Keren Ann — Not Going Anywhere (2003)

                Keren Ann – Not Going Anywhere
Birthname: Keren Ann Zeidel  (קרן אן זיידל‎)
Born: March 10, 1974, Caesarea, Israel
Instruments: Guitar, piano, clarinet
Associated acts: Benjamin Biolay, Barði Jóhannsson, Lady and Bird
Location: New York/Paris/Tel Aviv
Album release: November 25, 2003; August 24, 2004 (U.S.)
Record Label: Capitol Records  //  Metro Blue/Blue Note U.S, Delabel France
Duration:      38:18
01  Not Going Anywhere   3:37
02  Polly   3:16
03  Road Bin   3:22
04  End of May   3:31
05  Sailor & Widow   3:33
06  Sit in The Sun   3:32
07  Right Now & Right Here   3:36
08  Seventeen   2:24
09  Spanish Song Bird   4:12
10  By The Cathedral   2:41
11  Ending Song   4:30
⇒     She plays guitar, piano and clarinet, engineers and writes choir and musical arrangements. // New Yorker; Pop Music — A Clear View — In English, yet. By Sasha Frère~Jones:
•    Keren Ann Zeidel (born March 10, 1974) is a sound designer, singer, songwriter, composer, producer and engineer based largely in Paris, Tel Aviv and New York. She has lived and recorded in France and New York for many years though she retains her Dutch and Israeli citizenship.
•    She has released 6 solo records up to date: „101“ (2011), „Keren Ann“ (2007),  „Nolita“ (2005), „Not Going Anywhere“ (2003), „La Disparition“ (2002),  „La Biographie De Luka Philipsen“ (2000).
•    Many of her songs were performed by internationally acclaimed artists, among others Henri Salvador, Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy, Rosa Passos, Jacky Terasson, Emmanuelle Seigner and Benjamin Biolay.
•   In 2008 K.A composed with Tibo Javoy the entire sound design for European TV Channel „ARTE“.
•   Her music has been featured in diverse films and tv series („Grey’s Anatomy“, „Six Feet Under“, „Big  Love“, „Deux Jours A Tuer“).
•   She is also a member of the band „Lady & Bird“ with Bardi Johannsson. They are currently  writing and composing the Gothic Opera „Red Waters“ for the „Theatre National d’Orleans“. They have also worked with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra in Reykjavik with director Daniel Kawka and with „L’orchestre Lamoureux“ directed by Christophe Mangou for the Parisian hall „Salle Pleyel“.
•    In April 2011 she collaborated with ? Questlove of The Roots for a unique project called the Philly~Paris Lockdown.
PRESS Quotes:
∴    “101 finds her still making extraordinarily pretty music while adding growing complexity and depth to the mix.”  — Philadelphia Inquirer on „101“
∴    “101 is a calm, jazzy and hauntingly beautiful foray into the lovelorn recesses of her mind.” — BLURT on „101“ 
∴    “…spectacularly produced art~pop… apocalyptically bold.” — UNCUT on „101“ 
“mesmerizing”  — People Magazine on „101“ 
∴    “She has been called a Norah Jones for Velvet Underground fans, but her insouciant cool and arch, breathy meditations on sex and mortality are equally evocative of the VU’s own femme fatale~siren, Nico... Keren Ann’s devoted followers may soon have to share her with a wider audience” — The Guardian on „101“
∴    “The thing that makes Keren Ann’s records so special is that you put them on and leave them on. I know no higher compliment.” — Word on „101“ 
∴    “Whimsical… extraordinary” — Mojo on „101“
∴    “Upbeat and full of delicate melody and rich sonic detail” — Rolling Stone on „101“ 
∴    “A compelling listen from an artist whose days as a 'best~kept secret’ feel like they are coming to an end” — Record of the Day on „101“ 
∴    “Remarkable. Few can manage this level of confidence and mystique. Possessed of a voice as etheral as a cloud of Gauloises smoke, she conveys both intimacy and world~weary resignation” — Brittish magazine Q on her 2007 album  „Keren Ann“ 
∴    “Keren Ann has the X~Factor that transcends the breathy stereotype...she continues to find ways of turning out exquisitely sultry torch~folk.” — The Observer on her 2007 album  „Keren Ann“
∴    “Keren Ann reveals the assurance of a fully developed artist... Zeidel’s compositions are becoming increasingly elaborate, such as the gentle, six~minute masterpiece „Liberty,“ which culminates in heavenly choral vocals...” — Time Out New York on her 2007 album  „Keren Ann“
∴  “Keren Ann has continued to carve out a reputation as one of the more prodigious singer~songwriters of the past decade... Her new self~titled album is another stunner.” — CMJ New Music Monthly on her 2007 album  „Keren Ann“
Solo albums:
•    La Biographie de Luka Philipsen   [EMI] (2000~2001)
•    La Disparition   [EMI] (2002)
•    Not Going Anywhere   [Capitol Records] (2003)
•    Nolita at   [Metro Blue/Blue Note U.S and EMI] (2004~2005)
•    Keren Ann at   [Metro Blue/Blue Note U.S and EMI] (2006~2007)
•    101   [EMI] (2011)By Yariv Milchan in My Photos by Author: Yariv Milchan Bt Cyril Keren Ann Author: Bt CyrilBy J.B. Mondino Keren AnnBy J.B.MondinoBy Jan Keren AnnBy Jan Keren AnnBy JanKeren Ann performingAuthor: Jaye Z from Shanghai, China (May 11, 2008)

Keren Ann — Not Going Anywhere (2003)


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