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Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Letting Up Despite Great Faults — Neon (August 12, 2014)

USA Flag  Letting Up Despite Great Faults — Neon 
Δ   Záznam předvádí, proč se o tuto kapelu zajímají Pitchfork a Rolling Stone kvůli jejich indie-snovému kouzlu. LUDGF evokuje alternativu 90´, zahrnující elektro-pop cestou syntezátorů, která snadno mohla být k zaslechnutí ve filmech Johna Hughese. Male/female vocals, lines like “I'm still wrapped in you but they might sweep me away soon” and a gentle chorus crescendo — how are you not swooning just reading this?
Δ   The brainchild of Los Angeles musician Michael Lee, who grew up taking piano lessons and listening to bands like Orbital and the Chemical Brothers, Letting Up Despite Great Faults formed in 2004.
Location: Austin, Texas
Album release: August 12, 2014
Record Label: Michael Lee
Duration:     37:27
01 Shift     2:57
02 Wrapped     3:36
03 Automatic     2:45
04 Gold     3:54
05 Ride     3:08
06 Yours     1:47
07 Secrets     1:34
08 Legends     2:44
09 Bishops     3:27
10 Disappear     3:02
11 Gravity     2:58
12 Ecru     2:06
13 Reprise     3:29
2014 Michael Lee
Δ   Mike Lee Composer, Guitarist
Δ   Kent Zambrana Bass
Δ   Annah Fisette Keys, Vocals
Δ   Daniel Schmidt Drums
By Dan Harr, Posted on June 10, 2014
Δ   Since forming in Los Angeles, Letting Up Despite Great Faults have been steadily refining their signature brand of electro indiepop, winning over critics and fans alike with a string of noteworthy releases and highly acclaimed singles. The four-piece, now based in Austin, is fronted by Mike Lee, whose hushed vocals recall intimate accounts of love, loss, relationships and youth.
Δ   Never a band to favor sentiment over melody, Letting Up’s beat-driven, hook-infused songs alternate seamlessly between pounding indie rock anthems and evocative, shoegazey soundscapes. Their new album, Neon, features the band at full form, taking listeners on a sonic joyride full of overdriven guitars, lush synths, and danceable dreampop.
Δ   Speaking on the two year lapse between 2012′s Untogether and Letting Up’s forthcoming LP Neon, Lee explained:  ”I think Untogether had a real purpose for me, and was such a reflection of a disparate time in my life that once I moved to Austin (from LA, right before the release of Untogether). It felt like such a nice, fresh start that I wanted to kind of replace that image/feeling Untogether had with something brighter and hopeful as fast as I could.” (http://www.musicnewsnashville.com/)
Website: http://lettingup.com/store.php
Website/Store: http://lettingup.com/store.php
MySpace: https://myspace.com/lettingup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lettingup
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lettingup
Annah Fisette: https://www.facebook.com/annah.fisette
Twitter: https://twitter.com/annahfisette                                                     © Silverlake Jubilee, May 26, 2012
Δ   Untogether (October 9, 2012 US / July 25, 2012 Japan)
Δ   Paper Crush (EP) (August 2, 2011 US / October 24, 2011 UK & Europe)
Δ   Letting Up Despite Great Faults (October 2009)
Δ   Movement (EP) (August 2006)
Δ   Neon (August 2014)
Δ   Silver Swans — "Secrets" (2010)
Δ   Montauk — "Holiday" (2010)
Δ   MillionYoung — "Cynthia" (2010)
Δ   Tape Deck Mountain — "On My Honor" (2009)
Δ   Passion Pit — "Little Secrets" (2009)
Other Appearances:
Δ   You Be My Heart (December 2013)
Film and TV:
Δ   "Teenage Tide" in 90210's episode Mama Can You Hear Me? (season 4, episode 14)
Δ   "Disasters Are Okay" in One Tree Hill's episode Ashes of Dreams Let You Die (season 4, episode 19)
Artist Biography by Marisa Brown
Δ   Movement The brainchild of Los Angeles musician Michael Lee, who grew up taking piano lessons and listening to bands like Orbital and the Chemical Brothers, Letting Up Despite Great Faults formed in 2004. After recording a handful of demo tracks, the band released the seven-song EP, Movement, on L.A.'s New Words Records in 2006, earning them accolades in the blogosphere and a song ("Disasters Are Okay") on the television program One Tree Hill. In late 2009, Letting Up Despite Great Faults released their self-titled full-length on New Words, an album Lee recorded in his own home on Ableton Live, a program he had only recently learned. (Though most of the instruments were recorded by Lee himself, for both releases, he utilized the talents of bassist Kent Zambrana and guitarist Patrick Staples, as well as vocalists Lorealle Bishop, Rachel Koukal, and Amy Izushima on the LP). The album, a mix between Postal Service, Lali Puna, and +/-, and mastered by veteran engineer Jeff Lipton of Magnetic Fields' fame, received more attention in the online music world, and Letting Up Despite Great Faults — which as a live band consisted of Lee, Zambrana, Koukal, and guitarist Chris Gregory — continued to play shows around their native California. The EP Paper Crush appeared in 2011. In 2012, Letting Up Despite Great Faults released its sophomore full-length album Untogether on Rallye. (http://www.allmusic.com/)

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