Justine Vandergrift
Lead guitar and mystic vocal - Bill Bourne
Bass – Travis McKenzie
Drums, piano and vocals - Stew Kirkwood
Banjo- David Prins
Vocal- Peter DeKoning
Kitchen party singers – Elly Doef, Ben Folkman, Britta DeGroot, Matthew Gelderman, Deanna Dykstra and Anthony Middel
03. By and Buy and Bye   3:25
Guitar and vocal – Justine Vandergrift
Bass – Travis McKenzie
Drums, pedal steel, Melodica, Mellotron, glockenspiel – Stew Kirkwood
04. Nothing Like the Rain   3:47
Guitar and vocals – Justine Vandergrift
Drums and lead guitar – Stew Kirkwood
Bass- Travis McKenzie
Strings – Anthony Middel
05. The Ballad of Analytical Lovers   3:12
Omnichord and vocal – Justine Vandergrift
Organ, harpsichord, lap steel, percussion – Stew Kirkwood
06. Garden Song   3:51
Guitar, mandolin, harmonica and vocal – Justine Vandergrift
Bass – Travis McKenzie
Fiddle – Anthony Middel
Drums and electric guitar – Stew Kirkwood
Doboro and vocal- Peter DeKoning
Vocal – Charissa Vandergrift
07. Everyone Walks By   4:50
(Co-written with Ben Folkman)
Guitar and vocal – Justine Vandergrft
Lead guitar and vocal – Joe Nolan
Banjo – David Prins
08. Bring Me Home   4:24
Guitar and vocals – Justine Vandergrift
Beat box – Travis ‘Speedmouth’ McKenzie
Synth, cymbals, glitches – Stew Kirkwood
09. Off Beat   3:04
Guitar, claps and vocal – Justine Vandergrift
Vocal- Peter DeKoning
12 string electric, bass, drums, vintage organ & piano – Stew Kirkwood
10. Strawberry Patch   3:57
Guitar and vocals – Justine Vandergrift
Bass – Travis McKenzie
Drums – Stew Kirkwood
Banjo – David Prins
Slide guitar and vocal – Peter DeKoning
Violin – Anthony Middel
11. The Rubble   3:16
Ukelele and vocal – Justine Vandergrift
Slide guitar and vocal – Peter DeKoning
Vocal – David Prins
All songs written by Justine Vandergrift. Produced, engineered and mixed by Stew Kirkwood. For lyrics see www.justinevandergrift.com.

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