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Kirsty MacColl
All I Ever Wanted: The Anthology (2 CD, May 6, 2014)

Kirsty MacColl — All I Ever Wanted: The Anthology (2 CD, May 6, 2014)

         Kirsty MacColl — All I Ever Wanted: The Anthology
φ   An adventurous British singer/songwriter unafraid to experiment in styles as divergent as hip–hop, tropical, and punk.
Born: October 10, 1959 in Croydon, London, England
Died: December 18, 2000 in Mexico
Album release: May 6, 2014
Record Label:
Duration:     155:26
Disc 1
01 Us Amazonians     4:10 
02 Days     3:00 
03 Free World     2:37 
04 Children of the Revolution     3:59 
05 Walking Down Madison [Ye Olde Original Mix]      4:34 
06 My Affair     5:24 
07 In These Shoes?     3:39 
08 They Don't Know     3:02 
09 Terry [12" Version]     5:16 
10 Over You     2:36 
11 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby     2:59 
12 Caroline     2:55 
13 Touch Me     3:36 
14 Soho Square     4:24 
15 All I Ever Wanted     3:49 
16 England 2 Columbia 0     3:45 
17 Wrong Again     4:14 
18 Don't Come the Cowboy with Me, Sonny Jim!     3:47 
19 Last Day of Summer     4:20 
20 Golden Heart     3:22 
21 Bad     2:45 
Disc 2
01 There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis     3:07 
02 Mother's Ruin     3:56 
03 Shutting the Doors (feat: Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra) 4:21 
04 Queen of the High Teas     2:27 
05 See That Girl     3:01 
06 I'm Going Out With an Eighty Year Old Millionaire     2:50 
07 Mamba de la Luna     4:36 
08 Designer Life     2:34 
09 Big Boy On a Saturday Night     3:56 
10 Titanic Days     5:43 
11 Can't Stop Killing You     4:11 
12 Fairytale of New York (feat: The Pogues)     4:31 
13 Hard to Believe     2:19 
14 You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby      2:48 
15 A New England (feat: Billy Bragg)      3:26 
16 Halloween     3:38 
17 You and Me Baby     2:31 
18 Angel     3:39 
19 He's On the Beach     3:26 
20 The End of a Perfect Day     3:21 
21 Still Life     2:58 
22 Innocence     4:00
Written by:
φ   Pete Glenister / Kirsty MacColl     1/1, 2/22
φ   Ray Davies     1/2
φ   Kirsty MacColl      1/3, 8, 12, 16, 17, 18, 21, 2/1, 3-6, 13, 18
φ   Kirsty MacColl / Johnny Marr     1/4, 5, 2/11, 17
φ   Kirsty MacColl / Mark E. Nevin     1/6, 14, 19, 2/9, 10, 16
φ   William Correa / Pete Glenister / Melvin Lastie / Kirsty MacColl     1/7
φ   Kirsty MacColl / Gavin Povey     1/9, 2/19
φ   Gerry Goffin / Carole King     1/11
φ   Pete Glenister / Kirsty MacColl     1/13, 2/2, 22
φ   Marshall Crenshaw / Kirsty MacColl     1/15
φ   Pete Glenister / Kirsty MacColl / Dave Ruffy     2/7
φ   Kenneth Crouch / Kirsty MacColl     2/8
φ   Jem Finer / Shane MacGowan     2/12
φ   Johnny Marr / Morrissey     2/14
φ   Billy Bragg     2/15
φ   Kirsty MacColl / Philip Rambow     2/21 
Review by Mark Deming;  Score: ****
φ   Kirsty MacColl first emerged on the British pop scene as something of a novelty — her first single was the girl group pastiche "They Don't Know," which became a hit when covered by comic Tracey Ullman, and her first chart success on her own was the witty country–styled number "There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis." But in 1989, MacColl released the album Kite, which revealed she was one of the best and most insightful U.K. songwriters of her generation, with a body of work that was witty, disarmingly honest, eclectic, and adventurous. A motorboat accident claimed MacColl's life in 2000, cutting short a career that was still in motion. All I Ever Wanted: The Anthology is a two–disc collection that brings together highlights from MacColl's albums Kite, Electric Landlady (1991), Titanic Days (1993), and the posthumous Tropical Brainstorm (2001), as well as early singles, 12" remixes, and BBC radio performances. All I Ever Wanted is a suitably thorough and tremendously entertaining look at an artist who left behind a small but impressive legacy.
φ   Baboon Farm Producer
φ   Billy Bragg Composer, Featured Artist
φ   Nigel Brockbank Remixing
φ   William Correa Composer
φ   Marshall Crenshaw Composer
φ   Kenneth Crouch Composer
φ   Ray Davies Composer
φ   Estuary English Artwork
φ   Barry Farmer Producer
φ   Jem Finer Composer
φ   Pete Glenister Composer, Producer, Remixing
φ   Gerry Goffin Composer
φ   Jools Holland Producer, Quotation Author
φ   Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra Featured Artist
φ   Carole King Composer
φ   Melvin Lastie Composer
φ   Laurie Latham Producer
φ   Steve Lillywhite Producer
φ   Kirsty MacColl Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
φ   Neill MacColl Composer
φ   Shane MacGowan Composer
φ   Johnny Marr Composer, Quotation Author
φ   Morrissey Composer
φ   Mark E. Nevin Composer
φ   Alan Officer Sleeve Notes
φ   The Pogues Featured Artist
φ   Gavin Povey Composer, Producer
φ   Philip Rambow Composer
φ   Dave Ruffy Composer, Producer
φ   Liam Sternberg Producer
φ   Colin Stuart Producer
φ   Vic Van Vugt Producer
φ   Peter Watts Producer
φ   Chris Whatmaugh Producer
Billboard Albums:
φ   2005 The Best Of European Top 100 Albums 
Billboard Singles:
φ   1994 Angel     Modern Rock Tracks     #26
φ   1993 Can't Stop Killing You     Modern Rock Tracks     #20
φ   1991 Walking Down Madison     Dance Music/Club Play Singles     #18
φ   1991 Walking Down Madison     Hot Dance Music/Maxi–Singles Sales     #36
φ   1991 Walking Down Madison     Modern Rock Tracks     #4
Discography: (UK Album Chart)
φ   July 1981     Desperate Character –
φ   July 1989     Kite     #34
φ   June 1991     Electric Landlady     #17
φ   October 1993     Titanic Days     #46
φ   March 2000     Tropical Brainstorm     #39
φ   In 2000, following her participation in the presentation of a radio programme for the BBC in Cuba, MacColl took a holiday in Cozumel, Mexico, with her sons and her partner, musician James Knight. On 18 December 2000, she and her sons went diving at the Chankanaab reef, part of the National Marine Park of Cozumel, in a designated diving area that watercraft were restricted from entering. With the group was a local veteran divemaster, Iván Díaz. As the group were surfacing from a dive, a speeding powerboat entered the restricted area. MacColl saw the boat coming before her sons did; Louis (then 13) was not in the boat's path, but Jamie (then 15) was. She was able to push him out of the way (he sustained minor head and rib injuries) but in doing so, she was hit by the boat and killed instantly. MacColl's remains were repatriated to the United Kingdom and she was cremated after a funeral service at Mortlake Crematorium in London.
φ   The boat involved in the accident was owned by Mexican supermarket millionaire Guillermo González Nova, who was on board with members of his family. One of his employees, boathand José Cen Yam, said that he was driving the boat at the time of the incident. Eyewitnesses said that Cen Yam was not at the controls and that the boat was travelling much faster than the speed of one knot that González Nova said. Cen Yam was found guilty of culpable homicide and was sentenced to 2 years 10 months in prison. He was allowed under Mexican law to pay a punitive fine of 1,034 pesos (about €63, L61 or US$90) in lieu of the prison sentence. He was also ordered to pay approximately US$2,150 in restitution to MacColl's family, an amount based on his wages. People who said they spoke to Cen Yam after the accident said he received money for taking the blame.
Website: http://www.kirstymaccoll.com/

Kirsty MacColl
All I Ever Wanted: The Anthology (2 CD, May 6, 2014)



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