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Lambchop — Flotus (For Love Often Turns Us Still) / (November 4, 2016)

Lambchop — Flotus (For Love Often Turns Us Still) / (November 4, 2016)  Lambchop — Flotus (For Love Often Turns Us Still)  Lambchop — Flotus (For Love Often Turns Us Still) / (November 4, 2016)★↔★   For Love Often Turns Us Still — officially titled FLOTUS — is like many of Lambchop’s records: a subtle masterpiece, the kind that slowly and generously reveals its quiet wisdom to those patient and attentive enough to receive it.
★↔★   On 4 November 2016, Lambchop return with For Love Often Turns Us Still — officially titled FLOTUS. Inspired as always to make art from the unusual sounds and scenes of his South Nashville neighbourhood, Kurt Wagner set aside what he has learned over the last 30 years and embarked on a musical adventure to bring us this album that sounds like no one else — or, completely, unmistakably, like himself.
★↔★   Wanting to make an album that his neighbours and wife would listen to — though a version of that garbled through grocery store speakers and tiny cell phones — Kurt became inspired by, though not tethered to, a plethora of modern day musical voices across modern R&B, soul and hip~hop amongst other genres. “Overall, artists like myself have been using the same production techniques forever, letting technology enhance and further a sound but not really taking it to a new place. Technology bending to the will of the creator became playful, complex, and exciting to hear on repeat with a structure still open to interpretation.”
Formed: 1993 in Nashville, TN
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Album release: November 4, 2016
Format: Double Vinyl LP, CD
Record Label: City Slang / Merge
Duration:    70:35  
01 In Care Of 8675309     11:51
02 Directions To The Can     3:32
03 Flotus     3:30
04 JFK     5:32
05 Howe     4:06
06 Old Masters     4:44
07 Relatives #2     5:26
08 Harbor Country     3:27
09 Writer     3:41
10 NIV     4:35
11 The Hustle     18:31                                                                                                         ★↔★   Lambchop are back! Their new album, For Love Often Turns Us Still (in short FLOTUS … yes FLOTUS), arrives just in time for the bands’ 30th Anniversary and in time for one of the most tumultuous years in history; not least in American history. Kurt Wagner is still painting musical miniatures as well as dramatic landscapes like no–one else right now. Though this year something is different, the fragile songs are as much about the tiny details of living in a struggling neighborhood in Nashville, which faces new challenges, as it is about the grand scheme of things without naming them. Musically, the devil is in the details. The stylistic sound of Lambchop is thriving but it’s made out of pieces unheard of before. 2016 is a new chapter for a lot of people and a lot of bands and is certainly a new chapter for Lambchop, returning with their most ambitious and important record to date. Be surprised and be carried away by this quiet and beautiful masterpiece where it’s intensity rings louder than sirens.                            ★↔★   Start to finish, FLOTUS is imbued with that magic energy that comes when an artist stumbles upon the thrill of the new — something that makes them crazy enough to want to start the whole process over again. The album is bookended by two long~form pieces: the first, “In Care of 8675309,” is most reminiscent of where Lambchop has been, while the second, the sprawling, hypnotic “The Hustle,” suggests where they might still be headed. The latter seamlessly shifts between movements, a foundation suggestive of krautrock and early electronic music, gorgeously ornamented with perfectly placed piano and horns. Drawing upon a diverse palate of influences and transcending each one, it’s a stunning piece of work — certainly one of the most impressive achievements of Lambchop’s catalogue.
★↔★   Watching an established artist work with a new set of tools is a gift and a true litmus test for authenticity — the result depending not on the tools, but on the unique sensibilities of the artist using them. FLOTUS is anchored by those sensibilities and is brimming with the many hallmarks of Lambchop’s catalogue: the same beautifully nuanced arrangements, the same unparalleled ability to capture the eternal in life’s quotidian struggles. Kurt Wagner has made a new path to the same old joys, and in the process, he found a record that sounds like no one else — or, completely, unmistakably, like himself.                                                                                                                                   ¬•••   “My wife and I attended this wedding of one her college friends in the countryside outside of Nashville,” says Kurt Wagner. “Weddings are a heady mix of emotions, memories, and events that can be quite rich in imagery. With this being a Quaker wedding, there was a lack of “officiating” in that the bride and groom addressed each other directly the entire time. This was something that I found to be most touching. Beyond that, as with much of my writing, I tend to describe experiences in an almost journalistic fashion and then strip things down till there is barely a thread to hold them together — in this case, starting with the vows and then moving on from there. The entire wedding party was doing this great synchronized dance step that I hadn’t seen before. I asked my wife what dance it was, and she told me it was the Hustle. She suggested I join them. I respectfully declined.”                                                                                                    ¬•••   Former bass player Marc Trovillion died of a heart attack in October 2013, aged 56.
Website: http://www.lambchop.net/
Label: http://www.cityslang.com/home/
Label: https://www.mergerecords.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/lambchopisaband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lambchopisaband
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lambchopisaband
By Mike Powell; January 29, 2014;  Score: 8.3
♣   http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/18826-lambchop-nixon/
Studio albums:
★   1994 I Hope You’re Sitting Down/Jack’s Tulips
★   1996 How I Quit Smoking
★   1997 Thriller
★   1998 What Another Man Spills
★   2000 Nixon
★   2002 Is a Woman
★   2004 Aw Cmon
★   2004 No You Cmon
★   2006 Damaged
★   2008 OH (Ohio)
★   2012 Mr. M
★   2016 Flotus (For Love Often Turns Us Still)
★   1996 Hank
★   2000 The Queens Royal Trimma (Live Royal Festival Hall, London — Tour Only)
★   2001 Treasure Chest of the Enemy (Tour Only)
★   2005 CoLab (with Hands Off Cuba)
★   2012 Mr. N
Live albums:
   2009 Live at XX Merge
★   2007 No Such Silence


Lambchop — Flotus (For Love Often Turns Us Still) / (November 4, 2016)



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