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Kevin Morby City Music

Kevin Morby — City Music (June 16th, 2017)

             Kevin Morby — City Music (June 16th, 2017)  Kevin Morby — City Music (June 16th, 2017)★     Čtvrté album. Morby byl vždy pevně v režimu pasivního vypravěče (The Ballad Of Arlo Jones). Hrdina písně prakticky nikde nepřebýval, pořád jen stěhování sem a tam (Lubbock, Texas~New York~Montecito Heights, Los Angeles~Kansas City, Missouri). Nicméně, v písni je ještě náznak smutku muže, který žil příliš rychle, žil a zemřel sám. ★     Samota je to, co vždy zasáhne Morbyho nejvíc.
★     Morby sám je ztracená existence. Na albu Still Life byl vždy na limitu své mysli. Problém je v tom, že je na ostrově taky sám. Je věčně v provizoriu a nikdy nenajde uspokojivé postavení až po okraj. Naproti tomu ale Still Life bylo solidní album. Morby všem svým kolekcím písní důsledně dodává jemnou zasmušilost, snad přijde tedy ještě něco většího. Prvotinu Harlem River nepřekonal a na úroveň Still Life with guitar (Kevin Ayers) ještě potřebuje dozrát. Každé album se krásně poslouchá, zasmušilá nálada je v intencích doby, Eboly, krutých osudů, plíživé a neodvratné smrti, která trpělivě čeká. Nové album City Music je letadlo sestupující přes zamrzlá jezera do Chicaga. Je jízdou vlakem Q Train na ostrov Coney, aby Kevin pocítil oceán a ráno ve Philadelphii, kde velké jeřáby přestavují stavby jako nekonečnou hádanku. City Music je klidný odpolední okamžik na lavičce v Baltimore, v noci v dálničním centru Seattlu, kde vzdálené domy vypadají jako malé plameny a láhev červeného vína se vyčerpá na mostě v Paříži. City Music je autobus, který se táhne do St. Louis za úsvitu, kde mostní oblouk vypadá jako kovová duha odrážející dny raného slunečního světla ....  Úžasný
★   “‘City Music’my beautiful baby girl was born into the world last night at Midnight on June 16 2017 at 12” tall and weighing in at 140 grams. Thank you to Harvest Records in Asheville North Carolina for this wonderful picture and to everyone involved in this record. You all mean everything and I do hope you enjoy the music.” — Kevin Morby

Birth name: Kevin Robert Morby
Born: April 2, 1988, Lubbock, Texas, United States
Location: New York ~ Montecito Heights, Los Angeles ~ Kansas City, Missouri
Album release: June 16th, 2017
Record Label: Dead Oceans
Duration:     49:06
01. Come To Me Now     5:51
02. Crybaby     3:56
03. 1234     1:47
04. Aboard My Train     3:16
05. Dry Your Eyes     4:13
06. Flannery     0:41
07. City Music     6:44
08. Tin Can     4:50
09. Caught In My Eye     3:33
10. Night Time     6:03
11. Pearly Gates     3:52
12. Downtown’s Lights     4:20
★   I couldn’t be happier to announce the release of ‘City Music,’ my fourth album, out June 16 on Dead Oceans. The record is a collection of ten songs, a Germs cover and a Flannery O’Conor passage read by my friend Meg Baird, inspired by and devoted to my metropolitan experience across America. It is a mix~tape, a fever dream, a love letter dedicated to those cities that I cannot get rid of, to those cities that are all inside of me.
★   The tracklisting is below, and today, from the road, I’m sharing the first song off the album, ‘Come To Me Now.’ The organ you’re hearing on this song is an old pump organ from the 1800s, I wish I could remember the brand — but I don’t. This was my favorite part of recording this album, playing this thing and pumping air into it with the foot pedals, it had such a presence from the moment I entered the studio. For the first few days I think I thought it was just there for looks, that there was no way it still worked, but sure enough it did. Above it hung a framed photo of the original owner of the studios property who died sometime ago. Apparently his ghost still occupies the premises.
Andrew Gordon | 12 Jun 2017 | Score: ★★★★★
★   The last time we heard Kevin Morby, he sounded immortal. On Singing Saw, the ex~Woods bass player and co~director of The Babies sang sweeping epics about fire and rain and facing the devil in his dreams. He’d been to the mountain, sung all the songs and watched as the flowers around him wilted, seeming more of a mythological figure wandered in from the back pages of rock history than a regular guy strumming a guitar.
★   City Music finds Morby stepping out of that caricature into the bustling avenues of the modern metropolis. There, he reckons with what it is ‘to be a normal man, just to go out shaking hands’ and confronts the reality that his days are numbered. It’s a journey beset by isolation and a kind of spiritual fatigue but just as prevalent are moments of awe and jubilation on an album that stitches together a panoramic view of the urban experience.
★   On ‘Dry Your Eyes’, we hear him crawl the night in search of companionship to the slow shuffle of brushes on a snare drum. He and Megan Duffy’s guitars stagger up against one another, sighing with a big roomy tone you could imagine spilling out a dive bar in some gloomy back alley of nowhere. The title track, meanwhile, is an upbeat jam that ebbs and flows with the energy of rush hour traffic. ‘Oh that city music, oh that city sound!’ goes the refrain, an exclamation that seems both overwhelmed and elated by the possibilities of so many lives happening in the same place.
★   Morby’s tools are the same as ever, but more refined. That once derivative Dylan~esque drawl is now unmistakably his own and on ‘Tin Can’ we hear him perfect the art of saying lots with as little as possible. ‘Sun came up then it went down again,’ he sings, and you marvel as an entire day passes in eight words, a drum roll spinning the sky like a pinwheel.
★   ‘Come to Me Now’, recorded on a 19th century pump organ, could be the most yearning sound he’s put to tape while ‘Aboard My Train’ pays tribute to the relationships that made him, and when he lets loose a solo with a euphoric yelp, you’ll want to run and hug everyone who was ever there for you. More candid but just as magical, City Music is another magnificent record from Morby.
★   Listen to: Tin Can, City Music, Come To Me Now
★   http://www.theskinny.co.uk/
Website: http://www.kevinmorby.com/
Bandcamp: https://kevinmorby.bandcamp.com/album/city-music

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