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Lauryn Peacock — Euphonia (June 26, 2015)

Lauryn Peacock — Euphonia (June 26, 2015)   Lauryn Peacock — Euphonia (June 26, 2015)
•   An imaginative pilgrimage. Orchestral Indie Folk.
Location: Nashville, TN
Album release: June 26, 2015
Record Label: If Music
Duration:     46:11
01. All My Mind      5:16
02. February Song      4:19
03. Six Month Quandary      3:52
04. Nuage      1:03
05. Weighted      6:56
06. Wounds Grow Grass      6:22
07. Quiet Moments      6:08
08. Pluie (Rain / Interlude 3)      1:25
09. Hearts On Fire      4:24
10. Song in C Up North      6:26
Performed by:
•   Rick Mazzotta (percussion)
•   Mike Weiss (electric guitar, bass)
•   Greg Jehanian (electric bass)
•   Denison Witmer (vocals)
•   Carl Cheeseman (guitar)
•   Joshua Stamper
•   Lauryn Peacock
•   Joshua Ehrmann
•   Kristen Sylvester
•   Carl Cheeseman
•   Stephen Solderholm
•   Kevin Rooney
•   David O. Ramirez
•   Philip Noel
•   David Mahler
•   Patrick Rush
•   Joel Mcanulty
•   Jerry Pentacost
Dark Horse Orchestra:
•   Jonni Greth (vocals)
•   Andy Greenhow (cello)
•   Kent Ellingson (vocals)
•   Mike Chen (cello)
•   Matt Goldsborough (electric guitar, bass)
•   Jordan Berger (drums)
•   Brad Jacobsen (electric guitar)
•   Daniel Delaney (cello)
•   Orchestral arrangements written and conducted by Joshua Stamper
•   Produced by Lauryn Peacock
Recorded at:
•   Familyre Studio — Clarksboro, NJ
•   Engineered by Daniel Smith
•   Chez Lauryn Peacock — Nasvhille, TN
•   Engineered by Lauryn Peacock
•   Brown Owl Studios — Nashville, TN
•   Engineered by Stephen Earnest
Additional recording at:
•   Green Lodge Studios — Sparta, TN
•   Engineered by Joel Mcanulty
•   Mixed by Daniel Smith in Clarksboro, NJ
•   Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering•   Lauryn Peacock has named her second full–length record Euphonia after her grandmother. The Nashville–based singer has also said that the word means ‘pleasure of beautiful music’ as well as being a genus of Neotropical birds in the finch family. Somehow this all makes sense when listening to the album and its merging of striking arrangements with inventive melodic lines.
•   Often experimental, always timeless, each of the ten tracks is brimming with originality and ideas. The album opens with All My Mind and the deceptively light touch of a plinky–plonk piano. Soon a flood of instruments blend together and unite to guide Peacock’s voice through this maze of sound. If you listen closely you can hear subtle hints of everyone from Natalie Prass to The Fiery Furnaces, but to do so would be a disservice to the imagination on hand here.
•   There a plenty of highlights throughout. On Wounds Grow Grass brass and wind are joined by Sci–Fi FX to transport a dizzying waltz out of the ballroom and off into space. Even a simpler song like the delicate Six Month Quandary is elevated by flourishes of flute and string. But it is when in full flow on Quiet Moments that Euphonia really takes flight. A breathless staccato vocal blends with a pounding drum beat, building towards a cacophonic crescendo that showcases her unique talent in all its glory.
•   As individual tracks there is much to like here, however this collection really does work best as a single entity. It is an album in the truest sense, a beautiful soundtrack to guide you through life’s maddening challenges.
Posted by: NikkyS
•   http://www.eartothegroundmusic.co/2015/07/02/album-review-lauryn-peacock-euphonia/
Duncan Haskell;  Score: 4/5
•   http://www.songwritingmagazine.co.uk/music-reviews/euphonia-by-lauryn-peacock-album/24625
M.J. Fine, 2:20 p.m. EDT August 12, 2015
•   “Some songs, if you look down the track list of what he’s mixing, there are like 86, 87, 88 (different elements),” she says.
•   When you’re juggling so many elements and working with other artists who have their own ideas about how things should sound, it’s natural to wonder whether you’ve pushed too far in one direction or another.
•   Then Peacock fell ill, and she put the mixes aside while she focused on getting well. •   In the end, the time she spent tending to her health provided the eight–month pause she needed to listen to “Euphonia” from a distance — and gave her the nudge she needed to send it out into the world.
•   “I wasn’t positive that where I thought I was going was exactly where I would land anyway,” Peacock says. “I always left it open creatively to become what it wanted to become.”
•   So maybe beauty doesn’t come so easily to Peacock after all. However effortless it seems, beauty actually takes a lot of work. It takes compromises with people you trust and tense negotiations with your inner critic. But between Peacock’s desire to make something beautiful and her willingness to be weird, it’s hard to take your eyes off her. (excerpt) •   http://www.courierpostonline.com/story/entertainment/2015/08/12/lauryn-peacock-shines-odd-moments/31541883/
Bandcamp: https://laurynpeacock.bandcamp.com/
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/laurynpeacock3
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laurynpeacock
Website: http://lauryn-peacock.squarespace.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaurynMpeacock                                                                  © Credit: Carrie Gabella
•   “a deeply satisfying mix of moody and hopeful songs.” — Philadelphia City Paper
•   “Check out the stirring rise and fall of 'Window in the Night' in this week’s Key Studio Session and tell me it doesn’t give you chills.” — The Key Studio Sessions — WXPN
•   “Singer–songwriter Lauryn Peacock has the range of a musician who’s been playing her whole life.” — Lauren Thomas — WXPN

Lauryn Peacock — Euphonia (June 26, 2015)



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