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Kurt Vile — Wakin On A Pretty Daze (2013)

 Kurt Vile — Wakin On A Pretty Daze (2013)

  Kurt Vile — Wakin On A Pretty Daze   Kurt Vile — Wakin On A Pretty DazeBirth name: Kurt Vile
Born: 1980
Origin: Philadelphia, PA
Genres: indie folk, indie rock, lo~fi, Psychedelia, heartland rock, roots rock
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, trumpet, banjo, keyboards  
Album release: April 8th (UK)/9th (USA), 2013
Record Label: Matador Records
Duration:     69:11
01. Wakin On A Pretty Day    (9:31)
02. Kv Crimes     (3:56)
03. Was All Talk    (7:42)
04. Girl Called Alex    (6:20)
05. Never Run Away    (3:25)
06. Pure Pain    (5:09)
07. Too Hard    (8:04)
08. Shame Chamber    (4:47)
09. Snowflakes Are Dancing    (3:22)
10. Air Bud    (6:30)
11. Goldtone    (10:26)
¶    “Kurt Vile is slowly, quietly becoming one of the great American guitarists and songwriters of our time. This 69~minute album is comprised of sweeping, expansive songs that are both very intimate and conversational. Wakin On A Pretty Daze is a timeless record that would have sounded great 30 years ago, sounds great today, and will still sound great in another 30 years’ from now. Beautifully produced by John Agnello, the record is filled with hazy, swooning guitar lines and dreamy, beatific, and occasionally sardonic vocals. It is summed up by the staggeringly gorgeous 9~minute opener.”
Website: http://kurtvile.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/kurtvileofphilly
Matador Records: http://www.matadorrecords.com/kurt_vile/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kurtvileofphilly
General director: Rennie Jaffe:
Agent: North & South America/Mexico/AUS/Japan/Asia: ; UK/EU:
Constant Hitmaker (2008)
God Is Saying This to You... (2009)
Childish Prodigy (2009)
Smoke Ring for My Halo (2011)    US chart: #154
Wakin on a Pretty Daze (2013)
Fall Demons (2009)
The Hunchback EP (2009)
Square Shells (2010)
So Outta Reach (2011)
  Freeway (2008)
  He’s Alright (2009)
  In My Time (2010)
First listen on NPR:
By Otis Hart, March 31, 201310:31 PM (http://www.npr.org)
¶    There’s something about Kurt Vile’s voice that transcends whatever comes out of his mouth. He’s not classically trained (not even close), and has no traditional range to speak of, but the laid~back Philadelphia guitarist is transfixing all the same. His mumbled words resonate with dogged determination. It’s one of the reasons Vile has become something of a patron saint for the Great Recession’s legions of accidental bohemians, who work hard while hardly working.
¶    Wakin on a Pretty Daze, out April 9, is Vile’s fifth album and arguably his best yet. He’s still mumbling epiphanies as only he can, but his guitar work has taken a real step forward — he reaches Mark Knopfler heights here. Six of Daze’s 11 songs surpass six minutes, thanks to extended guitar passages that burn slow~motion spirals in your brain. It’s not often that you’re left wanting more from a nine~and~a~half~minute song, but it’s actually a little sad when “Wakin on a Pretty Day” finally winds down. And you won’t hear a better eight~minute song all year than “Too Hard,” a shambling tearjerker that sounds like a promise to love and protect his infant daughters.
¶    No matter the length, every song on Wakin on a Pretty Daze feels like a ride on one of those moving walkways, when for a few wonderful moments life passes you by just a little slower than normal. That’s a credit to Jesse Trbovich and Rob Laakso, Vile’s crack backing players in The Violators, who never let their leader’s feet touch the ground.Kurt Vile (Photo credit: Shawn Brackbill)REVIEW
Dave Simpson   (Editor rating: ****)
The Guardian, Thursday 4 April 2013 22.03 BST
¶    “Making music is easy, watch me,” drawls Kurt Vile, having a wry pop at anyone who “thought I was all talk” in his time as a forklift driver. Now on his fifth album, and following the acclaimed Smoke Ring for My Halo, the songs seem to be flowing with embarrassing ease. Then again, perhaps a lot of craft goes into writing songs that sound so effortless. He doesn’t seem in any rush to finish them either — several songs clock in at between six and 10 minutes, and the sweetly smouldering Goldtone is even longer, although it’s hard not to be touched by its sublime, languid beauty. Hints of Lou Reed (the phrasing) and Neil Young (the guitar solos) pepper songs that Philadelphia~born Vile invests with his slacker drawl, endearing quiet charm and wry self~mockery. Only the upbeat psychedelic pop of Never Run Away ups the tempo from wonderfully hazy, psychedelic strums. “You’d think I was stoned,” he chuckles at one point, “but I never touch the stuff.”Kurt Vile — Wakin On A Pretty Daze (2013 / Photo credit: Shawn Brackbill)

Kurt Vile — Wakin On A Pretty Daze (2013)




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