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Klaus Johann Grobe — Spagat der Liebe (May 6th, 2016)

Klaus Johann Grobe — Spagat der Liebe (May 6th, 2016)

 Klaus Johann Grobe — Spagat der Liebe (May 6th, 2016)
••■••   Duo from Switzerland who wowed critics and DJs with their witty and satisfying take on classic Krautrock and EDM.   
••■••   RIYL: Stereolab, Marcos Valle, Neu, ESG, Blank Realm, Moon Duo, Human League
Location: Zürich / Basel, Switzerland
Album release: May 6th, 2016
Recording date: October, 2015
Record Label: Troubled In Mind Records
Genre: Electronic |
Duration:     39:10   
01 Ein Guter Tag     4:55 
02 Wo Sind     3:47 
03 Rosen des Abschieds     5:19 
04 Pure Fantasie     3:54 
05 Heut Abend nur     2:55 
06 Geschichten aus Erster Hand     4:03 
07 Ohne Mich     3:20 
08 Liebe am Strand     2:53 
09 Sprigen wie Damals     4:22 
10 Gedicht     3:42
Members: Sevi Landolt, Dani Bachmann, + live: Stephan Brunner, Ernst David Hangartner
••   Daniel Bachmann Instrumentation
••   Klaus Johann Grobe Composer
••   Sevi Landolt Instrumentation
••   David Langhard Guitar, Mixing
••   Roman Weissert Flute
••   Mikey Young MasteringDescription:
■   Klaus Johann Grobe continue to avoid easy classification with “Spagat der Liebe”, the follow–up to their mind–scrambling 2013 debut album “Im Sinne der Zeit”. Said debut was an easy to love, but hard to pin down fusion of krautrock, disco, Tropicalia, post–punk and experimental music that garnered rave reviews both in the USA & abroad. In between numerous European festival tours & opening slots for Temples, Moon Duo & the Growlers, the band holed up in their Swiss studio compound to record “Spagat der Liebe” in the autumn of 2015.
■   The sinister, late–night grooves present of their debut have been tempered a bit, in favor of somewhat sunnier dispositions, calling to mind an ecstatic party somewhere in sunny Ibiza. The albums title translates to “balancing act of love” & many of the tunes on “Spagat der Liebe” feel like love songs, either to a significant other, a mood, a feeling, or the dance floor — whichever you choose. The overall vibe of the album acknowledges the tenuous push & pull love can have on a person, not unlike the way a great DJ can make you feel ecstasy & romance all under an umbrella of glittering lights.
■   Tunes like album opener “Ein Guter Tag” & first single “Wo Sind” feel like a warm up, preparing the listener for the four–on–the–floor propulsion of “Rosen des Abschieds” — a song tailor–made to sweat to. Elsewhere the fragile “Heut Abend nur” (”Tonight Only”) & the synth–tickled “Ohne Mich” — which is closest the band has come to an honest to goodness pop tune — guides the listener by the hand towards floor fillers like “Geschichten aus erster Hand” and the absolutely DEVASTATING groove of “Liebe am Strand”, which is anchored by a rubbery bass groove & a killer flute solo that takes it over the event horizon.
■   “Spagat der Liebe” finds the band continuing to challenge listener’s expectations, eschewing overt stylistic tropes in favor of a feeling; keeping love, passion, ecstacy, melancholy, desire & affection in a nimble balance.
■   “Spagat der Liebe” is issued on compact disc & vinyl, with full–color inner sleeve (with lyrics) & artwork co–designed by band member Sevi Landolt. ■   http://www.troubleinmindrecs.com/
AllMusic Review by Tim Sendra;  Score: ****
■   After making a splash with their Im Sinne der Zeit debut in 2014, Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe return with the excellent Spagat der Liebe, an album that takes their sound to a new and improved place. The first record was deeply indebted to the sound of German rock from the ‘70s, built on steadily chugging drums and bass overlaid with droning organ, shimmering vintage synths, and Sevi Landholt’s laconic vocals. The duo proved quite adept at re–creating that sound while giving it a modern energy that made it much more than mere pastiche. Here they make an artistic left turn, almost entirely ditching the German ‘70s in favor of a sound that has elements of ‘80s synth pop, glitterball–ready disco, and the finest smooth chillwave. Maybe Landolt and drummer Daniel Bachmann got tired of being labeled Krautrock imitators, or maybe they just decided to widen their horizons organically; either way, it makes for a more fully realized and multidimensional album. Their debut was fun and a little scruffy around the edges; Spagat is the work of musicians tapping into something bright and bubbling over with creativity. The sounds they conjure from the synths, the variety of tempos and moods, the peaceful whoosh of the ballads, and the whomp of the uptempo tracks all add up to something impressive and endlessly fun. No matter what kind of song they try here, from the Hi–NRG disco of “Rosen des Abschieds,” which comes tricked out with cheesy electronic drum flourishes, to the Stereolab–y drone pop of “Geschichten aus Erster Hand,” it’s clear that Klaus Johann Grobe have grown quite a bit. After building a very strong foundation, they’ve added so much interesting stuff on top that it almost feels like a different band. It would have been hard to predict they’d be able to make pop songs as shiny as “Ohne Mich” or ballads as heartfelt and sweet as “Pure Fantasie.” They did it, though, and did it convincingly. Their initial sound was good; this album has them sneaking up on greatness. It will be fascinating to see where they head next, but for now Spagat der Leibe is a destination any fan of smart, perfectly constructed modern indie rock should set a course for immediately.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/klausjohanngrobe/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/klaus-johann-grobe
Website: http://www.klausjohanngrobe.ch/
■   Nach der Veröffentlichung ihrer Debüt EP auf Salvation Records Anfang 2013, wirbelten Klaus Johann Grobe die Kraut Szene in UK mit ihrer einzigartigen Liveperformance auf. Das Interesse an den zwei Schweizer Jungs gipfelte in ihrem Auftritt auf der Hauptbühne des Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia im September 2013. Einige Labels bemühten sich um Klaus Johann Grobe aber das Rennen machte schließlich Trouble In Mind Records, die die erste Single Traumhaft im Februar 2014 veröffentlichten, dicht gefolgt von ihrem Debüt Album Im Sinne Der Zeit im April 2014.
■   Die zweite Hälfte des Jahres 2014 verbrachte die Band auf Tour in der Schweiz, Niederlande, Deutschland, Dänemark und England mit Zwischenstops auf diversen Festivals wie dem Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Incubate & Reeperbahn Festival und das Jahr gipfelte in Support Slots für The Growlers in Deutschland und in England mit der Support–Tour für Temples im Dezember. 2015 spielten Klaus Johann Grobe auf vielen wichtigen Festivals in ganz Europa wie dem Maifeld Derby, Way Back When, Eurosonic, The Great Escape, Eindhoven Psych Lab, Paleo Festival und Zaragoza Psychfest und vielen anderen.
■   Jetzt freuen wir uns auf das Jahr 2016! Das neue Album Spagat Der Liebe wird im Mai auf dem Cargo Records Inhouse Label veröffentlicht! Außerdem werden Klaus Johann Grobe zum ersten Mal in den USA auf Tour gehen und auf dem Levitation Festival in Austin, Texas spielen.

Klaus Johann Grobe — Spagat der Liebe (May 6th, 2016)



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