Locate S,1 — Personalia (April 3, 2020)USA FLAG             Locate S,1 — Personalia (April 3, 2020)  Locate S,1 — Personalia (April 3, 2020)∴♦∴  Je to, jak kurva přišli s takovým jménem kapely, že? Připomíná mi misi Jamese Bonda. Nebo název sci~fi komiksu. Jejich hudba zní poněkud jinak, s lesknoucími se klíči Sarah Morrisonové a vokály Christiny Schneiderové tak vysokými a dechovými, že jsou téměř mrazivé. Post~punkový sen s funky rytmickou sekcí. Bubeník Clayton Rychlik, měl ten lehký dotek, který se dostal přímo do groovů a zůstal v nich. Tedy tam. Publikum odpovědělo nadšeným tancem na šťastné téměř disco jako~že melodie, jako jsou „Hot Wife“ a „Personalia“. Věřte tomu nebo ne, je těžké v dnešní době dělat hudebníka. Tento boj můžete jasně slyšet v „Personálii“, prvním singlu skladatelky Local S, jakmile otevře skladbu s popěvkem: „Téměř jsem se zabila, takže jsem šla domů / Já prostě nemůžu tyto místní pořady.“
∴♦∴  Ethereal, exploratory indie pop from one of the many pseudonyms of Athens~based musician Christina Schneider. Location: Athens, Georgia/Brooklyn, NY
Album release: April 3, 2020
Record Label: Captured Tracks
Duration:     37:00
01. Sanctimitus Detrimitus   4:29
02. Whisper 2000   4:10
03. Personalia   5:18
04. After the Final Rose   3:52
05. Classical Toys   4:09
06. Even the Good Boys Are Bad   3:59
07. Community Porn   2:41
08. Hot Wife   3:02
09. Hello   3:20
10. Futureless Hives of Bel Air   2:51
∴  Kevin Barnes on bass and vox
∴  Ross Brand on guitar and vox
∴  Sarah Morrison on keyboards and vox
∴  Clayton Rychlik on drums and vox
∴  Christina Schneider on guitar and vox
♠♣♥♦     Captured Tracks edition limited to 400 copies on Hot Pink vinyl. Includes insert
AllMusic Review by Fred Thomas | Score: ★★★★
∴♦∴  Athens, Georgia’s Christina Schneider went through multiple project names and stylistic approaches before her sound crystallized with the sophisticated avant~pop of Locate S,1. Under this moniker, Schneider’s solo music solidified into a layered yet ethereal whole. Second album Personalia is a dense collection of tightly constructed songs heavy on synths, production twists, and hook after dancy hook. Where her 2018 debut, Healing Contest, was a floating dream of reverb~heavy guitars and sunshiny atmospheres, Personalia is decidedly more serious and direct. The cold groove of the title track brings together airy synths, frenetic drums, and anxious post~punk guitars as Schneider sings about feeling detached from her artistic community and searching for inspiration that got lost.
∴♦∴  Tight vocal harmonies and antsy rhythms rise and fall in an urgent arrangement, underscoring the song’s vulnerable lyrics with a sense of uncomfortable searching. The relationship between controlled instrumentals and naked lyrical sentiments touches many of the songs. The bubbly electro~pop instrumental of “After the Final Rose” almost obscures the biting social commentary of the lyrics, and the swaggering “Even the Good Boys Are Bad” finds a smart dissection of relationship dynamics supported by synthesized glam rock riffing.
The record was produced by Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, and at times recalls his band’s best work. The disco bass, scattershot melodic hooks, and neurotic key changes of “Whisper 2000” would fit on any of his group’s mid~2000s albums, and this comparison is further emboldened when the song goes full~on Bowie rip~off as it reaches its close. Even with excellent production and arrangements, Schneider’s fearless songwriting is what makes Personalia truly remarkable. Her ability to express personal truths with confidence and a fractured sense of humor sits at the album’s core. While the intentional construction makes Personalia fun to listen to and signifies a definite step up from earlier Locate S,1 work, it’s the deeper look into the inner workings of Schneider’s mind that makes it so interesting.
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