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La Nuit — Desert Television

La Nuit — Desert Television (August 28, 2015)

 La Nuit — Desert Television (August 28, 2015)La Nuit — Desert Television (August 28, 2015)♣♦♣   Můj největší dnešní objev. Felicia Atkinson dává do kompozic francouzskou melodiku a mentalitu, projevující se však ve zpěvnosti jazyka, nejde tedy o čistý zpěv, spíše o zhudebněnou poezii v avantgardním kuropění. Kombinuje dva jazyky v průběhu jedné písně a tím je zábavnější. V zoo taky nejsou pouze tygři, ale i ptáci ohniváci [plameňák (Phoenicopteridae)]. Evolucionisté mají problém s vysvětlením jeho původu. V některých rysech se jim jeví jako husa, v jiných jako čáp a někdy jako volavka. Možná, že bychom měli dodat, že se živí jako velryba a spí jako stojací lampa. Ale s tím, kde se tady plameňák vzal, si nemusíme lámat hlavu. Podobné je to s Felicií Atkinson a jejím elektronickým světem. Pěkně o tom píše jistý francouzský recenzent: “Posing questions and ruminating on sequences of thoughts, Felicia’s voice gives a great warmth and meaning to the underlying rhythms and melodies.”
♣♦♣   Peter Broderick je všude, kde se děje něco významného. Edition of 300 on red vinyl. Jackets printed by Stumptown Printers. Design by Bijan Berahimi. ELECTRONIC, PUMP ORGAN, SYNTHESIZER.Location: Portland, Oregon ~~ Paris, France
Album release: August 28, 2015
Record Label: Beacon Sound
Duration:     32:55
1. Feu Pale      6:15
2. Road Snakes      4:23
3. Blind Sights Of The Diamond      6:13
4. The Blue Path      2:55
5. The Sun Is Folded In Eight      13:09
♣♦♣   The  way in which La Nuit use instruments  alone (rhodes, pump organ, synthesizers, nylon guitar, etc.) as their only musical tools carries us on an entrancing, hypnotic journey of wander and intrigue. Imagination drains improvisation, and suddenly, in the middle of these notes, words, appear, you don’t know from where, but they appear to shine and turn to little gems made of voices and whispers.
♣♦♣   The whole album could be read as five versions of the same story, like in Akira Kurosawa’s film ‘Rashomon’. 1: Feu Pale (Pale Fire in French) which takes it name from a Vladimir Nabokov novel, and sounds like an echo lost in a desert  garden of stones.
♣♦♣   2: Road Snakes is a more rhythmic and electronic track, involving suspense, acceleration and wheels in the dust.
♣♦♣   3: Blind Sights Of The Diamond is a meditative mantra, the centre of a spiral drawn in the sand.
♣♦♣   4: The Blue Path is a clearing in the forest, a fantasy for strings and voice. The text is from ‘Twenties Are Gone’, a little book of poetry Félicia Atkinson published with Shelter Press, written in Finland, near the arctic  circle, naming forests, colors and reveries.
♣♦♣   5: The Sun Is Folded In Eight is wrapped in a silken bundle, the record ends in an acoustic vernacular prayer, ending the circle of this musical experience.
♣♦♣   This is the story of DESERT TELEVISION, the only remaining episode of a lost TV show, somewhere where the sand turns itself into an ocean called… LA NUIT.ABOUT ☝
♣♦♣   Felicia Atkinson is a French artist and an avant–garde musician born in 1981 in Paris. She has been composing music under her own name and the moniker Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier since 2004 and released records and tapes on different labels such as Shelter Press, NNA, Umor Rex, Home Normal, Aguirre, Spekk…. Her music is composed of concrete music, asmr voices, electronics, field recordings, improvisation with guitar and piano, abstract distortions and infra basses.
♣♦♣   Felicia Atkinson has been playing in Europe, Japan, Mexico, Canada and USA from museums (MCA of Chicago, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, MOCA Geffen In LA), to music venues and music festivals (Soy Festival, Villette Sonique, Calgary Psych fest…) and strange places (the cactus house in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt, an old temple near Hiroshima, “Etants Donnés ” by Marcel Duchamp at the Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf…). She toured and opened lately with various bands such as Sun Araw, Gabriel Saloman, Grouper, or High Wolf.
♣♦♣   She is also the co–pilot of the label and publishing house Shelter Press.DISCOGRAPHY ☝
♣♦♣   Felicia Atkinson released more than 20 records and tapes (Shelter Press, Umor Rex, NNA Tapes, Aguirre, Home Normal…) . Felicia has scored music for contemporary dance (Julie Desprairies), contemporary art films (Anne–Laure Sacriste, Ann Guillaume) and tv shows (Final Witness episode on ABC).
♣♦♣   She was invited to experience live collaborative projects with the film makers Paul Clipson or Stephan Lugbauer and has been recording collabs with Jefre Cantu, Ensemble Economique (Naked Island LP on Peak Oil), Peter Broderick (“La Nuit” LP on Beacon Sound) and in the past with Sylvain Chauveau and the band Louisville.
♣♦♣   Between 2004 and 2009, she was one of the two members (with the dancer Elise Ladoué ) of the collaborative avant–garde duo Stretchandrelax (2004–09).Review
par Thibault dans Le son de la semaine; 13/07/2015
♣♦♣   On connait l’attirance pour Felicia Atkinson des grands espaces qu’offrent au quidam l’Amérique et en particulier les vastes contrées de l’Ouest (lire). On connait désormais l’attrait que la Française, exilée dans les alpages suisses — base arrière de la maison d’édition Shelter Press qu’elle instigue de concert avec Bartolmé Sanson (lire) — peut exercer sur ses homologues américains. C’est ainsi que l’Orégonais Peter Broderick, récent auteur du LP Colours Of The Night sur Bella Union — le quasi vingtième d’une carrière dévouée à l’ambient–folk et débutée en 1996 — , n’y va pas par quatre chemins lorsqu’on lui s’est agit de savoir avec qui il désirait collaborer : Felicia Atkinson. Ensemble donc, ils créèrent La Nuit et la bande–originale lascive et sensuelle à celle–ci. Patiemment édifié sur un dialogue entre les instrumentations et la guitare digressives de l’un et le spoken–word délicieusement intimiste et imagé de l’autre, l’EP Desert Television est l’un de ces chemins introspectifs les plus courts vers ce carrefour où s’entrechoquent puis s’épouse, d’une caresse vespérale, les inspirations les plus diverses qu’elles soient — littéraires, musicales et évidement cinématographique tant cette dimension s’impose à l’auditeur solitaire. A paraître sur Beacon Sound le 28 août prochain, Desert Television, dont l’extrême cohérence fait qu’il s’écoute du début jusqu’à la fin dans son ordonnancement originel, est à découvrir ci–après en intégralité. ♣♦♣   http://www.hartzine.com/
♣♦♣   Desert Television is the debut album from French musician and artist Felicia Atkinson and Portland–based musician Peter Broderick. Described by Decoder as "foggy, midnight–lit pop minimalism...seductive and charming", these songs are dubby, cryptic, and have a creaky–floor comfort about them.
♣♦♣   Also available on red vinyl with 16 page b&w booklet (edition of 290; download code included); and on cassette in deluxe fold–over box with screen printed artwork (edition of 100; download code included). Design by Bijan Berahimi.
Bandcamp: https://beaconsound.bandcamp.com/album/desert-television
Label: http://www.wearebeaconsound.com/
♣♦♣   Desert Television is the debut album from La Nuit, a brand–new collaboration featuring French musician Felicia Atkinson and Oregon–based musician Peter Broderick. The listener will no doubt already be familiar with the well–known and well–respected music of both individuals, but when combined, Desert Television is unlike anything the two of them have previously put out. Felicia’s closed vocals purr against the sound of a cello as experimental frequencies gently pulsate and loiter. There’s the sunshine of the West Coast, filtering into the music from up above. At first, delays rock the waters of the Pacific, her voice a lone raft among the waves. The sound echoes back in on itself, buffeted suddenly and without the use of brakes, coming to a hard stop as it smacks against the side of the spoken word. In reality, Felicia uses both spoken word and song, and it falls under the larger umbrella of experimental song–craft. Alternating between French and English, the syllables carry a mystery all of their own making.
♣♦♣   Inner thoughts are voiced aloud on ‘Feu Pale’. Electronics accelerate sharply as they burn down the road. Red, scribbled rocks and jagged canyons look like NASA–relayed photographs of the surface of Mars, but these roads lead home. Images come to fruition, and they eventually come into a soft focus. Described as ‘the only remaining episode of a lost TV show’, Desert Television glints as the light hovers over the Pacific. The music itself is generally a little more inland. It’s a place where little dusty roads point to wider highways; the quieter ambient roads intersect with the heavily populated traffic of electronic music’s freeways. ‘Blind Sights of the Diamond’ returns to the coast as it sinks to deeper, underwater reefs. The voice is left submerged, buried in a pool of echoes. Mermaids swim. Notes rise to the surface, like bubbles of lost oxygen. The tones are deeper and pretty, but they’re opaque and not as easy to distinguish as they once were. A sun–dappled guitar plays out its repeated melody; a hazy sound borders on the dusty. Felicia’s words stop the music from drying up. The dull thump of the drum makes for a soft, mesmeric rhythm. Muted cymbals splash casually; you can really feel the American influence here.
♣♦♣   La Nuit is an interesting collaboration; it is a new environment for both of them — a new continent — and they both want to explore it in their own time. The music’s unhurried, and the vocals are left to hang. Posing questions and ruminating on sequences of thoughts, Felicia’s voice gives a great warmth and meaning to the underlying rhythms and melodies. Coda ‘The Sun Is Folded In Eight’ has more of a traditional song structure, but the guitar melts reality. The dry notes of the guitar are parched as they wander around the desert. Repetitive waves roll over the vocals, the lyrics recurring echoes in the mind. The prints in the sand eventually wash away and vanish. Still the vocals drive through the music, like a fast car on a long drive to nowhere. Sometimes, in life as in music, you don’t always need a specific direction, an A to B. You need the Blue Path. You just do it for the fun of it; it’s the thrill and pleasure of the drive.
♣♦♣   http://www.fluid-radio.co.uk/
Tumblr: http://feliciaatkinson.tumblr.com/
Bandcamp: http://feliciaatkinson.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/F%C3%A9licia-Atkinson-170333893021500/timeline/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fefeatkinson_____________________________________________________________

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