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Kaylin Lee Clinton — Painted Road (2013)

 Kaylin Lee Clinton — Painted Road (2013)

Kaylin Lee Clinton — Painted Road
♠   Lyrics that range from quirky to haunting, a voice that goes from sweet to salty, the soul of this long-awaited full debut album is at once deeply intelligent and as light as air.
Recommended if You Like: Adele, Colbie Callait, Ingrid Michaelson
Location: Philadelphia, PA ~ New York City, NY
Album release: September 5, 2013
Record Label: self-released 
Duration:     50:29
01. Painted Road     3:54
02. You-Who     4:04
03. Go Time     4:29
04. Dustbunny [Explicit]     4:05
05. Rely     4:22
06. Breathe     3:41
07. Western Pa     3:03
08. Unsaid     4:33
09. Drummer Boy     5:58
10. Alphabet Seafoam     3:53
11. When I Come Home     4:21
12. Flying     4:06
℗  2013 Kaylin Lee Clinton
♠   It took a trek up and down a volcano for Kaylin to be brave enough to share her soulful vocals and quirky lyrics with the world, and now she has "created a hot and steamy atmosphere" — (SOUTHSIDE) for audiences in NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, France, and Israel!
♠   Chosen as a featured artist for Timberland's Earthkeeper line, Kaylin's songs are varied, with melodies that "ebb and flow like the waters of life"  — (Womens Radio). ♠   They continue to inspire with their rich melodies and humorous perspectives. "Her sound is new and fresh. It's fun and girly and jazzy and sophisticated all at the same time. Her smile is killer- she has rhythm and soul and a light heart." — (FOOTPRINTS AND INSPIRATIONS)
♠   Born in Philadelphia, Kaylin was greeted at the hospital by three older siblings dressed in sailor suits, who serenaded their newborn sister with their rendition of “Popeye the Sailor Man.” The trio, a future flutist, guitarist, and drummer themselves, wasted no time in introducing their newest band-mate to song.
♠   Kaylin steeped in this household of music, where the Irish, Israeli, and Russian folk music of her heritage blended in harmony with classical composers and classic American folk artists.
♠   Notes swirled around in her head like many wound-up music boxes, and began to attach themselves to feelings. These musical feelings found words, but for years, Kaylin kept her songs inside of her head as a secret.
♠   But family tragedy made Kaylin realize that life is too short to keep your feelings, musical or otherwise, inside. Timidly, she began to record her songs, working with producer Steve Wallace who masterfully helped Kaylin get the notes out of her head.
♠   Now Kaylin is living in New York City, collaborating with many artists, singing jazz, funk, and of course, her own songs.
Website:  http://www.kaylinleeclinton.com
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kaylinleeclinton2
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaylinleeclintonmusic

Kaylin Lee Clinton — Painted Road (2013)




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