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Katharina Weber, Fred Frith and Fredy Studer
It Rolls

Katharina Weber, Fred Frith and Fredy Studer — It Rolls (2015)

 Katharina Weber, Fred Frith and Fredy Studer — It RollsKatharina Weber, Fred Frith and Fredy Studer — It Rolls (2015)
–••–  –••–   The mutual value of both is dramatically increased. Non–conventional percussive accompaniment. This is a fine recording and a must for Fred Frith/Fredy Studer/Katharina Weber fans. Exotica and humorous.
Location: Switzerland
Genre: Avant–Garde Jazz
Album release: 2015
Record Label: Intakt Records
Duration:     58:44
01. It Rolls      15:03
02. Armen Seelen      5:03
03. Weh a Ways Away      3:04
04. Wildstrubel      1:40
05. Gong      3:37
06. Sparsam      1:35
07. Gefährten an der Kreuzung      9:11
08. Die Sprache der Dinge      3:56
09. Spieglein an der Wand      4:03
10. Trippen ohne Flippen      9:47
11. Akelei (Im Garten der Grosseltern)      1:45
→   Katharina Weber: Piano
→   Fred Frith: Guitar
→   Fredy Studer: Drums, Gong
••–  Music by Katharina Weber, Fred Frith, Fredy Studer.
••–  Recorded July 28, 29, 2014, at Hard Studios Winterthur by Andy Neresheimer.
••–  Engineer, Mixed and mastered by Andy Neresheimer.
••–  Cover art: Christiane Lenz.
••–  Graphic design: Jonas Schoder.
••–  Liner notes: Julia Neupert.
••–  Photo: Josef Jutz.
••–  Translation: Paul Lytton.
••–  Produced and published by Intakt Records.
••–  Intakt CD 248 / 2015

                                                © Photo Josef Jutz
••–  A new "piano icon" — this is how Fred Frith describes Katharina Weber. For almost thirty years now the classically trained pianist and composer moves within the world of New Music and Improvisation.
••–  Energy and silence — being focussed, aware, yet at the same time relaxed and open. This is exactly the state she also finds important for improvising, Katharina Weber says.
••–  In percussionist Fredy Studer and guitarist Fred Frith, Katharina Weber has evidently found two like–minded partners in this trio who: Studer, the wild Hardcore–Chamber–Music–drummer with a liking for driving grooves and Frith, the multi and poly–lingual sound artist among contemporary guitarists.
••–  Fascinating alongside the complex and often equivocal impression is a discreet kind of awareness of form; a conciseness, clarity and logic which surely originate in the manifold individual experiences of Frith, Studer and Weber in the most diverse musical settings. The fact that from these experiences they have now found a common means of expression and, obviously and above all, a common joy of playing is more than just a stroke of luck!
••–  Energie und Ruhe — Konzentriert sein, achtsam, aber zugleich gelöst und offen. Es ist genau dieser Zustand, der ihr auch beim Improvisieren wichtig sei, sagt Katharina Weber.
••–  Mit dem Schlagzeuger Fredy Studer und dem Gitarristen Fred Frith hat Katharina Weber in diesem Trio zwei Gleichgesinnte an ihrer Seite: Studer, der furiose Hardcore–Chamber–Music–Trommler mit einem Faible für druckvolle Grooves und Frith, der so vielsprachige Klangkünstler unter den zeitgenössischen Gitarristen.
••–  Hinter den komplexen und oft ambivalenten Stimmungsbildern fasziniert ein unaufdringliches Formbewusstsein; eine Prägnanz, Klarheit und Logik, die sicher auf die mannigfachen individuellen Erfahrungen von Frith, Studer und Weber in den unterschiedlichsten musikalischen Kontexten zurückzuführen ist. Dass sie aus diesen Erfahrungen jetzt zu einer gemeinsamen Spielhaltung und offensichtlich vor allem zu einem gemeinsamen Spielvergnügen gefunden haben, ist mehr als nur ein Glücksfall! (aus den Linernotes von Julia Neupert)
Website: http://www.intaktrec.ch/
Album Woven Time (2009): http://www.allaboutjazz.com/woven-time-katharina-weber-intakt-records-review-by-nic-jones.php
Artist Biography
••–    Born 16 June 1948, Lucerne, Switzerland. Studer is a self–taught musician who started playing drums when he was 16 years old and appeared in a wide range of bands from rock through jazz to experimental. In 1970, he moved to Rome with a rock trio. He became a consultant for the development of Paiste cymbals. Throughout the 70s he was with the jazz/rock band Om and then played in the rock band Hand In Hand. Studer formed a trio with Rainer Brüninghaus and Markus Stockhausen between 1981 and 1984 and then played in the Charlie Mariano / Jasper Van’t Hof band. He also performed in the percussion group Singing Drums with Pierre Favre, Paul Motian and Nana Vasconcelos. Studer has toured extensively, including trips to the USA, Central and South America, the Caribbean, North Africa and Japan.
••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–  ••–••–  ••–

Katharina Weber, Fred Frith and Fredy Studer
It Rolls




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