Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — The Mosaic of Transformation (May 15, 2020)USA FLAG Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — The Mosaic of Transformation   Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — The Mosaic of Transformation (May 15, 2020)⇒  The American synth whisperer gets meditative on her most beautiful record yet. The Mosaic Of Transformation floats by in a pleasant haze that culminates in “Expanding Electricity,” the most expansive song in her catalogue. A blooming masterpiece, it unfurls with mallet percussion, bells and other ringing sounds. “How can I help to serve so you can do what you do?” sings Smith, a line which feels directed towards her synthesizer. “I feel it — can you feel it expanding? I hear it — can you hear it expanding?” These questions trigger a flood of sound, from cello~like hums to arpeggios that blast like fireworks, a dazzling display of synth prowess. Though it finds Smith at her most reserved, The Mosaic Of Transformation feels like a breakthrough, melting the pop~savvy hooks of her past records into one gorgeous, rarefied sound, as invigorating and smooth as electricity flowing through circuits. (Andrew Ryce)   Born: 1987, Orcas Island, United States
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
Genre: Electronic, Female Vocal 
Album release: May 15, 2020
Record Label: Ghostly International
Duration:     37:51
01. Unbraiding Boundless Energy Within Boundaries   1:07 
02. Remembering   5:53 
03. Understanding Body Messages   1:24 
04. The Steady Heart   5:40 
05. Carrying Gravity   7:04 
06. The Spine Is Quiet in the Center   5:12 
07. Overflowing   0:28 
08. Deepening the Flow of   0:27  
09. Expanding Electricity   10:36
AllMusic Review by Paul Simpson ⌊ April 17, 2020 ⌋ Score: 9 
⇒  Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s first Ghostly International release, The Mosaic of Transformation, was inspired by electricity, and its relationship to the energy of the human body. The composer began a daily practice in which she would pass electricity through her body, setting it into motion. These improvisatory movements, which changed from day to day, fed into the creation of the album, an ever~shifting, multi~sensory mass of bubbling synths and cascading vocal arrangements.
The record doesn’t feel as structured and focused as The Kid, Smith’s new age pop opus from 2017, but it’s meant to be amorphous and fluid, and it follows its own current. Appearing after the release of an album Smith composed for the purposes of yoga, Mosaic has a similarly meditative flow, but with much more expansive arrangements.
⇒  On “Remembering,” tones similar to pipe organs and strings materialize, gradually leading to a mantra~like repetition: “Be kind to one another, we’re coming together.” Smith’s voice stretches a bit, so she could also be saying “We’re calming together,” and her voice is layered and stereo~separated to entrancing effect. “The Steady Heart” is a busy, curious arrangement of snaking woodwind synths and ethereal vocals, springing forth several simultaneous thoughts, and pushed forward by a tricky beat tempo. “The Spine Is Quiet in the Center” also places sporadic beats within its trickling streams of synth textures and playful melodic hints. “Expanding Electricity,” the ambitious ten~minute suite that concludes the album, is a complex tapestry of wooden percussion tones, upward~surging arpeggios, and heavenly vocals expressing a joyous flow of warmth and energy.
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