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Lone — Lemurian (August 4, 2008, Remastered, 26 June, 2015)

 Lone — Lemurian (August 4, 2008, Remastered, 26 June, 2015)
◊   “Třpytivé, sluncem zalité, a mlhavé” album. Producer from Nottingham, England who transitioned from abstract hip–hop to rush–inducing dance music inspired by early–‘90s hardcore, house, and rave.                                                         Born: Matt Cutler, England
Location: Nottingham, London, England
Album release: August 4, 2008 / 26 June, 2015
Record Label: R&S / Magic Wire Recordings
Duration:     41:42
01 Koran Angel     1:06
02 Cali Drought     3:17
03 Interview At Honolulu     3:52
04 Banyan Drive     2:38
05 Green Sea Pageant     1:13
06 Girl     3:15
07 Orange Tree    0:55
08 Maya Codex     2:11
09 Atoll Mirrored     1:24
10 Sea Spray     3:54
11 Under Two Palms     1:34
12 Lens Flare Lagoon     3:12
13 Borea     3:38
14 Buried Coral Banks     0:55
15 Phthalo Blue     3:42
16 Sunken     2:03
17 Minor Suns     2:53
℗  2015 Magic Wire                                                                                                                                          Review
BY SCOTT RIBY, 22 JUNE 2015, 13:30 BST; SCORE: 7.5/10
◊   Matt Cutler (AKA Lone) is releasing a deluxe edition of his debut LP on Magic Wire/ R&S, and it reveals just how talented a producer he really is — even in his earlier years.
◊   Cutler has made a name for himself in recent years as a groundbreaking producer, with LPs Galaxy Garden (2012) and Reality Testing (2014) being championed by fans and fellow producers alike. When we revisit his classic debut, however, it’s easy to see where it all began.
◊   The most obvious contrast to Lone’s later work is the downbeat, instrumental hip–hop feel of Lemurian. Take tracks such as "Maya Codex", "Phthalo Blue" and "Mirror Suns" that pay reference to some of the greats — Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Madlib and Boards Of Canada — artists that Cutler has never been shy to admit were some of his biggest influences when starting out. While you can’t imagine hearing tracks like these in a bustling nightclub in Elephant and Castle at 3am, Lemurian still captures the magical vibe of summer and would sit perfectly alongside your 6pm barberque or pre–night out drinks.
◊   Colour is also such an important part of Cutler’s ethos, in both a musical and visual sense. Bright, futuristic artwork always seems to accompany each Lone record and the deluxe reissue is no exception. This seems to be reflected in the music, with bold instrumentation congesting the mix, but though the majority of the tracks seem heavily compressed, Cutler takes great care with clarity, making sure each instrument cuts through when required. Evidently, take a listen to the warped synth melodies in "Atoll Mirrored".
◊   The production on this record is second to none and has benefited greatly from the handy work of Matt Colton throughout the remastering process. The use of processed beats and recycling of old material gives the record a superb nostalgic feel, something that Lone seemed to avoid on his later, crisper releases.
◊   Cutler has asserted himself as one of the UK's current most interesting producers and has developed a signature sound that makes his records instantly recognisable. ◊   Lemurian is certainly one to enjoy this summer and reminds us just how significant his earlier work still is to British electronic music. ◊   http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/                                                 Biography
◊   The primary alias of Nottingham, England native Matt Cutler, Lone debuted in 2007 with a CD–R, Everything Is Changing Colour. A series of 2008 and 2009 releases — Lemurian (Dealmaker), Cluster Dreams (Dealmaker), Ecstasy & Friends (Werk Discs), and Joyreel (Werk Discs) — positioned Cutler's project as something of a midpoint between admitted inspirations Madlib and Boards of Canada, as the producer combined off–center hip–hop beats with wistful, dreamlike layers and melodies. While some tracks — or sections of some tracks — had dancefloor appeal, Cutler flipped a switch in 2010. The A–sides "Pineapple Crush" (Magic Wire) and "Once in a While" (Werk Discs), along with the full–length Emerald Fantasy Tracks (Magic Wire), retained the evocative feel of his earlier work while incorporating his affinity for early–'90s hardcore, house, and rave. The deeply indebted yet unique sound carried through the six–track Echolocations EP (R&S), then took a bit of a goofball turn on "All Those Weird Things," both of which were released in 2011. "Crystal Gardens 1991" previewed Galaxy Garden, a 2012 album for R&S. Another album for the Belgian label, the relatively downtempo Reality Testing, followed in 2014. Cutler has also produced a handful of singles with Andy Hemsley as Kids in Tracksuits, and has released an album as Kona Triangle.
Interview: By This is Nottingham |  Posted: November 21, 2008
◊   http://www.nottinghampost.com/Interview-Lone/story-12224828-detail/story.html
By Philip Sherburne; July 1, 2015;  Score: 7.5
◊   http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/20769-lemurian/
By JON FALCONE, June 26th, 2015; Score: 7
◊   http://drownedinsound.com/releases/18872/reviews/4149128
Review by Kevin K | June 3rd, 2011 | Score: 4.5 (Superb)
◊   http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/43750/Lone-Lemurian/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lone
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magicwirelone?fref=ts
Website: http://www.lonemusic.co.uk/
◊  Everything Is Changing Colour   (2007, vu–us)
◊  Lemurian   (2008, Dealmaker Records)
◊  Ecstasy And Friends   (2009, Werk Discs)
◊  Emerald Fantasy Tracks   (2010, Magic Wire)
◊  Galaxy Garden   (2012, R&S)
◊  Reality Testing   (2014, R&S)
Singles and EPs:
◊  Cluster Dreams   (2009)
◊  Joyreel/Sunset Teens   (2009)
◊  Pineapple Crush/Angel Brain   (2010)
◊  Once In a While/Raptured   (2010)
◊  Echolocations   (2011)
◊  All Those Weird Things   (2011)
◊  Crystal Caverns 1991   (2012)
◊  Airglow Fires   (2013)





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