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Kathryn Calder
Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder — Kathryn Calder (April 14, 2015)

            Kathryn Calder — Kathryn Calder 
↑  Musician, solo artist, member of the New Pornographers.
↑  Je to skutečně abstraktní, zakořeněné spíše v náladě a jiskření než v konkrétních verších a sborech. This isn’t an album with answers to any of life’s maddeningly big questions, and the staggered instrumentation and harmonies of “Beach” — the thing just keeps building, then falling back down — find an appropriately obtuse pocket for such meditative lyrics to live in. “When You See My Blood” stacks up a more ominous but equally mutative soundscape rife with sitar and watery drums that eventually explode into distortion. But many of the other tracks, including “Blue Skies” and “Armour”, are more musically straightforward, never conveying that same sense of mystery. While Kathryn Calder certainly deserves credit for its open mind and surrealism, sometimes the bigger topics get lost in the smallness of the songs.
Born: June 17, 1982
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Instruments: Vocals, keyboard, accordion, guitar
Album release: April 14th, 2015
Record Label: File Under: Music
Duration:     41:38
01 Slow Burning     2:42
02 Beach
03 Take a Little Time
04 Blue Skies
05 When You See My Blood
06 My Armour
07 Song in Cm
08 Pride by Design
09 Arm in Arm
10 Remembering
Written by: Kathryn Calder
↑  Lane Arndt Guitar
↑  Jill Barber Vocals
↑  Ryan Beattie Guitar, Vocals
↑  Nicolas Bermudez Bass
↑  Byron Bowen Cover Art
↑  Kathryn Calder Composer, Engineer, Guitar, Producer, Synthesizer, Vocals
↑  Samuel Davidson Clarinet, EWI
↑  Caelie Frampton Photography
↑  Hannah Georgas Vocals
↑  Meghan Hildebrand Artwork, Design, Paintings
↑  Mark Kerrey Drums
↑  Patsy Klein Vocals
↑  Dan Mangan Vocals
↑  Stuart McKillop Mastering
↑  Barry Mirochnick Drums
↑  Brennan Saul Percussion
↑  Jenna Shouldice Photography
↑  Colin Stewart Engineer, Mixing, Producer
↑  Andrew Taylor Drums
By Andrea Warner | Published Apr 10, 2015 | Score: 8
↑  The opening line of “Slow Burning,” the first song on Kathryn Calder’s new record, is an invitation, a dare, a desperate and delicate cry for more. The music shimmers and immerses the listener in an underwater utopia, while Calder’s vocals climb in layers up towards the sky. It sets the scene for what’s to come: a perfectly produced pop paradise. The self–titled album, Calder’s third solo effort since joining the New Pornographers a decade ago, is a kaleidoscope of wonder, moments tucked inside other moments like Russian nesting dolls.
↑  The sonic treats are so fleeting and surprising that even with repeated listens, trying to identify every one is like catching butterflies in a net; it’s vibrant and alive and urgent, spring bursting through the winter’s frost, an artist discovering new things about her music and herself. There’s ache and pain, in some places, but even those songs feel weightless. "Song in C Minor" is a devastating, but its repeated refrain, “You’ll never be mine,” gets a lift from the spare arrangement and the enchanting flourishes that fade in and out. The album’s best track is the propulsive "Take a Little Time," which vibrates and shines with odd rhythms and possesses an excellent shift about halfway through, where the momentum breaks and Calder’s clear tones repeat “I’ll forgive you” as if we’re suspended in time with her before speeding back up into a glorious finish. (File Under: Music) :: http://exclaim.ca/                                                                               Review by Mark Deming; Score: ***½
↑  For her third solo album, New Pornographers vocalist and keyboardist Kathryn Calder once again steps outside the stylistic framework of the band's smart, grand–scale pop into cooler, more contemplative territory. While Kathryn Calder’s thoughtful, evocative indie pop occasionally kicks into high gear on songs like “Take a Little Time” and “My Armour,” most of the time this music drifts calmly on clouds of synthesizer patches hovering over a spare landscape of massed voices, distant drums, and single–string guitar patterns. Even when Calder does turn up the tempo, the arrangements are still dominated by placid, ethereal keyboard voices that evoke colorful but chilly plains in early fall, and there are moments when Calder’s music could pass for some forgotten New Age album of the ‘80s. But the album is certainly more artful and generally compelling than that would suggest, and if this music is purposefully minimal, it certainly has a personality, mixing and matching bits of synth pop, Krautrock, and minimal pop as Calder’s gentle but insistent voice takes the lead. The emotions are elemental here, with most of the songs dealing with love and longing, but her expression is clear and gentle, and this is a set of songs that you can either float with downstream or use as a backdrop as you ponder the human interactions that figure into your own life. In some respects, the album is a bit too pretty and polished for its own good, with the kind of approach that fades into the background at times, but there’s no arguing the quality and thoughtfulness that Calder put into this work, and if you like the notion of indie pop as ambient music, then this may be just the album you've been looking for. :: http://www.allmusic.com/
Website: http://www.kathryncalder.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kathryncalder
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathryncalder?_rdr
Press: Daniel Gill |
BY DAN CAFFREY | ON APRIL 09, 2015, 6:01AM | SCORE: B–
↑  http://consequenceofsound.net/2015/04/album-review-kathryn-calder-kathryn-calder/
↑  http://www.thesnipenews.com/music/concert-reviews/kathryn-calder-at-the-biltmore-cabaret-vancouver/
By Andrew Stellmon | published November 10, 2014
↑  http://hearnebraska.org/feature/new-pornographers-bat-signal-goes-qa/
↑  Are You My Mother? (File Under: Music, 2010)
↑  Bright and Vivid (2011)
↑  Kathryn Calder (2015)
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Kathryn Calder
Kathryn Calder




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