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Landing Landing (2012)

Landing — Landing
Location: New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Album release: 2012
Record Label: Geographic North (http://www.geographic-north.com)
Duration:  41:23
01. Finally     3:30
02. Heavy Gloss     3:51
03. Heart Finds The Beat     4:48
04. Crows     3:46
05. Like The Tide     4:33
06. Decades     5:01
07. We Lie In Fields     4:06
08. Migration     6:04
09. Native Land     5:44
Website: http://www.landingsite.net/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Landingtryyps
Press contact:
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Soon after releasing You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever vol. 5, Aaron from Landing approached us to potentially release an LP of new material he’d been working on in his home studio in Connecticut. Utterly floored not only with the request but the songs that followed shortly after, we agreed. With some of the most immediate and expressive songs the band has ever put forth, Landing encapsulates not only the serene tranquility fans have been captivated by, but channels a wider scope of sounds and influences previously untouched upon.
Landing is the band’s eighth LP and Geographic North’s first LP of original material. The album is limited to 500 copies and includes a download code. Preorders will ship the first week of June 2012.

Landing is an indie rock outfit from Connecticut, USA. Terms used to describe the music created by Aaron Snow and Adrienne Snow include ambient, shoegaze, slo-core, and space rock. Other members include Dick Baldwin (guitar, bass), Daron Gardner (bass, drums) and more recently, Peter Baumann (not the same musician who was once a member of Tangerine Dream).
Originally named May Landing as a duo, the group changed the name to Landing in 1998 with the additions of Dick Baldwin (guitar, bass), Daron Gardner (bass, drums).
Landing returned June 2012 with the release of their eighth LP and first LP on Geographic North, entitled Landing. The nine songs were written and recorded over the six-year hiatus following Gravitational IV. "Heart Finds the Beat" was the first single released off the album.
Studio Albums:
Circuit - (Music Fellowship, 07/2001)
Oceanless - (Strange Attractors, 11/2001)
Seasons - (Ba Da Bing!, 05/2002)
Passages Through - (K Records, 06/2003)
Sphere - (K Records, 09/2004)
Brocade - (Strange Attractors, 11/2005)
Gravitational IV - (Equation Records, 11/2006)
Landing - (Geographic North Records, 06/2012)
EPs and Singles:
Centrefuge (EP) - (Music Fellowship, 03/1999)
Windy & Carl Split EP - (Music Fellowship, 06/2001)
Tour EP 2002 - (Vast Arc Hues, 06/2002)
Fade In / Fade Out - (Strange Attractors, 10/2002)
New Found Land (w/ Rothko, Yellow6) - (Music Fellowship, 01/2003)
Into the Hall 7" - (Geographic North Records You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 5 10/2009)
Biography by Ned Raggett
Low have something of a reputation as being the Mormon slo-core band, but they're not the only softly narcotic group of recent vintage with connections to that faith. Based around the husband and wife team of Aaron and Adrienne Snow, who met at Brigham Young University in 1994 and moved to Connecticut later in the decade, Landing is a fine, generally instrumental group whose music betrays open influences from such fine bands as the Cure, Slowdive and any number of dreamy space/post-rock bands of the '90s. Besides keyboardist Adrienne and guitarist Aaron, who originally formed the group as a duo called May Landing, there's also bassist Dick Baldwin, focus of wry bemusement on the group's own website and drummer Daron Gardner. After an initial cassette, Landing first came to the attention of American fans of the field via the Centrefuge EP, a beautiful five-song collection showcasing long and short songs both, following that up with a series of tour-only tapes and compilation appearances. 2001 brought two new releases -- its full debut album Circuit and a six-song EP Oceanless.

Landing - Landing (2012)

Landing Landing (2012)






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